Mini Foodgasms : Churreria, D'Sushi Bodo, Loobie and Popbar

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Hellow ^^...

So, before i decided to start reviewing restaurants and cafes, i never took serious pics of the places and foods but i tend to snap some pics anyway for Instagram and the likes. From my July Jakarta trip, i found some food related pictures but most of them are way too little for make individual posts for, and i figured-why not chuck them all together and call it a Mini Foodgasm post instead? 

I figured in the future when i only take little photos or just trying out a place's dessert or something i can do a sequel and so on haha.

For this post i'm featuring four different food related joints : Churreria, Sushi Bodo, Loobie and Popbar-all located in Jakarta.

First up :

Churreria Spanish Chocolateria (Mall Kelapa Gading Branch)

I actually took loads of pictures of this eatery, but we only had a slice of red velvet cake and iced coffee so i don't think it's nearly enough for a review hahaha.
We passed by this chocolateria (sounds like it should be specializing in chocolates, but its speciality's actually churros, hence the name i gues!) every time we went to the the cinema (and we go to the cinema all the time, as you can already judge from my movie reviews haha) in Mall Kelapa Gading (which is my personal favorite laid back mall to hang out in, and its not-too-far location from our apartment's another plus) and i was always attracted to the red velvet cake on the glas display *drool*. One day we were waiting for the next show and decided to finally give in to my craving.
Very new at restaurant snapping, was very shy and did it as fast as possible
I didn't even manage to get the Churreria sign (and i couldn't get a proper pic on the internet either, strangely this branch isn't listed anywhere @__@) because i was very hasty and worried that their staff might object to me taking pictures #bloggersproblem.

Near the entrance, you can take a peek into their pantry and watch them filling in their churros, amongst others :

Should've give the churros a try but we were still quite stuffed
I absolutely love the decor and ambience of the place, very European and vintage. Friendly and homey too!
With loads of *fake* flowers
Especially find the glass window super European and made me miss Paris and Italy immediately T.T #iwannagoback
Sorry for blurry pics, was still using Pinko..
Peace yo!
Only ordered this hehe
First time i had red velvet drizzled with chocolate sauce *that's why it's called chocolateria then!*
The red velvet cake didn't disappoint, it was moist and soft-not too sweet (i cannot stand cakes that are too sweet T.T) and even though i am not the biggest chocolate fan, i still enjoyed the drizzle too.

The coffee however, i didn't care for. Tasted a bit like instant coffee to me. 

Price wise it was okay, not too expensive. Love the ambience, love the cake-would definitely be coming back and try out their churros and savory menus.

D'Sushi Bodo

Picture taken from their website
There's this funny local company who has the most hilarious names, their registered company's name is actually "Bo cuan gapapa" which literally means "No profit no problem", they obviously got a lot of profits though and they have expanded from some seafood restaurant (that has many many branches), bakery (which is named Stupid Baker) and now they are touching the Japanese food scene with their D'Sushi Bodo (bodo means stupid too, btw). 

Unlike the bakery and seafood restos, their Japanese food restos are currently not available in Surabaya yet and my mum (who enjoys silly names, sushi and trying out new places too) dragged us there as soon as we got to Jakarta.
Their signature style usually means simplistic decor and affordable places. I find the ambience of D'Sushi Bodo to be quite alright, a bit dimly light though which resulted in many... many...many mosquitos. It was horrendous since both Baby Boy and i are mosquito's faves *you know, white and fleshy. Yummy* so we got a significant number of bites by the time we got back. D'Sushi Bodo, FIX it!!! (We went to the Sunter branch, btw).
I didn't snap pictures (because of the same reason i've mentioned earlier), but they have their sushis ready made and on a display. Their system is unlike the usual bakery's system where you get a tray (well, a plate in this case) and get whatever you want on that tray, bring it to the cashier and pay. 

They do not only serve sushi, there are other Japanese food (the cooked ones) menu where you can see on the board in the picture above. They put cards in front of each menus and you just grab the one you want to get, bring it to the cashier and pay.

A bit like the normal Japanese ordering system (that i've read before, i sadly haven't been to Japan yet despite the fact that it's my other dream country destination after i've conquered Europe)
-the less high tech one *not the sushi display though*, but for locals it's quite a novelty and unique.
My adorable but cranky and very sleepy Baby Boy
Baby Boy used to be NUTS about sushi, as much as his mom is. Sadly, he seems to be developing a severe allergic reactions to his favorite thing, the tobiko (and any egg in general). It's quite sudden and frustrating because he didn't use to suffer from allergies other than berries before. This was before we tried cutting back on his tobiko intake and he pretty much inhale the stuffs haha.
Presentation-wise, it's not very good but the taste is much better than how it looks
Hunny ordered some crispy salmon skins
My family ordered some other foods (the usual udon and rice sets) but since i do not like Japanese food but crazy about sushis, i had two portions of sushis instead >.<. It's really quite good and i love how generous they are with the tobiko (unlike more expensive places *ahem, Sushi Tei, ahem*). Price wise, i think it's quite cheap BUT the sushi is priced individually (IDR 3.500 to IDR 5.500 each, i remember correctly) so when you compare it to other sushi places (compare it to the low cost restaurants though, not the high end ones) it's probably not that much cheaper anyway, it just seems cheaper because of their pricing strategy.

The other foods were quite okay according to my family, nothing special and the price is also quite so so. But i do quite like their sushis and wouldn't mind coming back for some sushi binges in the future haha.


You must know by now how much of a social media frenzy victim i am, i tried out Holy Cow! because of all the hypes about them in Twitter and now they have came up with a new concept : a lobster & shrimps restaurants!

I saw someone posted Loobie's food's pics in their FB and despite the fact that i don't even like lobsters, i really really wanted to try it out! So much that we resorted in using GPS to find the place because it was located somewhere we're not very familiar with.

I was pretty shocked when i arrived, i did heard that the place is small but i didn't expect it to be THAT small *LOL*. It's totally tiny and very cramped. You literally are just centimeters away from other customers (it's in a ruko, so it's the size of one little store), it wasn't very comfortable and we had to wait a while until other people finished their meal before getting a seat so this is definitely not the place for savoring your meal even though i think lobsters are luxury meals that should be devoured slowly hahaha. I heard their newer branch is bigger so it should be a lot nicer.

Their menus are strictly consisting of shrimps, lobsters and their friends (like calamary) with various origins. Their other specialty is their Sambal Matah, which my mum loves so much that she insisted on buying a whole jar by itself (yes, it's available to take home) despite the fact that it only lasts 3 days before going bad.
Like i stated earlier, i am not a huge fan of lobsters so i am no expert, but i find their lobsters to be quite fresh (some foodie might be tempted to argue with me, so let me clarify again-i am NOT a foodie and i am just saying what i feel. I am not the best judge on the freshest lobsters, but i know a bad one and this one's definitely on the fresh side, alright) and nice. Am still not a fan, but i did enjoy it-my mum and Baby Boy on the other hand-LOVED it.
Since i just want a taste and hunny didn't even like seafoods, we just split the portion. But for lobster manias, the portion is just right (at least i think so). I am also quite frugal when it comes to food (except maybe for steaks because i really enjoy steaks *yumm*), i just prefer to spend money on shopping than eating, so i find that paying almost IDR 500.000 for two portions plus four drinks is quite steep. Still, it is much cheaper than any other place that serves lobsters that i know of.

Definitely recommended for you who craves for (sorta) affordable lobsters, just don't expect a fancy place because i realize they must try their best to cut on the costs (and give you the best price for the lobsters) by cutting all the frills an focus on the food. 

Would i ever return? Errrr... I would, judge on the taste (if i ever crave for another lobster, which seems to be quite unlikely) and mostly for my crustacean loving son.


I saw a few Popbar branches in a few malls in Jakarta, but finally got to try it out on a particularly hot day after a meal in Bandar Djakarta.

I was always visually attracted to the place, coz i obviously love colors and unreasonably attracted to anything on a stick (lollipop, popsicles, cakepops...) so... it just looks very appealing to me!
Cam-whoring with out popsicles
Since we were hot and wanted to refreshed ourselves, we opted for the fruity types. They claimed to be made from real juices and i believe that it's true since the taste is absolutely authentic, natural and fresh. I love them but for those who prefers more artificial tastes (you know, more ice-creamy), maybe you should opt for other types that they have.
Camwhoring with the popsicle, i got strawbie
And then hunny copied me *___*
WTH (btw he said he got the banana, we're definitely bananaholics!)
Love the popsicles, it's a bit expensive for popsicles (probably twice or more the usual price you pay for generic popsicles) but the fresh ingredients is totally worth it and i would definitely get more of their popsicles any day!

Well, with that super silly pic, i'm wrapping up my very first Mini Foodgams post and i have no idea when (or if) a sequel will issue since i consciously take thorough pictures of any eateries i visit nowadays hahaha.



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  1. tadi semangat buka postnya cc, tapi agak kuciwa trnyta di Jakarta :(
    but tetep nice post, I love food, dessert, etc etc #hidupmakan >_>

    1. Hihihi knp kuciwa, kan bs jd referensi kalo km jalan2 k Jkt :)

  2. whoaaaaaa, lobsternya gede bangeeett XD belum pernah makan lobster seumur-umur hahahaaa

    1. Hehehe aq ga suka sih Winn, tp bole lah sekali2 nyobain ^^