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Haiiiii everybody :D!

Happy weekenddd :D! I am still working on new blog posts and since i want this blog to be active again i decided to post this drafted post i have left while i finish up on the fresher ones! Enjoy!

Last month i got a hamper from Viva Cosmetics for signing up on their website ^^
Actually i signed up to their website because i was joining their giveaway to try out their new body lotions, i didn't win the giveaway but i get some freebie anyway so all's good hahaha. I've heard about Viva Cosmetics giving away free hampers for anyone who signed up to their web (it's a clue for you to sign up NOW if you haven't!) and saw some of my FB friends sharing the pictures, but it took so long from when i signed up until the hamper arrived (more than a few months *LOL* i can't remember exactly... Maybe 3-4 months? Or more!) i totally forgot all about it already and was very pleasantly surprised when the package arrived!
If you're Indonesian, i'm sure you've heard of the local brand, Viva Cosmetics before! Viva Cosmetics is one of Indonesia's most well known affordable brand, so affordable that their products are known as being extremely cheap. Low price does not equal low quality, obviously, in fact i know some top local bloggers and beauty experts whose Holy Grail eyebrow pencil is from Viva Cosmetics!

As for myself, i don't have too many experience with Viva Cosmetics (especially because i've only been trying to explore more of local cosmetic products recently), but i've tried some of their products before (cleansing milk and nail polish remover, those are the ones that i remember!) and i quite like them!

Now let's take a look of the hamper!
What i like to call bread card box hehe
A welcome note and even a very exclusive looking membership card!
Viva Milk Cleanser and Face Tonic (100ml each)
As far as i know, Viva has quite some variants of milk cleanser and tonic, i cannot find any indication of what variant these two are so i'm guessing it's the original type? I also noticed that their packaging has changed (to a much better looking one) but the ones that i got are not expired so i have nothing to worry about hahaha. I tried one of their cleansing milk before (the avocado type, if i remember correctly) and it worked pretty well, i would be sure to review these two too!

Other than these two full sized products, Viva also included a little plastic filled with mini sized items, and here are what's inside :
Viva White All in One Face Cleanser and Hand & Body Lotion with Mulberry
And Viva White Body Creme in Honey Lime
Apparently Viva has quite some lines within themselves and there's this Viva White line (wondering if the white in the name means that this is a whitening line?), i always assume that Viva only has one line and that's it *LOL* *so ignorant*. I have never tried anything from this line before, so i'm pretty excited to get to try the mini samples and see how they work on my skin.
There's also a little note pad
And a flier+catalog

I always love shiny catalogs with pretty images inside them, i have absolutely no idea why-so i had a great time going through the pages and managed to learn a lot more about Viva Cosmetics. I never knew that they have sooo many different products! I only saw their booths at some local supermarkets that i frequented and their collection's always very limited-again i just assumed that those are their whole collections!

I personally find this kind of promotion very nice, customers would be very happy to recieve free hampers and happily share what they got (exhibit no 1 : this very blog post *LOL*) on social medias, etc-that means free advertising for Viva as well! I hope more brands would be interested in trying out this strategy #kiasu hahaha.

Thank you Viva Cosmetics for the free hamper, and let me remind you to sign up to their website immediately to get your own hampers!


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  1. Lucky girl! hihi Hope you can drop by my blog. Let me know what you think about it! We can also follow each other.

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