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Heyyyy... :D!!!

Hope everybody had a great weekend and not too blue that it's practically Monday already (for some of us, anyway)! I had a wonderful weekend so i'm not too pissed that it's time to say see ya later again (yes, i'm aware that i don't really work, but whatever :p). 

Anywayyy... As you might already know, i received a voucher for a free Ozon Ultra Facial treatment at Profira after attending their Special Gathering, i'm really overdue for a facial so it didn't take me long before i went and made a full use of it :).
Went to Profira at Manyar Kertoarjo No. 72, Surabaya (they have another branch in the West)
Kathy didn't want to use her voucher so i happily took my mum to accompany me :D. And of course i decided to review my experience as a thank you for Profira's generosity :).

As soon as we stepped into the spacious building, we were greeted with their front office staffs.
Who after a while recognized me as the blogger who attended their event :), it was nice to be greeted with such warmth
We were asked to fill in our informations
I've been to their HR. Muhammad branch before for their previous event (but even then i only managed to see their lobby and event area) but it was my first time to the Manyar Kertoarjo branch so i took the liberty to snap some pictures of the place to let you know how it looks like.
Front area
Cashier. Then i saw a mood board and casually snap pictures without paying any attention to it, but later on when my mum made her payment (she decided to take up some extra treatments) i took a better look
And realized that it's actually consisting coverage pictures of their Gathering, including lots of pictures from this blog! I was quite pleasantly surprised and flattered, but i honestly would've been even happier if they'd let me know or at least put up a link of our blog to let people know where those pictures came from :)
They'd give you tokens to rate their services afterward, FYI i rated them Excellent!
Our treatment room was on the second floor so i just snapped a pic at the front area of the first floor area
There's their pharmacy to get your products at
The doctors who are practicing, i recognized three names :D
Going up to the second floor
Totally loving this area
Second floor full of treatment rooms
Snap pic of the sitting area on the first floor
Soft purple wallll *LOVE!*
Our treatment room
I was quite happy that without me having to ask for the treatment room for two, they already arranged the right kind of room! A for attentiveness! The room was clean, comfortable and very spacious. The beauty therapist that handled my mum (i think her name is Ratna while my therapist was Henny) welcomed us and thoughtfully asked whether the air conditioner was at the right temperature already. My mum and i both cannot stand cold so we asked her to lower the temperature and she quickly obliged. 

She also took care of my mum's requests (FYI my mum's quite fussy, she has vertigo and laying flat down causes her to get dizzy so she kept on asking for more pillow to support her back, and she go to the toilet at least three times during every facial *LOL*. I knew taking my mum to a facial/any treatment is a good way to measure the service's rate!) like a pro, never losing her cool, another A for services!
Double sink, double mirror
Some fancy machines
Profira also provide disposable tube top that's too transparent to take a pic of while wearing it *LOL* and sponge. You can bring the sponge home (i almost did because it's such a beautiful shade of pink but then i came to my senses, i would just let it lay there on the sink to rot *LOL*. If you don't want it they'd throw it out, no re-use here!)
And wrapped tools. I totally forgot to ask if it's sterilized or totally new?
I was intrigued by that goggles
Turned out they were magnifying glasses therapists used when doing extraction! No wonder the extraction was EXTRA thorough!
There are hangers to hang your clothes so they wouldn't be wrinkled
A close up look of the treatment bed that's very comfortable and i really love that they provide the thick blankie, i always got very cold on my feet when i'm getting facials and here i could just snuck my feet in the blankie and be warm as a toast
Before the facial i snapped some pics of my bare face to show you the state of my skin
It's not so bad
Loads of blackheads and whiteheads needed taking care of though
Bare face selfie with my mummy taken from my IG @Mgirl83
The therapist started the treatment by spraying an antibacterial spray on our hands :
So even though we accidentally touch our face during facial our face would still be bacteria free hehe
First step : cleansing
This was the very first time i ever try Ozon Ultra Facial but my mum did it all the time in a few other clinics (this was her first time in Profira as well) so i didn't know the steps-here after they cleansed your face thoroughly they used this microdermabration machine to lift up dead skin cells and comedos on the surface (the ones on the inner layer of the skin still need normal manual extraction).
The microdermabration machine
I won't lie to you, the strong suctions did hurt a little bit, but still tolerable. It left our skin very red and raw :p
Then the therapist put on some scrub concoction and then steam our face up to prepare our pores for extractions.
Afterward she scrubbed them all of and gave me a very long, soothing massage. I must tell you something, i really cannot stand massages but apparently i CAN enjoy facial massages! It felt super soothing and i really like the sensation *LOL*. They also massaged my neck, chest and back-people who love massages would definitely love this but i almost screamed out in pain *LOL*. I'm a wimp, i know.
Next is detox! After applying this cream/paste
Then they put on this aluminum foil mask on! I think i look hilarous, like an ape. Well, robot ape
LOLOLOLOL my mum looked like a robot
The therapist offered my mum a neck and eye treatment that can be done at the same time as the facial and my mum always get those treatments whenever she goes for a facial so she said yes. I was offered the same thing (and a few other things) but i really just wanted to experience the Ozon Ultra Facial only to see the full effect without any addition for a fair and thorough review so i said no. I'm gonna be completely honest here and admit that being asked repeatedly to top up my (free) treatment made me feel a little uncomfortable...

Other than that i believe i have nothing to complain about. The next step was extraction and of course it was painful (that's why i always scoff whenever people call facial a pampering session *LOL*, but it's so worth taking the pain for the result!) but bearable (although i did shed a lot of tear without meaning to do so and had my therapist apologizing profusely even though she didn't do anything wrong *LOL*. I wouldn't want it any other way!). I was left with extremely red and rash attacked looking face but i really LOVE it because i realize it's the cleanest my skin has ever been in a LONG LONG time! I believe she tackled every single comedo i had! Not a spot was left! Amazing :)!
Yes my face was lobster red and looks swollen, my therapist went and ask if that's how i usually react to a facial (i think she was a bit worried) and i said yeah, don't worry about it haha. The redness diminished in the evening and i look normal as fast as the next day. My face did feel very raw and sensitive for about three days and the therapist told me to use anti-irritation creams on my face for two days and of course i obliged so all's good! 

Oh yeah, the therapist mentioned my huge pores and suggested i go for a laser treatment to minimize the size, i'm very intrigued to do so but since it'd involve laser and some pain... Well... I'd really need a long time to mentally prepare myself. And i prefer to remove my moles first if (it's not even a when) i finally gain my courage to do a laser treatment so... I dunno when (okay, if)  i'll ever do it haha.
Next is HF (which i am familiar with, i really dislike the scent they gave out, it scares me a bit because of the noises it made haha) to eliminate bacteria and lessen the redness
Then, mask time!
It was the full mask that turns rubbery once it dries out, if you're claustrophobic like my mum don't worry-you can ask them to not cover your eyes and mouth-but where's the fun in that? Haha
Then we had an oxygen spray to give nutrition to your skin
Spray spray
After the therapist applied some anti-irritation cream and sunblock, it's a wrap! They even provided some Ozone water for you to drink for a thorough treatment, for both outside and inside!
It smelled bad but since it's good for you, i held my breath and chugged it down-prepare some candies to eliminate the after taste though!
My after-facial face. Don't worry, i look absolutely back to normal just a few hours later
The Ozone Ultra Facial costs IDR 390.000 (which we got for free, awesome! Thank you again, Profira!), Intensive Eye Lifting Treatment is IDR 195.000 and Intensive Neck Treatment is IDR 175.000 (Disclaimer : my mum got the Ozone Ultra Facial treatment for free by using our vouchers but she paid for the other treatments for herself)
Since my mum is used to Ozone facials, she was able to judge the pricing fairly and she thinks the price is very normal, not too expensive at all! She loved the treatment and services so much that she actually asked me if we should move from our usual clinic to Profira from now on :). 

As for me, i thoroughly enjoyed the treatment (including the pains haha), and i really really love how clean my skin afterward (and still is, it's very visible especially around my nose!)-and the Ozone treatment left my skin feeling EXTREMELY silky smooth and supple, love it!

The Ozone treatment that we got was the brightening type, i asked the therapist if it's suitable for acne prone skin as well and she kindly explained to me that there are three types of Ozone Ultra Facials : brightening, anti acne and anti aging. So there's a suitable Ozone treatments for every skin concerns!

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience in Profira and highly recommend this for everybody who are looking to try out Ozone Ultra Facial!

I feel bad spamming you with my ugly pics so i'm going to leave you with a nice selfie, to remind you that i can look presentable when i put some war paint on *LOL*!
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  1. wuihh, cepet juga cece review nya :/
    aku masih maju mundur soale tkt sakit soro kena jerawatku :(
    nice review ce, enak ya ada yg bisa ambilin gambar, hihi >.<

    1. Haha, abis nyobain ya lsg pgn review... Coba aja tny bs dpt yg tipe Acne ngga...

  2. Wahh asiknya dapet nice treatment sama Mama tercinta ;)

  3. Wow service in this facial center must be really top-notch. Their staffs have a lot of patience in assisting and granting requests of customers. I've experienced facials like this before and it's not totally painless.

    1. Yes, it was quite painful (i leaked so much tears that my therapist kept on apologizing haha) but totally worth it!