Sports Bra : Yay or Nay?

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Okay so the title is probably a bit startling for my loyal readers, why on earth do i suddenly talk about sports bra *LOL*...

And yes, i  probably should be one of the last person to lecture you about bras. I wear my old and comfortable bras forever (seriously) because i hate the feeling of new bras (and i hate the extra pads. Weird since i definitely need them to actually look like a woman, but i really enjoy being a flat as a board lady :p. So save your pancake jokes because nobody can make fun of my flatness better than me!) but in all seriousness, sports bra is a must have for every woman (who works out).

As you most probably knows, i do yoga.
I don't know about you, but i HATE working out wearing regular bras (in all honesty, i really dislike bras in general, so restricting! Hence my apprehension on buying new bras *LOL* i do that every year for CNY because new undies are a must in our family every CNY!) because you know, they ride up when you do weird position (and you do a lot of different ones when you do yoga) and dig uncomfortably into your skin. At the moment this is what i wear underneath my tee shirts whenever i go for yoga :
Yep, that's a cropped workout top (and the black thingy are pads in case of the visible nips!). #Undecided's and i's old workout place require us to wear those cropped tanks and yoga pants to make sure we do the right movements (and no self conscious problems because it was a female only class and most of the women in that class looked worse than me :p) and when it closed down (due to the only instructor/owner's failing health), we moved on to yoga and i (the thrifty person that i am) just continue to wear those cropped tanks for support.
My usual getup for yoga, please excuse the *cough* came toe-it's kinda unavoidable when you're wearing track/yoga pants!
But of course, it is not perfect. There are the negatives of wearing workout tops as bras like these :
1. The pads move around, sometimes to a degree where it almost falls out (admittedly it probably only haunts flatsies like me).
2. Sometimes after a vigorous workout, your arms are too sore to even lift up your clothes, let alone a very fitted cropped top that hugs your chest and become even more restrictive when soaked with your sweat.
3. I often lose one side of the pads in my massive wardrobe and as and OCD person, it's really making me MAD!
4. The pads often got our of shape after a few washes, giving you a serious case of wrinkly chests.
5. Some of my workout crop tanks have details in the back (like a bow) and it's unusable for yoga because i layer them with tees (hey, our yoga instructor is a dude!) and we do a lot of poses, the bow becomes very disturbing and even painful when we do lay down poses!

So, i've been thinking of investing in sports bra lately! I think the benefit of sports bras are really obvious already, but in case you're totally clueless lemme just summarize some of them for you :
1. Super support (especially for those who have bigger pairs than me!)
2. The girls don't bounce (well yeah, even though i am flat, my girls still bounce and it's really painful during PMS!)
3. Easy exercise (that's totally the point, obvi)
4. Super comfort (hmmmm, i would buy a dozen just for that!)
5. Temp control (great especially for those who live in tropical countries like us!)
6. No Sweat (this is important too, i have sensitive body skin and trapped sweat makes me break out in rashes!)
7. Storage capacity (oh yeah, anything to minimize storing space is heaven sent for hoarders like me!).
(all points taken from this source)

So... Sports bra? Yay or nay? Definitely YAY!!! I think i'm gonna start hoarding now *oh no!*.

I don't know about you but i find bra shopping to be quite boring, if you're as lazy as me (given that you already know your bra size okay!) then what's better than online shopping? This is where Zalora comes in! I'm sure most of you've heard about Zalora before? The online shopping website that has many choices for both male and female fashion, including sports bra! As for me, the one sports bra that caught my eyes? Of course it's gotta be pink!
What about you? Do you wear proper sports bra when you work out?


(This post is written in collaboration with Zalora)

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  1. yes i would wear a proper sports bra when i go running or yoga. it gives a good support and movement m

  2. Waah when I do yoga I just wear normal bra. I don't know the difference on how it feels when wearing sports bra. With pads moving around you said, I think it won't be comfortable.

    1. Hehe but the ones i've been using are not proper sports bra, they're more like a cropped top hehe. I think the real sports bra have the proper insertion for the pads so it'll stay in place?