Water Marble Nail Art Workshop with Me-Nail (SPONSORED)

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Haiiiii ^^!

A while ago, Me-Nail's lady boss a.k.a cousin L forced invited me to attend their new workshop, Water Marble Nail Art Workshop. It was scheduled on Monday after Bangkok Beauty's grand opening but Kiki (who's a nail blogger-check out her blog here-and also helping L out at Me-Nail) who's supposed to be the mentor got sick so we had to reschedule.

Next schedule was on last Monday, but then I got sick! The weather in Surabaya lately... Just very flu inducing! But finally i was able to join the workshop on Thursday!
If you're a nail enthusiasts then you must've heard about water marble nail art before, i do love nail thingy but i am completely hopeless when it comes to nail arts (the only thing that i can do is paint my nails, not super neatly either but Kiki said my application's still acceptable, which is a big thing coming from a nail expert like her :p) so even though i've heard about the style many times, i never even think about attempting it myself.

When L asked me to come to the workshop, i thought i was just going to be the hand model like on their last workshop, but no! She said this time round i was their student and would have to actually join the workshop! Omooo! I freaked out quite a bit (coz i'm a glass half-empty kind of person -__-) but L assured me that i would be able to do it (i mean... It's a workshop, where you LEARN things, so it's totally acceptable that i was completely clueless.. right?).

I was told to bring my own nail polishes, 6 different colors but no glittery ones (i will show you why glitter polish is a no no for water marble later)-i brought some Crystal Nails and Korean brands polishes but then i learned that not every nail polish can be used for this nail art! None of the nail polishes that i brought were ideal for water marble (Kiki told me the easiest nail polish to use would be Essie, then China Glaze and some O.P.I). I have absolutely no idea why some brands performs better than the others (i'm guessing some of the ingredients on the polishes are the culprit), but i can show you how to test whether your nail polish is ideal for water marble or not, in a little bit as well.

Thankfully Kiki was prepared and she brought her own collections that she knew would work well for this nail art.
Basically, what you need are a bowl of water, different colors of nail polishes and a cuticle stick (not pictured)
I still got my latest Crystal Nail glitter polish on my nails (review coming up), like all of the other glittery Crystal Nails-it stays perfect forever (okay. 10 days. 10 days is considered forever in nail polishes' world, okay!) and extremely hard to remove.

Since i am a very honored guest (HAHAHAHA), i made the lady boss remove my nail polishes.
But she wasn't being too nice about it, huh!
The crankiest nailist i ever got *ROFL*
It was so hard to remove them, they had to soak some cotton pads and leave them on my nails for a bit
Lady boss always so busy, her phone rang non stop so Kiki stepped in to help out. Hi, Kiki!!! *wave wave*
Other than me, there's another student (well, a real student) having a class as well (it was a basic nail art class, if i wasn't mistaken).
While waiting, it's always selca time :p
Let's start!
You can use as minimum as two colors and maximum of... i dunno, 6? Up to you really. Basically you just drop the nail polish on the water
An ideal nail polish would spread like this in the water (the first color should be dropped twice), give it a stir with a cuticle stick to make it spread and to make sure that the polish wouldn't stick to the bowl
Then drop the second color in the middle
And if you're using more than one color, the next
If you're using three colors like we did, repeat from the first color
Unfortunately we forgot to turn off the AC and it's a no no to have a strong wind blowing into your bowl because the polishes would dry out fast, way too fast! The pattern hardened already and you can see that the colors didn't spread like they were supposed to
It was a dud so we had to clean up the bowl. It was surprisingly easy to do so, just get the cuticle stick you used earlier to stir the water to scoop out the failed pattern. Just swirl it around the pattern and it would wrap itself around the stick!
Second attempt after turning off the AC and braving the unbearable Surabaya heat (my makeup melted right off because of this *___*)
This is what you're looking for, a nice, widely spread out polishes
Then use your stick to first anchor the pattern's sides, then make various pattern by dragging the pattern. For beginners like me, just make a simple, flower-looking shape by dragging in the pattern inwards
Then carefully, dip the finger you're planning on painting in-we're using fake nails for the first attempt. Make sure that your nails were facing down when dipping so the entire nail bed would be covered in patterns
The result! So cute, like ice cream sundae >.<!
Then it was time for me to give it a try. It looks super simple, but for a total noob like me... Apparently it wasn't as easy as i thought it would be! I did many things that you're NOT supposed to do hahahaha. It's okay though, i didn't expect anything less from me, and by doing those stuffs i now know what to advise you not to do hehe.
Even dropping the nail polish is not as easy as Kiki made it seem to be. The polish clings to the brush and refused to drop. You see how blurry my hand was in the pics, it was because i was trying very hard to shake the stubborn polish off the brush!
Then i got impatient and drew too much polish, it dropped straight away from a great height and... Instead of spreading out beautifully as it should, it plopped like a lead ball down to the bowl's base *___* i did this probably 3 times during the workshop, so annoying
Now i'm trying to be patient but then if you're too slow then the polish would dry out so you gotta be swift FML
Finally starting to succeed after i dunno how many attempts
My first successful pattern!!!
Still have to dip it carefully and clean out the rest simultaneously, i had Kiki helping me clean hahaha
Must camwho with the result!
Eh, not bad for a first attempt, right?
Then it was time to practice on real nails! First Kiki was going to show how to do it on my nails.
Start by applying top coat followed with a base color
Remember i said you have to avoid glitter polishes for water marble?
Because it'd definitely not spead and just clump like that. Btw, you can see the ball i accidentally made at the bottom of the bowl >.<
The wikipedia suggested to use a lighter color for the base to make the marble pattern more prominent, Kiki said it'd best to use one of the colors that you're going to use on the nail art so she painted my nails white. It doesn't have to be too neat because it'd mostly be concealed by the water marble, but i am an OCD-i would've painted a second coat for myself hahaha.
The white nail polish
Then Kiki sealed the skin around the nails with cellophane tape to minimize the mess that would've to be cleaned afterwards
Sausage finger hehe
All shielded
Then Kiki started making a pattern
So pretty, almost like a peacock's feather
Well, this is why she's the nail artist, not me
I don't remember what happened but i think Kiki disliked the result (or we forgot to turn off the AC again. It was so damn hot that we had to turn the AC on and off the whole time because it started to feel like an oven just after a few minutes of going AC-less!) because in the end she discarded this pattern.

L didn't want to believe that none of my Korean nail polishes couldn't be used for water marble although she did drop them already and they just sat there instead of spreading out (a sure sign that your nail polish is not ideal for this!), so she tried again with a green Nature Republic nail polish. Apparently if you use the less ideal polish as the second (or latter) color, it works better as long as the first color was an ideal one. This time it was dropped after the white O.P.I and it spread a little better (after a few second pause *LOL*) but since it was a bit bothersome we only used it for one finger >.<!
Dipping my thumb carefully
Cleaning out the rest
Only take your finger out once the excess pattern completely removed
Ta dahhhh
Next pattern
If you're more artistic than me, you can do a more complicated patterns like Kiki did here
With enough pattern, you can actually dip more than one finger at the same time
Instantly coloring three fingers!
The other hand-that Kiki completely forgot to seal with cellophane! LOL
The beauty of a water marble nail art is it's completely abstract and no pattern can ever be repeated so every nail would sport a different look. We're learning on different patterns and combination of different color combos so i ended up with a bit incoherent colors on my nails haha. I was actually fine with it, but it would drive people like #Undecided mad
Woo my messy right hand!
L said that it'll look even better with strokes of silver glitter
I agree!
I'd say that the right fingers are a bit more harmonious than the other hand :p
L multi-task like a boss hahaha
Selfie with my water marble nail art
Then it was time to put my new skill to a test! I had to do it on the mean Lady Boss' fingers! The horror!
It took me several failed attempts
But i kept on trying!
Phewww managed to get 2 fingers down. Btw, L insisted on using my neon green Nature Republic polish as a base *___* totally disregarding the rule to use light color as a base and using the same color that is used in the pattern! The result is... very green and you can't see the real colors of the other polishes -____- stick to the rule, people!
Weh, i didn't know i pull that face while working
Ahh, not bad right??? I did it myself #superproud !
I messed up the pinky finger because a strand of the excess pattern got stuck on it and drew way too light pattern for the ring finger, but every thing else was acceptable!
It's really not bad, right?
I actually managed to astound L who thought i would have my usual blondie moment, she kept on exclaiming about how amazed she was that i was able to do it. GRRRRRRRRRR.
So not bad for a first attempt ever for any type of nail art!!!
It was so much fun to join this workshop and i was very shocked when i realized that i've been there for... almost 3 hours??? It didn't even feel like one! 

If you're a nail enthusiast looking to master your water marble skill, or a total rookie like me who never even attempt to do any nail art (in this case i'd say water marble is the perfect style to try first because it require less skill than say, one stroke nail art! You don't even have to be able to draw to do this!) before, you can join Me-Nail's Water Marble Nail Art Workshop for only IDR 150.000! Not only that, but you'd also get a voucher worth IDR 100.000 to spend at Me-Nail so technically you only pay IDR 50.000 for the class! Crazy or what!

You can contact Me-Nail to book your own workshop, what are you waiting for?
Me-Nail Nail Salon Supplier and Training Centre :
Address : Ruko Klampis Jaya 33D Surabaya
Phone : 031-2882 333
BB Pin : 22D7C1DF
Website : www.me-nail.com

Thank you Me-Nail for inviting me and giving me a new skill (thank you for Kiki who patiently taught me)! I really had a great time! Hope to be able to join future workshops (but if it require more skills, please just let me be the hand model!!!)  ^^.

Until next time,


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  1. kegiatannya seru bangeeeet, ^_^


  2. nice workshop ce ^^
    kayaknya seru bgt bikin marble nails :D

  3. lucu banget ya hasilnya, mau kombinasi warna apa aja terserah kita..hihihi


  4. Lols! Thank you for coming ceceh *kiss*

  5. semua jenis kuteks bisa seperti itu kah?

    1. Engga, jstr lbh byk kutex yg ga bisa d pake utk water marble ^^...