What I Got on My Birthday

9:57:00 PM

Hey guys!

Originally i planned to post our Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Special Project with Clinique Event Report (whew, isn't it a mouthful?) but since #Undecided is every bit as OCD (and a control freak) as i am, she needs to take a look at the full post (which i finished literally minutes ago when she's no longer online) before letting me publish it, i decided to tend to my pile of pressing drafts needed attending to.

Since my actual birthday was last month and the last of the celebration was more than two weeks ago, i suppose everything regarding my birthday is in the "need to be posted ASAP" category *LOL*.

This time round i want to show you all the wonderful gifts that i (mostly, but there are some for hunny too hehe, i guess the older guys become the lesser the chance of them for geting any gifts except from their spouses, no? As in for girls, as long as they have their BFFs around, they will always be showered with pretty stuffs!) received on my bday!
Look at all those wonderful stuffs ^^... This does not include the main gifts that i got from my hunny (see what he got here in this post instead).

First let's rewind and see them uncovered hahaha...
There's just something about seeing multiples plastic bags that makes every shopaholic hearts goes thump thump thump :D!
First up, is the gift that my girls (with the top up from my hunny, *LOL*, it's every husband in our circle's responsibility to top up whatever amount still missing from the long-ago-established budget we pitched in) that as usual, i picked for myself.
These 2 pairs of uber kawaii booties ^^
I love booties (the short ones, i don't feel the tall ones) and found them to be very useful for my travels to colder countries (still contemplating whether to wear the mint or pink one for our upcoming trip next December ^^, i just gotta find a matching bag first!) as well as stylish and fun enough to wear locally *i used to be concerned about the stares, now as i got older, i don't care so much*. Gosh has three different colorways (the other one's yellow, uber cute too, i was super tempted to complete the collection, to be honest with you!), i got greedy and asked for my fave 2! Thanks girls, i love love love my new pastel booties!
Next is a gift from LL and her family, she's always very thoughtful and creative when it comes to presents! Every year she makes sure that hunny is always included. Once she gave us a long and huge pillow (that we still use) with decorative patches spelling our names, another year she gave us errr... some lingerie (her hubby said it's a gift for both hunny and i LOLOLOL) and undies >.<... And this year it's a couple's towels! With uber cute colors as well ^^. Very useful and adorable!
This Victoria Secret set is from O and MM. It's one of my favorite scent from this Victoria Secret's line, Love Spell-which happens to be #Undecided's hubby's fave too. You know i have an obsession with bath and body cares, so i couldn't be happier to recieve this!
Still on the same theme, we got this gigantic The Body Shop set from CL! It's seriously very big and heavy, okay! I spot some body butters in this, awesome! I would definitely use them on hunny (body butters are a bit too rich for my normal skin) and skip having to purchase them for a while now, yay!
I also got this sunnies, necklace, earrings and bracelets from Vincci, a gift from my cousin L! I love them, especially the sunnies! I used to own only one pair of sunnies that i wore everywhere, but nowadays i don't go traveling without purchasing a new pair *LOL*. I don't have a nude colored one yet so this is a very welcomed addition to my growing collection! Super love the dainty and pretty colored bracelet as well!

The next item is a gift from me for my hunny, which he chose for himself.
This is actually a thick, warm scarf from Zara Men. Hunny always chose some weird, boring (mostly gadget related) presents, but this time round i noticed him being attracted to those scarf at Zara Men but too cheap to buy them for himself (i honestly also wouldn't pay IDR 500.000 for a scarf, but this is a gift so it doesn't count!) so i offered to buy him one. It'll hopefully keep him warm and dapper on our December trip (yes, i cannot wait, as you probably can tell by the amount of time i mention it in one post!).

And the last item is still for hunny, and still from Zara!
This present is both from me and #Undecided because she also wanted to pitch in for something for hunny (because my BFF is awesome like that), Zara Silver perfume. I really like how it smells, and let's face it-when it comes to men scent, the most important factor is their women love it! Haha.

I am super stoked with all of my gifts and couldn't be more grateful for my generous friends (and family!). As much as i love being showered with wonderful stuffs, i always stress that it's "The thoughts that matters, not the material values".

Some weird people seems to think this kind of posts to be braggish and a chance for us to show off, which is weird and sickening. I don't need to explain myself but i'm doing this to document my life as well as sharing it with my nosey readers (i know i'm a nosey reader myself and love to nose around other people's presents!), so if you're thinking negatively about this post.. Go get a life, will ya?

I better wrap this up now, i'm super high from medication and would love nothing but to rest now.



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  1. Awwww foto terakhir keliatan beda banget loh,suka selfienyaaa..hihihi beda dari biasanyaaa

  2. wuii asiknya dapet kado banyak!!! :D

  3. wiihh, banyaknya..*.*

    gak bisa ngasih kado, ngasih ucapan aja deh.. SELAMAT ULANG TAHUN.
    sukses selalu.. makin cantik :*

  4. Wow! So many gifts! I realize now that I'm getting less gifts than I did when I was really younger. Presents now don't make me as happy as when I see my family happy and when everyone is healthy. Those are wonderful stuff! I particularly like the pink booties! I know you can style them well with pastel clothes.

    1. You're right! Of course i love gifts and all, but i see it more like a symbol of people's love and care for me ^^. Nothing else matters but my loved ones' health and happiness!

  5. Loh didalam box ada sexy Lingerie.. Birthday present for ur hubby.. Sexy u