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I've noticed that a lot of Indonesian beauty bloggers been sponsored/reviewing Off with Those Heads by B.liv lately, and even though (sadly *LOL*) i am not one of them, i actually been a loyal user of Off with Those Heads for almost a year now! I've known all about B.liv years ago when they just started to get recognized in Singapore and always wanted to try it out, but to be completely honest with you-the hefty price tag and my skeptical tendency of products that claims to minimize pores and blackheads held me back, until i tried this trial pack :
No, the trial pack is not for sale (at least not that i know of), i got it from a Singapore magazine that my Singaporean aunt bought for me. FYI, it's a kickass trial kit with great products inside, that's one of the thing that i envy from overseas magazines-their awesome freebies! I often turn green with envy when those British bloggers share stories of their magazine freebies that are often worth more than 3-4 times of the magazine's price! And they give out freebies (i love the makeups, of course) without ever having tou up their magazine's price, unlike Indonesian magazines *grumbles*. Even with shitty freebies they'd raise their prices like crazy. But i digress...

First, let me tell you a little bit about the company (Cellnique) that i learned while doing some online research prior to blog about this. It's a Malaysian skin care company that was founded in 1996 (hey, i was 13 *LOL*. Some of you might not been born yet, even... *grumpy*) and launched their mass market brand Cellnique Pro-Series in 2005-which later rebranded as B.liv that we know and love now.

Anyway, after resisting the hype of B.liv (yes, they have quite a cult following, i believe) i was finally able to try them out through this trial pack, so i have heard and loved long before they even start popping up in other Indonesian blogs-they're just queuing up in my "to-review" list, which as we all know is as long as Yang Tze river. If you leave it to me i'd probably review this no faster than next year, but i felt a bit left out and panicky when i saw all those other reviews so i'm speeding this up *LOL*.

Lots of B.liv products are made especially for people with oily skin and or who has lots of black/whiteheads, from that alone i should've known they are heaven sent for my skin :p.
Look at those testimonials about them, sounds too good to be true-or at least that's what i thought when i first saw them. I was so skeptical i hoard them for about a year before i finally used them (don't worry, not expired yet :p) and almost kicked myself in the head for not doing it sooner! (and how amazing was is that they even have a money back guarantee???)
Those are what's inside the trial pack : 3 sheet masks and two deluxe samples of Off with Those Heads and Oil Leviate
This is the Off with Those Heads sample, i totally missed taking picture of the front by its own, sorry! As the name already strongly suggested, it's targeted to eliminate black (and white) heads
The sample was not big, about the size of my thumb and contained 3ml of products
Consistency was thick but kinda runny clear gel (i hope you understand what i mean! It's thick as in not water like, but runny as in it would drip  if you hold it upside down), it'd turn watery after a while and while you apply it on your face. You're supposed to use them every morning and night after cleansing, but you know i don't use products on my face in the morning so i only use it at night. You're also only supposed to use it on you T-zone, but i love the result so much i began using it all over my face-where i get white and blackheads-after a while.

I really love the cooling sensation it gave when you applied it (i read at the manual that you might feel a little tingling and minty sensation on your skin which is normal and only means that it's working, but i didn't experience it with the sample-i did however, experience it with my full bottle. Yes, i have a full sized product too and it's 75% finished by now!), it also leaves my skin feeling matte and super silky afterward. They also said that your skin might react by producing more oil in the first few usage, and i did experienced that. I woke up with a scarily oily face on the first use, but it gets better as fast as the next day.

I actually noticed some result after my FIRST use, can you believe that (pun intended)? I unconsciously rub my chin (where i have the most whiteheads) and i was very surprised when i felt dead skin came off, with whiteheads in them! I continued rubbing and my chin was immediately whitehead-free! I had a few bigger blackheads that usually would require crazy squeezing to clean them up, after i used Off with Those Heads, they pop out with the gentlest squeeze! I freaked out and instantly announced that i am in LOVE! LOL. 

I was worried that the effect might be temporary, but it just keeps getting better everyday! I managed to squeeze out every little drip of the product out of the little bottle and used it for a whole 14 days and i really regret that i didn't take any before and after picture! It's making a whole world of difference! Not only my skin (especially around my nose area, where i have endless blackheads. I definitely used to have what people call strawberry nose!) became cleaner and i have less black/whiteheads, it's also becoming very easy to remove what i have left efficiently. After 14 days of usage i even notice how my previously hugely porous nose's skin is now greatly reduced! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

This are what they claim to do :
• Removes blackheads and whiteheads
• Keeps acne under control
• Controls oil
• Unclogs pores
• Provides a gentle exfoliation
• Has soothing and hydrating properties 

I would say YES YES YES to every point! I have less acne for sure (i don't get them much in the first place but now even the rare ones becomes even rarer!!!), my skin is less oily (still very oily, but definitely not as bad as how it used to be) but not dehydrated! My pores are totally less clogged and like how i experienced in the first use, it gave a very gentle exfoliation! It's absolutely soothing and hydrating as well! I used to have a very complex skin care steps that i sometimes get too lazy to do, but with  Off with Those Heads i feel like i get what my skin needs only with one product and it's so pleasant to apply that i never even feel tempted to skip it!

Like every sample reviews that i've done, i always ask myself one question : was it good enough to make me want to buy the full sized product? The answer is HELL YEAH! Like i said, i already have a full sized one that i #Undecided bought me (it's a gift! I do have the best BFF ever!) when she went for a company outing to KL. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it (i'm not done raving about this product, i might even write another full review on this product!) and now i've asked my mum who's going to Singapore next week to get me another bottle! I don't have a lot of product/brand loyalty, but i am pledging my loyalty to Off with Those Heads! Definitely a Holy Grail product for me!

Off with Those Heads can be purchased by Indonesians already (as well as their other products) via their website. The 15ml one is USD 39, 30ml USD 49 and the 45ml USD 63. Quite pricey, yes... But i say they're worth every penny!
Oil Leviate
While Off with Those Heads is argueably B.liv's most famous product, i am very glad i got to try out their other product-and one that is very suitable for my skin too as this is an oil control gel!
Oil Leviate has a very runny, clear gel consistency and it gets absorbed very fast into my skin. I actually feel that the product dries off (since it's so water-like) rather than sink in and it leaves my skin feeling very silky and smooth, matte but still moisturized. I really felt like it did keep oils at bay, when i wore it out under my usual makeup i only had to use one oil control film (instead of two, like i do usually) after around four hours. 

While i really like this product too, i don't feel like it's as magical as Off with Those Heads, and i don't actually mind my oily skin (since it's not acne prone)-i feel like my oily skin is easier to deal with than dry skin anyway. There are (very rare) times when i had like, dry patches on my skin and it's so flaky and ugly, i'd rather stick to my crazy oily skin than try to turn it to a drier type. So personally, i don't think that important for my skin. I, however, love the silky smooth feeling it gave me so i prefer to use it as a primer so i can have a barrier between my skin and my makeup.

These are the claims for Oil Leviate :
• Controls oil & acne
• Sooths & hydrates skin
• Unclogs pores
• Helps remove blackheads and whiteheads
• Fades acne scars 

I have not used this product long enough or in continuous pace so i cannot give a proper testimonial for this product. All i know is that it's very nice, and it really did lessen my crazy oil, and i love it as a makeup primer but at USD 35, i think i would stick to cheaper primers that has similar performance! So no, i don't think the sample made me want to buy the full sized product, maybe if it's ever on a huge sale!

Next up are their sheet masks, i would give little reviews on them individually but as a whole they're all made from Japan silk that's incredibly soft, silky and they all feel very HIGH END (but they're actually not that expensive at all!). You know, expensive and awesome, nothing like my usual cheapo drugstore/Korean sheet masks haha.
Feel No Sluggish (don't you just love their clever and witty names???) that's derived from apple and is targeted for stem cell revival
In case you're concerned about the expiry date, don't. I've used this long before the expiry date!
All three masks were transparent but not so weak that they're easily ripped, definitely made from the finest Japan silk! It fits rather nicely with my face, not too big like most of other sheet masks i've tried in the past
Feel No Sluggish was very wet and drippy, it gave me immediate (strong) cooling and tingling sensation. It has a very chemical scent (strongly reminded me of beauty clinics and their products :p) but don't worry, it's totally unnoticeable once used (and i am sensitive to weird scents. I really hate those masks that have strong sour scent, i would not be able to ignore them!). It left my skin feeling quite greasy and sticky (signs of heave moisturizing properties) but not horribly so. 

Benefits of this product :
• Encourage the regeneration of skin tissue to ensure skin looks healthy and young.
• Hydrates and nourishes the skin.
• Delays multiple signs of aging.
• Provides antioxidant protection to prevent skin from free-radical damages and signs of pre-mature aging.

I only used it once and i really love how supple and smooth my skin feels afterward, but to be able to give a full testament of the long term effect i would need more than one use. It's very nice but the result for one time usage is just comparable with most sheet masks i've used before.

Like i mentioned earlier, B.liv's masks are not that expensive after all! USD 18 for a box of 7, that's not a lot more expensive than most masks like My Beauty Diary or the sorts once they entered Indonesia! I would definitely purchase the whole box for that price!
Immerse Me
Immerse Me is definitely targeted for people who needs deep moisturization, so it was no wonder that the serum's texture was on the richer, creamier side-it was not as drippy and wet as Feel No Sluggish. It has a similar, chemically scent and also felt very cooling when applied.

Surprisingly it left my skin feeling not very greasy at all (not what i expected from a thick, deep moisturizing kind of mask), even felt a little matte!  It actually made my skin less oily, even a few hours later-where my skin usually would be super oily already even when i'm just using my usual moisturizer! It does, however, left my skin very soft and supple. 

Benefits : 
• Provides instant hydration
• Helps skin preserve its optimum moisture balance
• Improves skin water retaining ability and provides long lasting hydration

Again, i only used it one time and cannot comment on the claims, but it really was great as well-and at the same price as Feel No Sluggish (USD 18 for a box of 7), i'd also definitely purchase a box!
Sheer off Crease
Sheer off Crease, again as the name strongly suggested, is targeted to prevent fine lines and all those other signs of aging. Again, the scent was similar to the other two masks i've tried, also gave a cooling and tingling sensation-with an added bonus of itchiness (i noticed that most anti wrinkle masks gave me that kind of feeling so think it's normal? Maybe it's a sign that the product's working to de-wrinkle my skin!). It was wetter than Immerse Me but not drippy. 

Benefits :
• Deeply nourishes and hydrates skin
• Prevents premature aging
• Evens the skin tone and lightens dark spots
• Has a brightening effect

Again, no comment on that yet. I like it almost as much as the other two masks (i like it a little less because of the itchiness) and again, at USD 18-something i'd definitely buy in the future. 

I use sheet masks only once a week (because i don't have the patience to do it more often, and i would never remember to do so anyway. Now i have a routine of using eye patches on Saturdays and facial masks on Sundays-much easier to keep track of!) so i used all three (back to back) for a whole three weeks and i must say my skin feels very smooth, supple and healthy during and after those three weeks!

In the end i just gotta say i quite love all five products from B.Liv (and absolutely crazy over the first one! I can't recommend it enough!) and would definitely recommend this brand for everybody (just use the products that suits your skin needs, of course). Anyone who are struggling with black/whiteheads-you GOTTA try Off with Those Heads, those who are going crazy over their oily skin must try Oil Leviate and the sheet masks is great for regular use and+the price's friendly enough for an introduction to this brand!

Have you ever tried anything from Do you love them as much as i do?

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  1. It's the first time I've heard of these products and also the company (even if it's nearly a decade since it was established). They all seem working great for your skin. What's the price point value when compared to Korean products?

    1. I totally forgot to reply your comment, sorry! It's quite expensive compared to the usual Korean brands like Etude House or Skin Food, maybe twice as expensive?