Museum Angkut (Part 1)

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Hey guys...

After much procrastination, i finally faced the photo files of Museum Angkut (it's massive...) and managed to finish prepping them somehow >.<. Because we took so many pictures and i simply cannot eliminate any (we all know that my travel posts are more like virtual tours to the place hahaha, very detailed), i have to divide it into two posts (each posts are still photo heavy though hahaha).

Let's start!

Welcome to Museum Angkut, Batu-Malang.
Ever since i was told by my friends who've been there before me, i've always wanted to go there and finally we went sometime in July. When i first heard the name i was like... What? Angkut? What's that supposed to mean? Apparently the "angkut" word refers to "angkutan" or transportation. So it's a museum that housed all kinds of transportations. It's supposedly very nice especially to take pictures at, and i must admit that it confused me at first-i mean... Transportation itself is not interesting whatsoever (for me lah) in the first place, how is it supposed to be nice for picture taking?

Anyhow, i gave it the benefit of the doubt and went anyway. The entrance ticket is quite expensive for Indonesia standard, IDR 50.000 for week days and IDR 75.000 for weekends (we went there on a Sunday). They were also having some cultural exhibition in the venue when we went (i just checked the website and it seems to be a permanent part of the place called D'Topeng Kingdom) and we can get the package tickets for both the museum and the exhibition for IDR 90.000 (if i remember correctly) so we decided to get the package since it's only slightly more expensive than the regular ticket.
It was still quite new plus it was on a weekend so it was very packed that day
Snap snap before entering
The first venue was this huge hall full of (as one should expect from a transportation museum) cars, bikes, etc. It's quite large but at first i thought the whole museum's just that hall and was very disappointed *LOL*. Worry not, the place's actually MASSIVE and i'd say it's totally worth the entrance fee.
Bumble Bee @__@
I already stated above that transportation is probably one of the least interesting theme for me, so... I just gazed around the hall disinterestedly and snap pictures mindlessly *LOL*. If you're not interested in transportation like me, don't leave yet *NOOOO* coz it'll get better i promise. 

But first, i snap quite a lof of pictures here anyway. I went with an all-boys group (hunny, Baby Boy, KD and his sons-D and J) and i guess most boys (not all, i know) like cars, planes, and bikes so they spent quite some time inspecting the displays in this section.
Keeping in with the theme, there were quite some car-inspired seats splattered all around the exhibition for those who got tired, or just want to cam-whore with it.
LOL. He does love his Hot Wheels!
Pink seat! Must take pic!
Look how interested hunny seemed..
There were (royal) carriages as well
KD and J
This looks like Baby Boy's in a huge stroller somehow hahahaha
Lots of the parts of the museum is interactive, you can actually ride on the (real) bikes and stuffs to take pictures. I always feel super panicky, what if we're not supposed to do it and got thrown out of the place #paranoidasalways ??? LOL. But of course nothing of the sort happened
Daddy didn't want to lose out
Found one car that i found cute, so TINY!
Not only real cars, there were toy cars too (i'm pretty sure there's a name for this, and those who collect them would scream at me "THOSE ARE NOT TOYS!!!" LOL). Spot the boys!
This is pretty cool
Of course, the car model (dun dare to call it toy anymore *LOL* *got scolded by imaginary people*) that caught my eyes was this baby pink one!
The one filled with Donald Duck and friends also (where's Mickey, btw?)
The more traditional form of transportation. Btw, the horse's a real, taxidermy-ed horse. So big! (Sorry, i am used to local, much smaller horses >.<)
Dunno why this fella so happy ^^
Let's move on to second floor!
A last glimpse of the first floor
Second floor is filled with mostly traditonal Indonesian transportations!
This one meaning the transportation is the human, right?
LOL, my little farmer
Then we got distracted by this red metal tower outside :
So we went there to explore haha
Beautiful scenery but the stairs and the open-viewed sides scared me a bit, i have a phobia of stairs and i really hate the feeling that i might just fall over anytime on open viewed high grounds >.<
Why do i tend to look like a lost child???
Then we went back inside of course hehe.
This bike definitely doesn't look comfortable...
Alpaca???!!!! It's true that animals are a type of transportation, but..
Immediately had some Chinese ghost movie scene playing in my head. These statues were so racist, we're fair-skinned but not corpse-like! LOL. J/k!
They had so many different types of becaks (pedicabs) from all over Indonesia
I wouldn't mind to ride it if the cycler looks like this *wink wink*
Even more for this one!!!
Tiny becak that fits pint size passenger perfectly
Boats are next
This one so cute
Snapped this because it's from hunny's hometown hahaha (the placate wrote "Swamp boat of Tulung Agung)
The infamous Tuxuci (only locals would understand though)
The wrecked Tuxuci
Einstein is everywhere...
That's the end of the first section, and when i thought Museum Angkut only covers that area, i was crazily wrong coz as soon as we exited-we were welcomed by this :
I think this is area's modeled to look like old Batavia (now Jakarta)
The vintage post office hehe
Wanna buy soto Betawi from this cutie?
Or sate Madura? I was obviously not ready when hunny pressed the button >.<
Pretty sure he's there to marry me... again? Haha
Ciggies, anyone? Baby Boy didn't look too happy there haha
I am suddenly confused, are we in Batavia or old China (or Korea, take your pick)? Haha
Jakarta's station in Malang?
Love this section, so colorful and vibrant!
Onto the harbor!
Wonder what this was, milk distributor?
I like how convincing they made the place look like
Baby Boy looked unhappy again when i forced him to sit in the lorry hehe
Welcome, welcome
Hahahaha my son's so good at role playing
Dawet, anyone? Seller doesn't come with it though! Hahaha
Scene right out from what i always imagined when i read Indonesian folklores when i was little!
Eh, besok boeka (open tomorrow)? But i was ready to serve you leh
Checking his es puter's (traditional ice cream) stock hahaha
Gudang means warehouse
LOADS more antique cars in the warehouse (i heard they are individually owned and just lent for exhibition!)
Gigantic wheels!
What's Naruto doing there?
Hello, i'm the warehouse keeper
Hunny snapped this pic of us being kaypoh and opening the (real) vintage fridge *this picture really shows the real us though, always curious :p*
And with that silly pic i'm wrapping up this post! I would make it into one post if i have like, 150 pics, but since it's more than 200 hahahaha, then i really should make a part two. Don't want to explode any of you's data plans :p.

Personally i find the part 2 even more interesting, so please stay tuned!


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  1. bagus juga ya dan komplit.. sampe sepeda yang bawa setumpukan kaleng juga ada. lucu!! :D

    1. Iya, lucu tempatnya ^^ must visit kalo lg pulkam hehe