Event Report : Profira Member Gathering

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Hellow everybody!

Like i promised yesterday, here's a (very extensive) story about how my Saturday afternoon was spent ^.^.

Last week i got an e-mail from Christine from Profira inviting me to their special gathering in Artotel at 11.30. Since Christine mentioned that i could bring my community (meaning my friends and fellow bloggers!), i asked my cousin L and her friend Wynne (who's Thai, so i wasn't sure she understood 95% of what the MC and doctors talked about but she saw the demos, right Wynne?), as well as Kathy. I also posted the notice in Surabaya Beauty Bloggers group in FB (Profira was kind enough to let me bring 10 people with me!) but i'm guessing the notice was a bit too short and most of my fellow bloggers still work in Saturday so sadly only two other bloggers could attend beside Kathy and i.
L, Wynne, Kathy and i. There's a reason why Kathy and i dressed like our national flag...
The theme of the day is Forever 20, they are introducing their Profira Total Lift procedure to turn your skin to 20 year old's skin ^^!
I must be honest that i got a bit shamelessly excited when i heard that the event was held at Artotel, a uniquely artsy decorated hotel that i've passed many times but never entered and it provided us with a perfect setting for our little photoshoot later, so double thank you Profira :D...

I instantly liked the homey, relaxing atmosphere that the hotel's lobby gave but didn't have enough time to snap pictures of the lobby (which we more than make up later when taking outfit pics!).
Only this one. That's the MC right there in the sofa, when i uploaded this pic i realized that he was staring at my camera... was he posing???
Because Yendy (who invited me to their previous event) spotted me and greeted me immediately (Christine was there too and turned out she knew L... Small world, eh?).
And ushered us (L and Wynne picked me up so we could go to Artotel together) to Roca Restaurant-where the whole shebang went down-to register and receive a nice goodie bag and then introduced me to some of the doctors that was going to do the demo
The little restaurant has a very hip, trendy and friendly vibe. Lovely! Can you spot the other two bloggers, Widya and Nessya waving from the bloggers' table? (Yes, as my guest L and Wynne had to sit at the bloggers' table and got mistaken as bloggers plenty of times during the event :p)
The setting of the Total Lift Demo, look at the graffiti style stairs! Pretty awesome!
I can't take my eyes off this cute lamp (and later, cam-who with it :p)
There's also a patio if you prefer to dine outdoor
I've been attending quite a few events in this past year and i must add that Profira did a great job, some companies wouldn't bother giving my "plus one" a goodie bag if they're not a blogger but this time round both L and Wynne were also handed goodie bags (with very nice contents, i must add!), a total plus point for Profira's team for being so generous!
L posing with her goodie bag happily
The MC welcoming all of the guests and starting the event. He introduced all of the doctors that did demos that day (I'm not even going to pretend i know which one is which, i am horrible with names and i better call them all doctors instead of mixing them up) Dr. Fifin, Dr. Ruth and Dr. Novita
I do remember Dr. Fifin though (i hope i do!)
The demo of that day was Profira's Total Lift, which i already wrote in details in this post so i'm not yap too much about the procedure itself (please click the link to the previous post if you're interested to read the details about this procedure), but in short Profira Total Lift is a non-invasive procedure using special medical threads (that would dissolve into your system after a period of time, estimated for 6-8 month to a year) that's inserted under your facial skin to lift them up and give a younger, fresher appearance. 
The thread lift stimulates collagen growth (the straight thread, in specific) and tighten slack skin from the lifting effect
They have a few different types of threads (straight, toothed and one that if i'm not mistaken is called happy thread??) that are used according to your skin's need
OMG so sorry for snapping this not very flattering pic of yours, dear doctor!
What i really liked about Profira's doctors attitude towards their patience is their "It's better to under correct than over correct" motto, they believe when you do less you can always touch up where it run short, whereas when you overdone in a procedure there's really no going back (except waiting for the effect to run out for these non permanent procedures, which would take up to a year!). In Profira, each patient would have to have extensive consultations with the doctors before doing any procedure so they can determine what work's need to be done. They will not push you to do unnecessary procedures (just to gain profit) but steer you to the right direction and get what you really need only.
The doctor with the patient/model of the day
This is the BEFORE
Starting with anesthesia injections
Inserting the threads (two threads were used on each sides, four in total. The number of threads used on each side may vary)
Can you see how the doctor's gently pulling the thread to lift the skin?
Yes, the black thingy the doctor was holding on was the thread. They wouldn't cut the threads immediately after insertion because they would adjust the thread until it sits on a perfect position. It's a lot like art, really!
The right side (left from your position) was immediately lifted, compare it to the left side which hadn't been touched yet! Pretty amazing!
While the good doctor's completing the procedure, the MC started to announce the lucky door prize winners
Third winner
Second winner
And the first winner. They all received different values of MAP vouchers (OMG! So jealous *LOL*!) and more Profira vouchers (i think. I honestly can only remember the MAP vouchers >.<)
Back to the result! AFTER both sides had been lifted! Looking much fresher and younger immediately! Since most faces in this world are not 100% symmetrical, the result of thread lifting might look slightly different side to side at first (because of the different degree of skin saggy-ness on each side) but it'll settle after a few weeks! Just remember to be extra gentle with your facial skin for 3 weeks! Nothing extreme! (I'm pretty sure bungee jumping is out of the question...)
After the total lift procedure, to perfect the patient/model's new youthful look the doctor continued with some filler for the patient/model's under eyes area.
The doctor gently massaging the under eye to even out and sculpt the filler into place
The right (again, left from your side) eye immediately looked bigger, more awake and fresher compared to the other eye!
On to the next side
Seeing this kind of procedure is not as scary as it once before, but maybe because seeing needles going in those areas are not as scary as say, nose (seriously, nose filler procedure still freaks me out the most)...
Looking so much younger and more radiant, aunty!
While watching the demo, we also had some nice buffet lunch at Roca Restaurant. Of course, bloggers must be bloggers and we snapped lots of pics of the restaurant as well...
Wonder if the black and white figurines are salt and pepper shakers or just decorations? Totally caught my eyes...
L, who had been whining about being starving immediately tucked in *LOL*
The only missing element of the lunch would be lack of coffee... LOL. I mean, you can order them yourself if you're desperate but i thought it might seem disrespectful... One thing that should be considered when having an event is... Bloggers are night owls *LOL*, most of us (especially the full time ones) work at night so any event under 5 PM? The beverage of choice would be coffee! LOL
Kathy scooping some dessert. There's another little station (mini dim sum) that i didn't manage to snap pic of because i was too embarrassed. People were staring already, i imagine most aunties who were on attendance might not even know what bloggers means (and must be baffled why we took so many pics!)-i mean... My mum never knew what blogger means until i became one!
Ohh, pretty colored ice cream! Not sure if they're part of the buffet though *LOL*
My lunch
After the demo was finished they did a shorter demo (of thread lifting) on another, much younger (probably my age? Could be older, could also be younger since young people nowadays seems to look much older than me *LOL*) patient (she just wanted to keep/define her V-shape instead of lifting because her skin definitely needed no lifting yet). I did snap a few pics before scampering off to take outfit pictures with Kathy and L (seriously L snapped horrible pics *LOL*, i guess bloggers are photographers by practice because when Kathy and i take turns snapping each other... The result is pretty awesome-if i may say so myself! L's quite offended though *LOLOLOL*)-which i will blog about next, but that means that i missed on the AFTER result so i decided not to post pictures of her here *sorry* because it'd be incomplete....
We left Nessya to guard our goodie bags *LOL*, she looked kinda lost here :))
Nessya, Widya, Kathy, moi, L, Wynne
Last but not least, goodie bag show off!
Pretty pouch (Yendy actually picked this color for me, i wonder if she matches it with my outfit? LOL) and travel sized The Body Shop toilettries (Shea Shower Cream, Shea Whip Body Lotion and a very adorable tiny bath lily!)
Not only that, Christine also passed me some vouchers for free treatments for the bloggers! Kathy's not into facials though and she told me to have her voucher, so i'm bringing my mum for a pampering session (if you can call facial a pampering session, that is), i hate going for facials alone (i got another voucher from another clinic but ended up giving it to my mum because i just can't deal with going for a solo facial as well as taking pictures for review purposes!) and i intend to do a review on the facial so it'll be easier if there's someone else there that i can take a pic of heehee :p!
I want to thank Profira for having me (and letting me bring many friends :D) on their fun event and for the generous gifts! Thank you Christine for the invitation!


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  1. Wah kali ini isi goody bag nya oke ya *-*
    Anyway I apparently missed your notice about this event on the group ce T.T
    Btw ini thread-lifting sama kayak yg event kmrn kah?

    1. Iya, kayaknya Profira's team baca artikel2 ttg event sebelumnya dan took a note :D.
      Iya sama koq, kan Profira Perfect Lift...

  2. The ice cream looks gorgeous and yunmmy! ^_^

    1. Phaniieeee knp malah focus ke ice cream nyaaa :))) tp emg cakep warnanya yaaa

  3. Cece aku kayak anak hilang, but nice post ce. Hihi