Fahmy's Wedding

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Heyyy ^^.

So, as you already know from my latest outfit post, we were invited to my first Javanese style wedding. This was not hunny's first Javanese style wedding, but before this he's also only been to two other similar weddings (i didn't come with him for some reasons that i feel bad for disclosing here hahaha, oh the first wedding was because he was representing someone else *my brother in law?* to some important official's kid's wedding and accompanied by my uncle so... There's no way in hell i'd come with him la!) and i was probably a bit too excited about the prospect *LOL*, it's something new and i got to wear something different you see...

Anyway, in case you're wondering (if you're not i would still tell you anyway so just pretend like you're interested for a minute, okay!) who Fahmy is... Well... If you've been following this blog for a while you'd know that last year hunny, L, Eek and i joined a tour group to Europe and bonded pretty well with Mr. H's family. Fahmy is Mr. H's son and even though i know that Eek and hunny both still keeps in touch with Mr. H once in a while, i was pretty pleasantly surprised that we were invited to his wedding.
It was held in a building somewhere in Perak, a very unfamiliar territory for me and we managed to get very lost for a bit on the way there *we decided to carpool*. I was quite taken aback when we arrived and saw the MASSIVE numbers of people going in and out of the place! It's easily a wedding with the most number of guests i have ever attended! 

The invitation stated 10.30 AM-1 PM, much to my confusion-but then i was explained that in Javanese style wedding you can come anytime during the stated time. This is very new for me since every other wedding i've ever been to before only stated one time point in which you should try your best to be punctual (meaning : an hour after the stated time in the invitation for Indonesian *LOL*). We arrived around... 11.20? I think it was around the height of the party, sooo many people were there >.<.
Another first for me, having to queue up immediately to greet and congratulate the bride, groom and their parents! I mean, i saw this kind of stuffs on TV for celebrity's weddings and all, but never experienced it before so i was quite confused and overwhelmed #excusemysilliness.
The queue was very long but very swift as well
While inching towards the stage, we... snap some pics (including the first pic in the post hehehe)-much to the other guest's who're queuing up behind us' amusement hahaha.
L and El
Eek and my dapper-looking hunny. I was very surprised when i realize that hunny looks really good even in batik (which is not always flattering) #sohandsome #togetherfor13yearsandstillinlove
Selfieeee *Eek went "so not important, sooo not important", i guess i've learned to block him out after knowing him for more than 3 years now because i barely heard him anymore...
Getting closer to the stage in no time
We congratulated them quickly, the queue was too long so we didn't try to do selca with them *LOLOLOL* and next is... Getting some food hehe.
There were a LOT of stations, but since it was super duper packed i was totally overwhelmed and confused *yes, i use those two words a lot in this post, but i really was feeling quite lost back then. Very glad that we went as a group hahaha*. I always feel out of my element in standing parties though, i feel awkward when i have to stand somewhere and eat, mostly blocking people's way hahaha.
There's a poorly guarded VIP area too, where i witnessed a LOT of people trespassing and some actually got thrown out (but more people got in than the ones got thrown out anyway hahahah)
PECKING duck hehehehehehe (immediately envisioning ducks clucking and pecking away at the ground...)
L and Eek brought both of their children (i know Baby Boy would not be happy if i dragged him here so i just left him at home with my 'rents) and boy... Was L busy or what. I got really tired just watching her (no wonder she lost all those baby fats so quickly hahaha) scrambling around. She got puked on earlier on the way to the venue as well *LOL*.
Had to resort to squatting on the floor trying to feed her kids
Am i a bad cousin for not trying to help but snapping pics instead?
In my defense, it's not like i didn't try to help out okay! Problem is, her kids are the sloth type who refuse to be touched much by other people than their parents and grand parents *LOL*. The little girl especially, would start whining when L's out of her sight, it panicked me more than a few times >.<.
Eek, making formula milks in the middle of a huge wedding reception hehe
While this guy's busy enjoying his meal. LOL. We've been in their boat, obviously, it was quite hectic even just last year (my Baby Boy got a LOT more independent in the past year)-but at least there's just one person to keep us busy-L and Eek got twice the load with 2 very young kids hihihi
Apparently Javanese style is very convenient, you just come-congratulate-eat-dash if you don't know too many people in the reception :D. We definitely didn't stay long at all mostly due to L and Eek's increasingly impatient kids hehe.
Getting our souvenirs before we leave
It's a generous amount of batik cloth
Yet another first for me, i've never gotten cloth as a wedding favor before! It's quite exciting *LOL, again sorry for my weird enthusiasm*, wonder if we should make it into a matching shirt for hunny and a skirt for me? 

Some more pics before we left
L and i were matchy matchy in our kaftans. I am freaking in love with kaftans!
A photo spot with eerie lighting that made us looked kinda ghostly hehe
As usual, no wedding post is complete without photo-ceptions of the happy couple :
Congratulations Fahmy and wife! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and marriage bliss! Let's go traveling together again soon, USA next year? Hehe.
#Pink and hunny ^^

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  1. Itu bumimoro ce. Punya angkatan laut. Aku wisuda e dsana soale. Tuwuk jauhe. Wkwkwkwk.. Memang gaya gini paling uenak. :)

    1. Oh iyooo Bumimoro wahahahaha... Gaya apa paling enak? Dateng, salaman, makan, pulang? HAHAHA

  2. Lovely photos! Would love to attend a javanese style wedding sometime myself.

  3. Like how many guests were there? Whoa, it's great that there's car pool available. Your headpiece looks really adorable. I haven't also witnessed a grand wedding such as this. Everyone seemed so busy whaha.

    1. I imagine... thousands? Or maybe "just" 1000 LOL. I meant carpool as in car-sharing, my cousin picked us up ^^. Thank you dear, i'm obsessed with that kind of headpiece right now :D