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Hey guysss :D!!!

How's your weekend and for those in Indonesia, the beginning of the long Eid al-Fitr (Happy Eid Mubarak for my Moslem readers, may you all have a blessed and wonderful Eid al-Fitr!) holiday? I am extremely tired because i've had a very busy week and especially crazy long day on Saturday (beginning at 7.30 A.M, which is more like dawn to an owl person like me, and ending at 11 P.M when i finally get back home but didn't sleep until 2 A.M anyway *LOL*) but it was a super fun day (one of the reason is what i'm about to tell you in this post!) so i'm not complaining (in fact i wish i have more days like this, maybe 3 times a week? That'd awesome, thank you :p!)!

Anyway, old readers of this blog should remember that i've mentioned Me-Nail countless of times (i made a few blog posts featuring them but here's the first one introducing them) as a nail salon (the only one i would go to whenever i have an unusual episode of craving to get a mani/pedi), by now they (and by they i mean the lady boss, my cousin L that you've seen a million times in this blog) have expanded and become more than just a regular nail salon.

Me-Nail now is also a nail supplier (they sell their products in retail as well as wholesale, so everybody's welcome!) and training centre! The Me-Nail Nail Supplier and Training Centre is located in Ruko Klampis Jaya 33 D, Surabaya (the building is still under renovation though so don't be intimidated if you go there and see all the building material and bare looking first floor because their workshop/showroom is located on second floor.
A few weeks ago, the lady boss contacted me and asked me to attend one of their one stroke nail art workshop and be their nail model (normally i hear the word "model" i'd run a mile-on the opposite direction. Miracle asked me to be their make over model and i couldn't say no fast enough LOL. I hate being the center of attention, but when it comes to nails, it's not a problem!) and cover the workshop on my blog. Being a nail enthusiast (as in i love nail polish and nail arts, but i totally suck at doing it myself!) as well as a great cousin, of course i said yes and on Saturday morning, L picked me up (i am an important guest, okay!) to go to the workshop.

Now, i'm not overly familiar with workshops, but from what i've seen (and attended) before, i totally thought it'd be a class with several participants, but i was very wrong! Every workshop (and course) is totally private. Every attendee would have a one on one class with the trainer, which is totally awesome of course!
L explaining the basics to today's workshop participant
I've been to Me-Nail salon (in Tunjungan Plaza I, 3rd floor) countless of times, but i've never been to their showroom/workshop before. The showroom is a well lit, cozy little place with loads and loads of nail related product displays that would make any nail enthusiast's heart skip a beat :D. I took my time snapping pictures of the entire place (and products) while L gave introduction of the workshop to that day's participant so i'm gonna introduce Me-Nail, the nail supplier first!
Their O.P.I Collection
Orly. Spot the O.P.I nail varnish thinner at the back? I LOVE them!
They also sell gel polishes like Gelish
Eden (a little more info of this brand, Me-Nail is actually a distributor of this organic gel polish! They are said to have fruity scents, wow!)
As well as Shellac (the CCO version)
Glittery polishes
Those bottles at the left are pump up nail varnish remover bottles, very convenient to use because you only need to push the top part with your cotton pad to dispense the content, a must have for nail art lovers! Bottles on the right are cuticle oils and vitamins if i'm not mistaken
I spotted some other beauty products like Bath and Body Works and Victoria's Secrets as well
O.P.I Mariah Carey collection
They basically have everything that nail junkies can possibly needs, from tools to all kind of solvent
Nail stickers as well as mani/pedi tools
Loads and loads of fake nails
Nail decos
Me-Nail also recently began carrying Crystal Nail, a professional nail polish brand from Thailand
Loads of color choices
Of course, they also sell brushes and buffers
Super kawaii fimoooo
Uber cute ribbons! Me-Nail sells little packets of nail decos from as low as IDR 5000, so if you're a nail junkie on a budget, don't worry! You can just buy as much (or rather, as little) as you need, a packet or two would be more than enough for a few times usage for nail accents
Super pretty nail decos
Especially captivated by this pearly Chanel signs
ACCCKKK super kawaii ice cream and cake decos!!! I however cannot imagine having them on my nails and staying for more than a few seconds except maybe with a gel manicure
Flowers deco
I also snapped more detailed pictures of some of the fake nails they have that caught my eyes.
In love with the color combo of the pack on the left
I didn't know they make fake nails for your toes too!
It looks very cute on and excuse my disgusting feet! I truly need a pedicure zzz
Then i spotted some very bling ones!
So shiny! I am currently craving for brilliant metallic nail polishes! L told me O.P.I has some and i'm so going to place an order soon!
Nail arts creations, if i'm not mistaken they were all results from Me-Nail's courses' participants
This wheel was made by L i think, i love whe baby pink with white candies so much!!!
Me-Nail's showroom opens on Monday (9 AM-5 PM) to Saturday (9 AM-1 PM) so you can drop by anytime during that to get your nail needs! Oh ya, if you're not residing in Surabaya there's no worry too since they also have an online shop so you can always order stuffs from them online!

Now let's talk about the One Stroke Nail Art Workshop. While the workshop itself is pretty much a taste of what you can learn deeper in their courses (i will give you details on their courses later)-one stroke nail art is a nail art technique where you only need one stroke to create a shape (with more than one colors at once), it is a fairly new technique and not used in most local nail salons much yet.
Me-Nail would provide every tool for their workshops/courses but if you're a nail art junkie then you'd most probably have favorite brushes at home, you can bring them because we all know a lucky brush can make a world of difference for the believer hehe
You'd need Acrylic paints for one stroke nail art
The creations of previous one stroke nail art participants
One stroke nail art workshop costs IDR 150.000 (i think this is a promotional price, super cheap!) and the class normally lasts for 3 hours (depending on the participant's progress). There are two trainers, Kiki Coroline (who's an awesome nail blogger) and L herself (but because L is a very busy lady, the main trainer'd be Kiki) who'd work one on one with the participants. The material for the workshop is the basic of one stroke nail art, five petals flower. 

If you think "What? Only one material for 3 hours???" then you must be a nail newbie (like me) LOL, coz it's a LOT harder than it seems. I think it'd take me a month to be able to make one petal WTF. If you want to be a master in one stroke nail art then you'd need a lot more than 3 hours so i'd suggest you to go for their courses next. Btw if you're interested to join this workshop it is adviseable to have a basic in nail art (as in you should be able to do basic nail arts first) because it'd be way too hard for those with no basic whatsoever (yes, i'm talking about myself again), but it is not a requirement.
L prepping the acrylic paint on a piece of aluminum foil
You'd need two colors to make the five petal flowers
Pick up both colors with each ends of the brush (it's a tiny, square one) and spread it out evenly
And begin drawing
L explaining and demonstrating a few times
And then told the participant to try
Today's participant is Melly, say hi to Melly!
Melly is a nail art lover who has a pretty impressive portfolio already (she showed us photos of her creations) so she already had the basics needed, even for someone like her it took a few hours to finally be able to make one decent looking flower! So, i'm giving up from the start *LOL*.
L patiently guiding her
She practices nonstop while chatting with us :D (you know, when women gathered...)
L already asked me to be the nail model beforehand so i came prepared with clean nails (and i stopped myself from cutting them real short so it's not super stubby even though i feel kinda uncomfortable already with the length *sigh*) but my right pinkie finger's all black and ugly because i got a little to enthusiastic when i dipped it in the ink after voting last time and it never went away *deeper sigh* so while Melly was practicing over and over again in the piece of paper, L decided to do something to my pinkie finger to cover the black stain. She painted the nail with a yellow O.P.I nail polish and added cute little pearls on them.
OMG, look at the pastel colored onesss

Mrs Lady Boss prepping
Ta dahh hehehe. It'd be cute for the whole 10 fingers, eh? But that's for another day, of course :P
After Melly began mastering painting the five petals flowers on the paper, L prepared the next step : painting them on fake nails
Melly trying it out

And finally she was ready to do it on my nails! (This is the only pic of me taken that day so i must blow it up okay)

And ta dahhhh (this is before top coat so it's not glossy yet)
The other hand (i think L chose blue because she saw my ring???)
The final result of Melly's first one stroke five petals flower with the help of L
Close up. L also added two little pearls on my pinky and middle finger but sadly the one on the middle fell off within a few hours when i was helping Baby Boy putting his socks on T.T the other pearls are still intact though
I honestly think that Melly did a great job, especially for her first one stroke nail art! I really like the end result and i feel like it gives me a fake nails kind of look (in a good way)

Melly's attempts on fake nails
Not only the workshop is very cheap at IDR 150.000 (Melly booked her class from Disdus because Me-Nail often collaborates with them but you can always contact them personally for a workshop, L told me she's planning to have another workshop scheduled on September but i think you can persuade her to make time for them sooner if you're keen hehe), you would also get a voucher worth IDR 100.000 to be used on products!
So in the end it's like you're only paying IDR 50.000 for a 3 hours private class! How crazy is that??

Now if you're a very serious nail junkie, Me-Nail also have a few different courses (where you'd get a certificate and all if you pass!) you can take :

Number 3 and 4, the Folk Arts classes is the same as one stroke nail art and they have two courses for folk art. Each course would cost you IDR 2.000.000 for max of 10 meetings (3 hours each) with different materials each. There are other classes like Basic Course+Nail Art (Simple) and Nail Art, which are adviseable to take before you try your hands on the Folk Art, and there's also the 3D Design and Nail Extension class. 

FYI, L's really serious with her nail business (she's been in this industry for 5 years) that she took nail courses overseas. Now you don't have to go overseas to get a certificate and training for nail courses, look no further than Me-Nail (i overheard her convo with her manager once about their students that came from everywhere in the country, even overseas! How awesome is that?).
A pic of the Lady Boss in Me-Nail's Showroom/Workshop

L told me to choose some Crystal Nail polishes as a gift and i totally thought she meant one or two, but she shoved these color wheels and said "Take 6, no 8!" and my jaw just kinda dropped..

All the colors are really pretty though, how do you choose???
I ended up picking 8 colors and still puzzling over them, then i gave up and told her to choose for me (i'm thinking that i should get ones with different textures because i'd love to review them so it'd be great to cover all of the types they have, right?) and she kept on adding more and more bottles to the piles so i went home with a full box of the original Crystal Nail, each box fits for 12 bottles...
Yes, i got 12 nail polishes!
I would definitely review every single one of them (i'm gonna make a new, exclusive series for them!), and because L's been very generous with me, i decided to put up their button on this blog's bar to support them ^.^ (another button will be up soon of my other sponsor. If you have an online shop or something that you want us to help promote, you can contact us to the e-mail address on the right bar ^.^, we're lifestyle bloggers so there's more varieties of products that we would consider endorsing)

Here's some information and contacts of Me-Nail Nail Salon Supplier and Training Centre :
Address : Ruko Klampis Jaya 33D Surabaya
Phone : 031-2882 333
BB Pin : 22D7C1DF
Website :
Thank you dear cousin L for inviting me (i had a great time, 3 hours flew by very fast even though i basically did nothing but snap pictures, admiring pretty nail stuffs and chattering non stop! Do call me again whenever you need a nail model, i love free nail arts LOL) and for the very generous gift! All the best for my dear cousin and Me-Nail!

That's all i have for today, folks! Until next post!


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  1. berarti yg di klampis nggak ada salonnya? for mani and pedi ttp di TP? Penasaran ama Crystal nail polishnya. Berapaan? waiting for your swatch <3

    1. Iya yg d Klampis khusus showroom sama training centre aja :). Crystal Nails 75rb, lg disc 10% JD 60rb ajah. Sabar ya, soalnya aq kalo review 1 1 dan in depth gt so it's gonna take forever hehe

  2. Uwaaaaa, rampas satu hahahaaa postinganmu bikin aku pingin belanja 😭

    1. Hahahaha jgn d rampas belom d cobain sm skaliii LOL...
      Belanja winn, ada OS nya koq hahaha *racun*