Me-Nail Exclusive 03 : Crystal Nail H6 (SPONSORED)

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Hellow hellow :D!

Time for Crystal Nail review number 3! And that's this yellowish gold sparkly number :
Crystal Nail H6
And no, i didn't choose this color randomly (because i don't choose my nail colors randomly, doh!)-i chose it because this was my Makassar's wedding (my cousin's) nails! I already prepared a black dress with a complete set of black and gold accessories, which means my nails has to be gold as well... Right? (coz my nails are definitely part of my accessories) Yeah, i had the whole look set up and then just a day before our (extremely early, i must add) flight CL messaged me that the relatives' dress code was blue. Dang T.T... My careful plan down the drain (but imma use the whole set for #Undecided's little *he's obviously not little anymore hahaha* brother's wedding later this month so, yay!)! I still ended up with gold nails since it's the only nail polish i brought with me (and because i still wore all the black and gold accessories anyway).
Again, i wouldn't talk about the packaging because i already said it all in my first Crystal Nail review
It's nice that my third review is for their glittery type after the gel-effect and the glossy shimmery one, you know how much i love variety hahaha
Crsytal Nail in shade H6 is a sheer yellow based polish with combinations of tiny golden and chunky silver glitters. I only used a few other color-based glitter nail polish before (most of my glitter polishes are the top coat variety) and i must say it's pretty convenient, you don't need to use any other colored base and just slap it on for a beautiful, blingy nails!
One coat of H6 on top of my HG Revlon Top Speed (i decided not to bother with my other crappy top coats coz i know i wouldn't have much time to do my nails and i was right!)
One coat was very sheer, almost completely transparent. The glitters were also not very dense and packed, but if you love your glitters like i do-don't worry! You shouldn't stop at one coat anyway and it became a lot more blingy after a few more coats hehe. H6 dries VERY rapidly, it's one of the fastest nail polish that i've ever tried and i really love that even though obviously the glitters wouldn't make you nails feels very smooth (like normal glossy polishes) they also didn't make your nails very gritty/bumpy. That'd ensure that the glitters would stay put (even without top coat) and won't snag on your clothes like cheap glitter nail polishes would.
2 coats of H6
With the second coat, H6's glitters started to look more packed and the base color less transparent. It still dried very rapidly after the second coat. If you want to go for a more subtle nails (but then why would you go for disco glitters in the first place??) then you can stop on the second coat. I really like my nails to be super blingy so i added a third coat.
3 coats of H6
With the third coat, i finally get the opacity that i wanted (you can still see my nail bed slightly though, but it's not a problem for me) and also the right density of the glitters that i coveted (i'd say it makes my nails look quite merry hehe). I didn't have to dab and pack on the glitters myself to make it look like the pictures above, i just painted it on casually like any other nail polish. The brush picks up the right amount of glitters and they're fairly well spread. I usually have problem drying off my nail polish if i use more than two coats, but H6 really dries at the speed of lighting. I took a nap right after my nail was done and usually it'd mean disaster-sheet marks on my nails or thumb prints... But not a single problem arose with H6! The third coat also dried off as speedily as the previous two, awesome!
Final result, after base coat, 3 coats of H6 and a top coat
All of the step by step (or must i say, coat by coat? LOL) pictures above were taken in a very badly lighted hotel room with a table lamp directly above my hands. For a fairer judgement i also took another picture the next morning with the natural sunlight shining brightly from the hotel room's huge windows.
Crystal Nail in H6 is a beautiful yellow-golden glitter nail polish which is awesome for a blinged effect (my favorite party nails are golden, i dunno why! For me golden nails just scream lux and class *LOL*) nails, great for getting pretty party nails in a flash (easy to apply, impossible to mess up and dries at the speed of light. Okay, i'm slightly exaggerating the last part, but still). I personally prefer a less yellow kind of polish and would love it more if it's darker gold, but it's still pretty in its own right! And after three coats of H6, my nails still feel quite damn smooth for a glittery polish i really didn't have to worry about the glitters flaking off!

And oh it also last forever! Okay forever in a nail polish's world means more than a week, it just started to chip off very slightly (around the base) on the 8th day. Glittery nail polish with lighter color means you can get away with slightly chipped nails without anyone noticing *LOL*. I was so lazy i didn't remove the polish for about two weeks and it didn't look so bad! Removing them was a real B of course, but what do you expect from glitter nail polish anyway?
Me camwhoring with my nails on the morning part of Odang's wedding (yep, that's my cousin's nickname, no idea what it means haha)
And one for the evening look (for the reception). Yep, i was wearing my black lace top again to layer on my blue dress (i will do a separate post for the look)
I would highly recommend Crystal Nail in H6 in particular for those who are looking for pretty golden glitter nail polish for a glam look that is very low maintenance, idiot proof and last very long.

Not recommending it for those who wants a more golden tone/hates yellowish gold tone. And those who hates glitters, like obviously. Other than that nobody'd complain about this nail polish!

And what's more awesome is this very high quality nail polish is sold for only IDR 60.000 (original price IDR 75.000 but they have an indefinite 10% off!) at Me-Nail! It lasts longer than other glitter nail polishes twice the price of this one! A total must have for nail polish junkies!
Last selfie for this post :p. I really love how my makeup turned out that night even though i panicked when i applied my falsies and had to redo the eye shadow a few times whenever i smear some falsies glue on my lids! And also even though the inner edge of my right falsies started to gap in the middle of the reception *sigh*. I already used a more "proper" glue than my usual Daiso one, but it still sucks!!! It's confirmed, i suck at applying falsies *cries desperately*
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Until my next Crystal Nail review and have a great weekend!


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