Modern Forest Fairy

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Because what fairy wears t-shirt, right? LOL.

#Undecided and i went to an event together! Miracle Aesthetic Clinic kindly arranged a special event for bloggers (and their friends/followers) that Jennie and her team had been brewing for months, and it finally happened last Saturday! Since we went there together, naturally we're going to blog about the event itself together, so it's gonna have to wait a little longer! I hope #Undecided would be able to blog soon so we can finally share the super fun event! 

The dress code for this event was White and Green, which are Miracle's signature colors. You know me and dress code, i have to follow it to a T!
I honestly don't have a lot of greens in my collection, so i went all out in mint instead!
Hey... Mint is still green's color family okay, despite #Undecided's insistence that they aren't (just to piss me off, obvi. She ended up with mint headband herself, so.... Speak for yourself, #Undecided!), i'm so obsessive that i had to check with Jennie WTF, Jennie said it's okay so it's OKAY lor!
Hunny came to the event with us (but stayed on the second floor with KC the entire time zzzz) so i asked him to snap some OOTD for me. Unfortunately by the time we snap the pic, the light in the venue was already turned off T.T hence the not so clear pic zzz
Yes, there were still a lot of people there when we snapped this and i got a lot of stares, but i figured that bloggers (and their friends-who should be used to a blogger's antics) would be the most understanding people in term of cam-whoring, right? Hunny immediately was nominated as the "dream husband" according to Henny because he kept on taking my pics without protests... Little that they know the only arguments we have mostly are about him not wanting to take my pics...
Wearing my moniker proudly. It's actually couple's tee, with #Undecided not with hunny LOL, see more of it below...
Outfit details :
Floral Headband : Payless (i got a lot of messages asking me where i got it, they still have a lot of stocks in Payless and going on a 50% off right now, so hurry up and get it if you're keen!)
Customized Tee : IG Store
Mint Tutu Skirt : H20 Boutique
Mint Bag : Bought in a store in Danshui, Taiwan
Clear Glittery Jelly Shoes : IG Store
Mint Socks : Socks Gallery
Puffy Lace Ring : Stroberi
Rabbit Necklace and Bracelet Set : Accessorize (for kids haha)

Lemme let you in on a little (actually not really) secret.... I was having a wardrobe malfunction almost the entire time! I totally neglect trying on my outfit the night before and didn't realize that the inner layer of the tutu skirt is made of a very slippery and clingy material that hikes up like crazy whenever i sit/walk/basically do anything but stand still like a statue! And worse, it was completely see through LOLOLOL. #Undecided and G pointed it out to me and we agreed that i had to go comando (WTF) and change my panties into a tight short!

Thing is... The tight short is a bit too loose and ended up rolling up like cray cray on the thigh area (i obviously do not have a thigh gap WTF), so it's often that the inner part of the tutu looks super duper short, i got sooo many stares when we were in TP (we went to TP first because #Undecided was getting a gel polish for her little brother's wedding the next day). I had the urge to tell them not to worry, even though it was really short-i was actually wearing a short (yes, pun intended indeed) so there's nothing to see. In the end i found a solution to make the inner layer stay put (a little better), i had to yank the skirt down to my hip (it's actually should sit at the waist, and i was wearing a sort-of-cropped top...) but the catch is, i kept on flashing my little short underneath my tee >.<!

Anyway, i wouldn't call myself  #Pink if i let myself be bothered with that little glitch, i still strut my stuff and do my thang hahaha..

Since i think the pictures we snapped at Center Stage (where the event was held) weren't very clear so i asked hunny to snap another series (yes, with the same pose. Told ya i have max 3 poses, and repeat!) at my parents' room before taking the headband off and dashing off for dinner!
Tutu skirt, floral headband, green hues... ta dangggg.. Instantly transformed into a forest fairy LOLOLOL (my mum's gonna kill me if she knew i was wearing shoes in her room-she was in Singapore when this was taken :p)
Full on peek on the waistband of my inner shorts LOLOLOL and this is a DECENT pic, you'll see worse ones in the event's post :p. You've been warned!
Don't ask me idiotic questions like "Why are you following the dress code so closely?", i hate stupid questions and i might have snapped on those who asked me that *___*, the answer would be "WHY NOT???" I believe every event organizer/whoever threw a party/event would be more than happy if their guests actually make the effort to follow the dress code, why have a dress code if you'd just going to wear what you'd wear everyday-or worse... Criticizing on people who actually does? I really couldn't care less about what other people wore actually, i just do not like being commented on when i'm just following a dress code. I love dressing up and i hate if people makes me feel bad about doing so, sod off!
FOTD, must be green also of course :D
NOTD : Crystal Nail in H1 c/o Me-Nail
List of products used :
1. C/o Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup in Sand 36
2. C/o Collection Pressed Powder in 01 Candlelight
3. Clinique All About Eyes Concealer in 01 Neutral
4. The Face Shop Color My Brow in 03 Light Brown
5. e.l.f Eye Primer
4. Aphrology 88 Color Eyeshadow Palette
5. Mai Doll Black Liquid Eyeliner
6. Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara in So Black!
7. Elianto Dolly Eye Lash falsies

8. Oriflame Visions' Double Eyeliner (Black and White, no idea what the shade name is)
9. C/o Collection Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liner in Glitz
10. Reddish blush on from Australis palette
11. Lip Ice Baby Lips in YoShake Mint.
12. MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick in Lady at Play
13. Esprique Precious Double Shine Face Powder
Photobombed by #Undecided
We custom made this tee a while ago, can't remember if we did it especially for this event though (we might haha)
Just because i dare to express myself and dress differently while you don't doesn't give you the right to try to bring me down
Severely obsessed with floral crown, own about 15 by now... want plenty more! I want a pastel rainbow colored one, please!
I love my glittery green nails... Very Little Mermaid-ish, but also a bit Nyi Roro Kidul ish? LOL
Am also obsessed with highlight hair clips! I have a high quality pastel purple ones but i actually bought these ombre blue/green one from Stroberi for IDR 12.000 LOL
It's very pretty and striking (#Undecided helped me make it more spread out but i gotta admit i'm a attention whore when it comes to this kind of thing so i actually prefer a cluster-together-obviously-fake look :(...) but you know... You get what you paid for! Strands of hairs kept on shedding from one of the clips... Just one though, so maybe that one's a faulty product or something
What made the event even more special for me is that Miracle very kindly gave me this... errrr... Award? LOL. It's not one of the top prizes of whatever, but i value and appreciate it very much (even though if you were present you might think otherwise based on my reaction... More about it on the event's report, okay!). It just feels wonderful when brands are recognizing your work and give it a token of appreciation!
Talk to you soon!

#Pink (that's disguising herself as Mint for this ocassion :D)

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  1. headband e emg cantik ce, kaya ala" princess ><
    payless yg di TP itu ya ce ?
    wkwkwk, kreatif ce maduin smua OOTD nya ..

    1. Iyah, Payless ada d TP, CW sm PTC yg aq tau :). Thx!

  2. Isn't the headband easily taken off by the wind or sudden movements? I like it and hope that I can also find it in our local Payless stores. Your mint tutu skirt is so cute! I love the color mint and actually it's one of my favorites!

    1. Actually i stretched the band beforehand so it's loose and can perch on my head more securely, but yeah strong wind would take it off! That's why my BFF helped me secured it with pins on the back and it stayed for the whole event (3 hours) with no problem whatsoever! Thank you, i love mint too!

  3. The outfit, the hair, the makeup, the nails it's all soooo cute and mint! The shirts were a great idea. Gig Love