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Erm, actually this haul is considered one of the smallest i've done in a while, but i'm running out of haul post's titles and i don't want to give a generic title like "Last Month's Haul" or something coz after you've discovered the fun in naming your posts with silly names names, there's just no going back *LOL*.

And yeah, this is quite a tiny haul for me (so don't say stuffs like "Wow, what a big haul!" coz i would go like -____- LOLOLOL).
No, seriously look at the tiny amount of beauty related products i bought :
I totally and absolutely forgot to snap an individual pic of those Batiste dry shampoos! Anyway, my obsession with Batiste is still going strong! I have actually finished two whole bottles of the Original (read the review here), but long before they ran out-of course i already made sure that i have back ups! I decided to try out different variants and ended up with the Tropical (that i am currently using. I'm still undecided *no, i'm not calling you, #Undecided!* whether or not i should review the different variants as well) and Blush. Heck, my backups have backups, i since had my mum bought me another variant+buy 2 more of the Original when G found a seller that gave very low prices!
Can you believe that i went to Makassar and bought these in Guardian? LOL. Was running out of my facial wash so i got this Garnier Pure Active Fruit Energizing Facial Foam (i use whatever facial wash coz my skin isn't very sensitive :p) that was on sale (but in the end, the facial wash that i brought was enough for the rest of the trip, i was just being paranoid as usual hahaha #toousedtohavingbackups ) and saw the Clear & Clear Oil Control Film on +1000 get 2 promo, i can never pass promos on products that i use nonstop!
This is another product that i buy over and over again, Collagen Crystal Eye Mask that i slap on myself and hunny every weekend. I thought about reviewing them but since they're off brand, i'm kinda afraid if people would accuse me of "promoting" fake/counterfeit products zzz
I won a giveaway from Arum and Miss Lie and got the Cathy Doll L-Glutathione Magic Cream + some voucher. I really wanted to try out Cathy Doll Products so i was very happy (and i don't win giveaways often hahaha *well, i also almost never enter them hahaha WTF*) to get it. I spent the voucher (there's a minimum spending for using it) on that Cathy Doll compact powder simply because it's so damn CUTE. I personally wouldn't spend so much on a compact powder from a brand that i've never tried before, but it's just too cute! Plus i got the voucher so i had to pay less than the original price *i cannot remember how much the voucher was worth >.<*. I will review it and let you know if i can justify the price after using it
Got these at Carrefour. I have loads of sachet samples now so i thought it'd be wise to invest on little jars so it'll be more convenient to use them. I have IDR 25.000 voucher, and whenever i got a voucher from Carrefour-i would spend it on makeup *LOL*. Got this Pixy blush on with . I always underestimated Pixy but ever since i tried the (severely CHEAP) lipstick, i think i may be in love...
That's all! Moving on to non-beauty products now... My love for hair accessories never dies!
Hair clips from Payless, Bunga (the crazy bunny earred one and the salem flower ones) and Stroberi
Have i ever told you that whenever  i am obsessed over a certain trend, i would buy it in bulk! I would never be satisfied before i have at least 30 or more of them >.< and i am still obsessed with flower crowns/garlands! It used to be so hard to find reasonably priced ones but now they're everywhere and i want to have them all WTH. These two were from Bunga
More floral headbands from Stroberi
Yes, i did went nuts in Bunga and bought tonnes of head accessories. #Undecided has the same mint bow one that she wore to Miracle's event ^^
This hat and bonnet headband is so dramatic and crazy, i just can't pass it. Bring on the Gothic Lolita dresscode, please!
Yep, although i am one of the girliest girl exist-i also am crazy about gothic style. Anything dark and skull-related, i love!
And the polar opposite *LOL*. Glittery butterfly headband from a Branded Sale store, it was Next's
Yep, you should also know that i am mad about highlight hair clips too
Errrr... I don't really have any excuse for this (i don't even have a daughter hahaha) except that i always wanted one and it was very cheap? I'd love to use it on an outfit photo!
Some knock off Ted Baker bag. It's quite cute but i really was very very annoyed at the IG seller! Purchased it before i went to Makassar (the seller is also located in Surabaya!), and 6 days later it was still not arrived! When i asked about it, the seller gave me various reasons and promised to give me the tracking number (coz she assured me she sent it 6 days earlier) that she never did, and suddenly the bag arrived at my office. And she dropped it off herself. WTF was that? She already charged me for JNE, why would she do that if she'd drop it off herself? And why she never apologize that she never sent the bag in the first place? She just disappeared and never bother to reply my earlier Line. Just because you already drop it off (6 days too late, with extra charge that was not supposed to be there, AND after lying about already sending it out) doesn't mean it's okay! WTF. SUCKY SELLER, ROT IN HELL!
*Calms self down*. Stroberi has loads a cute clutches lately (even though they're not dirt cheap) and i couldn't resist adding this "Vintage" style violet clutch in my collection
As well as this pink lips clutch that i wore to my birthday celebration
And my fourth jelly shoes in the same model because i really really want the bright pink one even though i had to pay more than twice the price of the other jelly shoes that i have! I also wore this to that celebration (see how i style them together here)
Also got this high top wedges sneakers from Skechers when they were having a Buy 1 Get 1 promo!
Still feet related, i was looking for some mint socks for the Miracle event i mentioned earlier, then i saw the yellow one as well (i would definitely buy more if they have them in other colors, so much pastelly goodness!) and i just gotta get them too! I also realized that i don't own any plain thin white socks #toofocusedonfrills so i grabbed it as well
I don't think my haul post is ever complete without a mountain of new accessories...
From Payless, all on 50% off
Cache Cache (all in special prices)
Diva (in even more special prices of IDR 10.000 mostly hahaha)
From the same Branded Sale Store that i got the butterfly headband from, these two were from Next too and they're for little girls-but little girls' accessories are so darn cute!
Somehow always putting a skull next to a very cute-overload item accidentally, this set is from Cotton On (i also bought a blazer that you'd see on an outfit post soon)
Went nuts at Av's OS again
And Seshoplicious. I loved the skull hair clip that i bought before, so i bought another one to pair it with, and another pair in hot pink! Plus some other quirky stuffs
I'm having a backache and waist problems lately, thanks to spending HOURS in front of the computer prepping hundreds of pics and blogging, so imma check out now!



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  1. Gk big haul....aku cuma mangaaaaaapppp #gaksanggupngomong lolol
    tuh anting2 lucuu.btw oil papermu setengah lusiiin wkwkwk

    1. PSsssttt, jambak nih Lina!!! LOL. Iya aq stock terus abis abis melulu, pokoknya kalo promo hrs beli sebanyak mgkn!

  2. omg so many haul!!that gold package mask i also have it..hv not try it yet...mmmm....and u really love accessories....

    1. I like the eye mask a lot, been through probably almost 100 pairs between husband and i hahahaha. Yes, i really do, feel naked without them...

  3. Collagen Crystal Eye Mask beli dimana ce? Aaa naksir banget sama high top wedges sneakers nya >.<

    1. Di groupbeli.com atau di disdus, dimana ada sale di situ aq beli hehehe

  4. love your high top wedges sneakers from Skechers.. jealous.. hehehe

    salam kenal dari Malaysia


  5. Of all the items in this haul, the pink clutch that looks to me like lips is most appealing. I would also want the same and in the very same color! Those Sketchers wedges aren't built for running for shoes but they look comfy. How tall are the heels?

    1. It's cute, isn't it? It's super cheap too, around USD 4! Yes, those Skechers wedges are more for fashion purposes, i believe! I'm not so sure about the heels, probably around 8?

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Wah koq d delete komennya, tp msh masuk d e-mail hehehe... Aq hogi yaaa? Makasiii, makanya kalo pg belanja ajak aq biar nemu yg lucu2 n sale hahaha