Star Trek : The Exhibition (Jakarta)

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Hey guys..

So if it wasn't (even) apparent before, i've officially become one of those bloggers who post travel posts months (fingers crossed it's not going to be years) after the trip itself... Now i'm having a flashback moment to last July (at least it just three months ago... Saying this as if it's a good thing hahaha) when we were having our summer (if you can call it that... School holiday is more precise lah okay :p) holiday in Jakarta, we went to see the Star Trek : The Exhibition!
Us with the not-so-miniature Enterprise
Now... We're not really Star Trek fans, especially me. Please Star Trek fans do not kill me, but i actually was one of those girls who couldn't differentiate Star Trek with Star Wars XD! The only Star Trek franchise that i am familiar with is the new version with Chris Pine (that's so fine LOLOLOL, i really love saying it because it rhymes... And also because he really is fine, of course).

I don't think hunny knows a whole lot more than i do (except that i think he used to watch the reruns of the old TV series. Rerun because even though we're old, we're definitely not THAT old!) but when we heard about the exhibition at Gandaria City, 1. We were bored (there's not a lot of touristy thingy that we can do in Jakarta since we go there at least once a year), 2. We're geeks, 3. We're museum/exhibition kind of family (seriously, we'd go to whatever museum/exhibiton that we can find!), we decided to check it out. Besides, i've always wanted to go to Gandaria City Mall, one of the rare newish malls in Jakarta that we've never been to before-prior to this (discovered the amazingly good red velvet in Breads & Crumbs as well as spending 1.5 (hours and mill) in the huge H&M there along the way).

We first found out about the exhibition from but i was really really hesitant about booking our tickets from them (because we had a HORRIBLE experience booking our Trans Studio Bandung tickets there! I contemplated blogging about my experience, i have printed proofs and all about their incapability but whenever i wait too long before angry-blogging about something, i lost interest and cannot muster the will to do so anymore zzz), plus tickets can only be booked for the next four days or so after booking-so we decided to wing it. Thank God for that, because once we arrived at the venue we found out that we can get a lot more discount+Buy 1 Get 1 entrance tickets by using Mandiri Credit Card! Would've paid twice as much lest we insisted on booking through the (i tend to purchase my tickets online because i like having the security of booking the tickets before we actually go to the event's venue)!

Warning first : i am a very detailed person and i take countless pictures whenever i go to a museum/exhibition that allows photo taking, i also always post 90% of the pictures because it's my online diary so... This post is (as usual) very photo heavy!
We took the kinda complete package that includes photo booths, free t-shirts and meals! We also took another extra 3D pic that costs another IDR 100.000 and in the end paid less than IDR 400.000 (Baby Boy could enter for free! Yay!), i think that's not too bad at all! They actually sell the t-shirts for much more expensive than the entrance fee (IDR 300.000-400.000 for the basic ones WTF), so i guess it's like we're buying the tee and get in for free, i suppose?
They have open booths and stalls, maybe they have some kind of conventions for die hard Star Trekkers? It was pretty abandoned when we were there though
Well, yeah, this is obviously two pics i joined into one :P
Like most other attractions/exhibitions, the first thing that welcomed us when we entered was a photo section. It was taken with a green screen and you could sit on the captain (???)'s seat.
They'd edit in the ship's interior in the pic, we snapped another one with the three of us in it but i didn't like how it turned out so i'm not uploading it :p
Loads and loads of costumes were on display
What's hunny reading?
A copy of one of the movie (episode?)'s script!
Baby Boy loves museums/exhibitions as much as his parents (totally in the DNA) and he often wander around by himself. If his grandma knows how much i trust him to roam around unattended she'd kill me, but hey... He's 7! And he never stray too far from me anyway!
Having some father-son nerdy-bonding-time
They built in one of the central character (i can't even say for sure, all i know is Captain Kirk. And Spock. And Data)'s office in meticulous detail. I went gaga when i was in Harry Potter The Exhibition (in Singapore) last time with their detailed sets, so i guess any Star Trekker (the Big Bang Theory's characters popped up in my brain immediately) would do the same here.
I mean.. Even their wedding pic and the wine seems to be such important things!
Hehehe this is so cute
The more i see the props the more i respect actors... They pretty much have to play make-believe with these dummies all the time!
Baby Boy was excited ^^
Showing my love for the newest Star Trek
And that's not just because i'm only familiar with this one. Well, i suppose it might be... But i'm pretty excited to see the costumes that were worn by Chris Pine, Zoe Zaldana, etc. Of course, i didn't feel the strong urge to try to steal it like i did when i saw Cedric Diggory's costume...
The cutest thing that i saw that day (not counting my purchases at H&M)
Look at that "weapon"! Looks more like ear piercing gun/glue gun...
I must do something with his stunned, frozen expression that he whips out whenever i try to take pics of him zzzz
The hilarous looking "pads". Wonder if their creators back in the day realized that in the not-so-distant future real tablets are invented and look a lot like their imaginary ones?
The iconic transporter is available for you to camwhore with!
Deng deng denggg
You also have an option to get an additional 3D pic that i mentioned earlier for an extra IDR 100.000, i find the result to be quite awesome (sorry, i'm a nerd) so we decided to get it! I posted a video to show how the pic looks like (featuring my creepy lower than ever voice, i swear i sound nothing like that in real life!) in IG, you can check it out here because for the life of me i couldn't find the way to post videos i have in my Ipad to mobile blogger!
Seriously, when you see the props up close and personal, it looks so funny! I mean... My boy's toys (not boy toy, mind you!) looks more real than these stuffs!
The next photo spot! Awesome looking Enterprise control room (correct me if i'm wrong,  but i assume so!)
This dude being annoying and forced me to take pics of him acting like the captain LOLOLOL, lose the gut first hun!
Get into the role, tapping on a flat surface like i'm doing something important hahaha. The camera for this photo section is located at the top of the wall, the end result is like seeing us from a convex class-with fish eye effect and all. I'll show you later
Still deep in the role, maneuvering the aircraft LOLOLOL, you should've lost the bag!
U.S.S Enterprise miniature
Scary creatures from the Star Trek world
Hmmm yeah, i only know the Klingon guy....
And Data. Is it just me but the dude on the (your) left lower pic looks kinda like errrr... Shrek?
Baby Boy conquering the world HAHAHAHA
There's a gaming section near the souvenir shop
The attentive attendant immediately tend to Baby Boy
My geeky hunny immediately played too haha
Loads and loads of vintage collectible Star Trek merch
Absolute heaven for Star Trek manias
My eyes almost popped out of the sockets when i saw the price of the communicator! For civilian like me, it's just a plastic toy, a very outdated one. But of course, it's a collection and it's vintage. But still. I can't understand it. Just the way Star Trek manias wouldn't understand why i'd blow 2-3 months of average salary on a designer bag LOLOLOL
Hello me!
Checking out the pictures before printing them
The control room result. I already told Baby Boy not to look at the camera!!!
Just posing with it because mummy wouldn't pay IDR 500.000 for that errrr... something that is supposed to be a collectible but will turn to worthless on his hand (coz he'll take it out of the packaging and then break it simultaneously) LOL. I did get him a matchy tee with his daddy, so i'm not that bad right...
Oh so cute. It breaks my heart because he's growing at a speedy pace that he'd no longer have to do this in a short few years :(... I guess every mother secretly hopes that their kids would stay pint sized-and cute forever? Haha
Found this silly "plastic surgery" application that made hunny looked more like a creature from Super Mario Bross than a Klingon
Getting our free foods
Yummy hot dog!
Then played some more with the plastic surgery app. LOLOLOLOL, the lower pic made him look reptile-like!!!
OMG, i hope that's not how i'm gonna look when i'm very old and wrinkly! LOLOLOL
The exhibition was decent sized, not too large but apparently enough to engage us (who are not even a fan) for more than an hour. We just went back to the Gandaria Mall (the exhibition was located in a site next to the mall, we had to ask around a few times to get there) and you what happens next... Me going nuts at H&M *sigh*. Here are some extra pics from my IG (MGirl83) before i bid you adios :D!
We had a blast and for the price (especially if you get the Buy 1 Get 1 option) (not for the merchandise though :P) it's totally worth visiting, even if you're just "midly familiar" with Star Trek like us! I hope we'll have more exhibition like this in the future, hopefully from movies that are closest to my heart (Harry Potter *wink wink*)!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. gua juga bukan penggemar star trek. tapi tau lah bedanya ama star wars. hahaha.

    btw exhibition nya keren... :)

    1. Hihihihi gw bener2 ga merhatiin and ga pernah nonton soalnya dulu >.<!

  2. That's really a cool experience you had there! I'm also a detailed person who loves to take so many picture wherever we go. So I appreciate all these. It's like taking a virtual tour of the place. :)

    1. Glad you like it, some people seem to find my craziness to detail to be tedious XD!