Event Report : Miracle's Year End Salesation Event with New Treatment Live Demo

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Hey hey :D.

I already told you i'm going to bombard you with Miracle Aesthetic Clinic-related posts, didn't i :)? Here comes post number two of their Year End Salesation Event.
Like i said in the previous event post, i went from Miracle's first event of the day at Sheraton Hotel to their second one in Miracle Kertajaya straight away. Every year Miracle has a year end sale where they would give special prices for their treatments (and also giving out special gifts if you spend certain amounts on treatments) and this year their theme is Travel. 

(PS : The next two pictures were taken on the next day when #Undecided and i went to try their treatments. I snapped some pictures of the lobby on this day but they turned out really blurry!)
The mannequin that illustrated their theme
I have to be honest here, i actually didn't pay attention to the mannequin at all until Jennie and #Undecided metioned it >.<. Sorry, i'm almost always blur, if you know what i mean...

Anyway, when Nessya and i arrived at Miracle Kertajaya (i dragged her to accompany me hahaha, we were the only two bloggers that went straight from Sheraton because the others had prior engagements), it was really really crowded. We were a bit lost (Jennie wasn't there yet T.T, i think we're too spoilt with Jennie's wonderful hosting capabilities that we feel instantly at loss when she's not there to welcome us!) and the seats were mostly occupied, thankfully one of the staff saw our distress and helped us get some seat :D.
The main reason why i really wanted to attend this event was because i wanted to learn more about their new facial called Miracle Pearl Shine Facial. I was scheduled to try this facial out the next day and i want to be educated first.
The model already prepared for the live demo :D
The MC
Miracle's R&D Estetik, Mrs. Wati started the demo by giving explanation of the facial.
Pearl Shine Facial is mainly aimed for people with dull skin who has fine wrinkles, those who want to eliminate expression lines and also for aging skins.
The active ingredients in Miracle Pearl Shine Facial :
1.Peptide complex to eliminate wrinkles
2. Hyaluronic Concentrate (wrinkle filler) to decrease expression lines
3. Pumpkin Peel to lift dead skin cells and skin renewal (it is rich in Vit A)
4. Pearl extract

Yes, it really has pearl extracts as one of the ingredients in the mask, no wonder it's quite pricey! This is Miracle Aesthetic Clinic's very first premium facial and i am very lucky to be able to try it out ^^.
The benefits :
1. Improve skin structure
2. Soften skin
3. Hydrate skin
4. Brighten skin
5. Decrease wrinkles on face
5. Regenerate skin cells
7. For skin renewal
Those who should avoid (or at least postpone) getting this facial are those who has:
1. Open wound
2. Peeling skin
3. Hypersensitive skin
5. Active pimple

When i heard that those with active pimples should not get this facial, i immediately got concerned because i know #Undecided had some active pimples at that moment!
The step by step of the facial procedure, i won't translate it because i will explain them in more detail with pictures on my next Miracle post, okay?
This facial would result in cleaner, brighter, hydrated, more volumized skin and it'd feel soft to the touch (i would let you know if the result's as good as promised, please stay tuned for my review *wink*!).

There are several reactions that might arise during and after treatments. During treatments you might feel some stinging sensation during Pumpkin Peel application, but the reaction wouldn't last long. And after treatment your skin might turn a little red, but it would diminish after sometime.
Actually at the same time, there was a second model prepared for the other live demo (which i will explain later) but i'm going to finish the explanation of this Miracle Pearl Shine Facial so i won't confuse you!
This is the red light step, i remember thinking that it looked like the therapist was steaming/ironing hehehe
Serum application
I think this is the Ozon application step
THE pearl extract mask
Then one of Miracle's staff went round to let the audience see the mask's powder upclose and even feel it on our own skin.
Can you see the beautiful glitters? I remember thinking about how pretty it was and feel tempted to use it as a finishing powder *LOL*
The model being asked about how the treatment felt, she said she felt some cooling sensation-i'm assuming she meant the mask part!
Her skin looked very soft and glowy! Nessya even got her paws on her face to feel it, the therapist immediately came and spray her hand with the anti bacterial spray (but Nessya touched her face already hihihih, sorry mbak!!!) :D, they are very serious about keeping bacterias at bay, i approve!
Other than the other benefits i already explained above, this facial can also help to keep filler effects lasts longer!
Miracle also have two more new treatments :
Miracle Barbie 3D Lift using the latest generation of PDO thread with barbs that can give lifting effect and to accentuate the V shape on face. The result can be seen with one treatment, it's safe and able to shape the ideal face shape.
Then there's also Miracle BabyShine that is especially created for dry, dull skin with fine lines to make them more hydrated, softer, bouncier, tighter and glow healthily like a baby's skin! It is using a special filler ingredients to hydrate and stimulate collagen, botox injection with special techniques and serum infusion.

I love Miracle's new treatments' names, so creative and appealing!

Jennie again encouraged me to try out filler and botox, and i froze with dread *LOL*. Jennie, you know i love you and i'd do anything for you #dramatic , i'd love to try out any treatments or whatever-but i am not mentally prepared for injections yet, leave alone threads T.T. Maybe in a few years hehe. I am seriously wondering whether or not botox can help with my under eyes' fine lines though, i am so annoyed at them and might just brave botox if they work! LOL.

Anyway! Let's move on to the second live demo!
Miracle's doctor giving presentation of Miracle Chin Beauty Perfection
Song Hye Gyo always appeared in every treatment's presentation hahaha. I have no idea who the other girl is (so was the doctor >.<) because i'm not into Korean celebs
Whoaaa on the second before and after!
Since the second presentation was already in English, i don't need to explain anymore-right ^^?
Here's the model for this live demo:
Before treatment, you can see that her chin was quite flat and short
The area where the treatment would be done was marked
The doctor giving the model anesthesy injection
Then proceeded with botox injection to relax the muscles so it'd be easier to shape and sculpt the chin
Inserting PDO thread
The PDO serves as a wall for the treatment
Can you see how her chin magically look more promiment and longer?
Seriously magical haha
Her face shape immediately looked slimmer and more accentuated than before!
Somehow i kept snapping her pics while she's blinking >.<!
The result's pretty amazing and the treatment time was super fast too! So if anyone is interested in having a longer, more prominent chin-you know where to go!

And that's a wrap for Miracle's latest events!
More sweets in the form of cute cupcakes hehe
I will be back with Miracle Pearl Shine Facial review, don't miss it!
Selfie with Nessya on the event ^^

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