National Pride Colors

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So here's the reason why Kathy and i dressed in our national flag's colors to attend Profira Special Gathering, we wanted to join BBlog's OOTD challenge (if you're like #Undecided who was horrified when she saw the deadline on the poster, don't be! It's been extended to 9th September so we weren't too late!) to celebrate our independence day last month :D! 

Every Indonesian knows that if you dress in solely red and white you're risking to be teased about looking like a flag, but since nation pride seems to get better lately-people actually consciously dress in red and white on the d day (17th August), me included, while it would be such a silly and tacky thing to do just a few years earlier (i don't know why it could be tacky to actually be proud of your nation. I always say "love your country, hate the government."!). 

So yeah, it's a little bit too late in terms of dressing up to the nation's colors, but when we were invited to that Profira event, the contest's deadline's been postponed and the first dress i found on my mountain of new clothes to use was this white lacey number-i knew it was fate. All i had to do next was to force Kathy to dress up as well so i didn't look like a crazy person on my own we can take each other's pictures at Artotel where the event was held!
My favorite shot by ms photographer (Kathy, of course) that you might already see on my IG (@Mgirl83)

#Undecided's position as my fave photog's in jeopardy!
Even Artotel's statues are red and white, it's totally fate!

After we're done taking outfit shots, we decided to snap more pics because Artotel's decors are way too cute to waste not to!
Like i said in the Profira's event report, i really like this statue/lamp!
Maybe even a little in love *LOL*
You know you're a cam-whore when you actually half crawled under the stair when you spot another cute statue to pose with....
Then it's time for some duo pics for the red and white couple hahaha

L helped us to take some pics, mostly were... LOL (don't kill me L!!!) but some are pretty nice :p
When bloggers spotted mirrors....
Then hunny arrived to pick me up and we asked him to take a more proper outfit pic for the two of us :

I would say that he is definitely well-trained now :p
Acting posey LOLOLOLOLOL
And a candid pic
I hope Kathy wouldn't kill me for posting that pic!!! LOL. I mean... I hate crazy candid pics but that one is seriously hilarous! And i've received enough complains about my stern/non-smiling face in all of my pictures *sigh* *it's bad enough that i am considering writing a whole blog post to explain why i don't smile in pictures* so to prove that i am actually an extremely happy person who never stops laughing and smiling, i decided to post that candid pic taken when i was not ready *and haven't managed to pull my stern face*.

Outfit and make up detail :
Accessories of the day-i cannot remember where i got the bracelet from (probably online) or the necklace (either online or some local department store) but the rings and earrings were from a jewelry set i got on a crazy sale from Diva (going from over IDR 120.000 or something to IDR 30.000! For 5 rings and 5 pairs of earrings! Score! Btw, i totally thought Diva's closing down by going on a crazy sale even for the normal priced products, but it seems like they have new arrivals recently! Still on 50% off!)
I also knew i wanted to wear a color appropriate headband, totally forgot that i even have this (brand new with tags on them, i have like... 50 or 70 of new headbands >.<) but it's so perfect! Red and white! No idea where i got it, probably Stroberi/Bunga
My current obsession : Jelly shoes and lacey socks. Yes, i still want the neon pink version :(...
Can't forget some mirror selfies... I actually snapped a LOT but my mirrors are super dirty ATM *sigh* so the pictures were mostly unpublishable!
White Lace Dress : Sogo Department Store (on a huge sale. I think it was Chic Simple)
Red Obi : Old, don't remember at all!
White Transparent Socks : Uniqlo

Glittery Jelly Shoes : IG Seller
Red Bag : Fossil

I knew i was going to have a long day (went to the Church *no, it didn't rain* after the event followed with some outing to GM with Baby Boy and watched Hercules with hunny-it was just okay. I was out for almost 12 hours!) so i decided to use my currently most trusted foundation : Simply Stay by Mustika Ratu (click here for in-depth review). As you know, none of the liquid foundation shade matches my skin so i decided to mix the two color that are the closest to my skin tone :
Smoothie Yellow and Pearly White
It's still not perfect, with the two combined the color was still a bit too yellow and dark for my skin, but better! I also didn't forget to apply the moisturizer to help my makeup last the whole day (i only had to blot twice in the whole 12 hours and no touch up at all except for lipstick!).
My Ipad Mini's better for taking selcas *LOL*, a close look on the makeup
Yes, i used camera 360, sue me! LOL
Products used :
-C/o Simply Stay by Mustika Ratu Moisturizer (Normal to Oily Skin)
-C/o Simply Stay by Mustika Ratu Liquid Foundation (mixed of Smoothie Yellow and Pearly White)
-C/o Simply Stay by Mustika Ratu Compact Powder
-C/o Simply Stay by Mustika Ratu Stick Foundation as concealer
-Clinique All About Eyes Concealer
-E.l.f Eye Primer
-Daiso glittery eyeshadow palette (can you believe it's currently my favorite eye shadow? And i never had favorite eye shadows before!)
-Mai Doll Black Liquid Eyeliner
-Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara
-Unbranded blue eye shadow as waterline liner 
-C/o Collection Glam Crystal Dazzling Gel Liner in Glitz
-ZA Blush On
-Esprique Precious Double Shine Face Powder
-Winnie the Pooh Vanilla Lip Balm (YEP, it's for kids alright!)
-Maybelline Color Sensational Moisture Extreme Lipcolor in BR41 Windsor Rose (my current favorite red lipstick!)

I had soooo much fun doing the silly little photoshoot and really satisfied with the results, it doesn't even matter if we win (we very rarely did anyway *LOL*)! Shall we dress matchy matchy again on our next meeting, Kathy? Maybe we should do photo shoots more often and turn gear into fashion bloggers *LOL*.
I think L was really offended when we said she took horrid pics so she insisted on snapping more silly pics of us using her phone-then made this! Thanks cozkie, love it!

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  1. It's so cool to dress up with the colors of your country's flag. It's showmanship of being nationalistic and being creative at the same time. The jelly shoes and lacy socks look so cute!

    1. Yes, i agree! And yes, jelly shoes and lacy socks-i am obsessed!