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Hi my dears...

It's another throw back holiday post :D. I've mentioned many times that i'd like to blog about our old trips, when we haven't started this blog yet because what's the best way to preserve a sweet memory but to blog about it-complete with pictures! I've successfully blogged about our old Vietnam trip and now it's time to do the same for one of our very first non South East Asia trip as married couple, Macau!
Hunny and i, Ruins of St. Paul's-Macau 2011
Of course, we went to many many trips prior to this one, but this is the first trip that truly feels like an overseas honeymoon (our first real honeymoon was in Bali :D) to us, therefore Macau would always have a special place in our hearts!
Very excited when we landed in Macau (it was both of us' first time in Macau-i've been to many cities in China and Hong Kong before but never Macau) so had to snap a pic even in the baggage claim area >.<!
Apparently 2011-2012's when i was the heaviest i've been in my married life, i'm quite shocked to see how puffy i look in my Macau trip pictures T.T, of course i am not skinny now but i'm definitely smaller than back then! Anyway, i look very different in my old pictures mostly due to my over plucked eye brows (thick eye brows was not that hot yet) so please excuse my permanently perplexed expressions throughout this post...

But i digress... We really did have one of the best trip ever! We stayed in Macau for four days and people seemed to be a bit surprised when we said that, they went "You only need one or two days in Macau! Why don't you cross over to Hong Kong?"-but we're somewhat explorers and i guess dwellers so even four days was not long enough for us! I think you can put me in any city for a week or two and i could never get bored! It's most probably because i have my wonderful husband as my traveling partner, but having said that... Macau truly is special-i can stay indefinitely there and never get bored! It also helps that we went there on March and the weather was perfect, cool but not cold, bright but never scorching!

Let me share the places where we went during our stay in Macau (we also had some real wonderful Macau delicacies but sadly since i was not a blogger yet back then, i was never interested to snap pictures of food-and i have no food pics whatsoever from this trip except for a certain cake/mochi you'll get to see later!) :

We took a local tour for the day and the tour leader was a very friendly auntie but she spoke horrible English T.T so we ended up not really listening to her (a bit of nonsense) guiding *LOL* and were quite confused on what kind of place this Fisherman's Wharf really was (it turned out to be a theme park, but there's no ride and it's kinda empty when we went there-so maybe it's not THAT kind of theme park?) but it sure was pretty and lots of places to snap endless pictures so i was happy!
It's more of huge park with lotsa stores and restaurants than a place to get on thrilling ride
But it sure is pretty!
With the breath taking bridge on the background
I remember sitting at one of the stone bench at the back to wait for hunny who went to the rest room and feeling incredibly happy and contend. I'm a lucky person and i get that kind of feeling a lot, but i remember that pure happiness that i felt simply by being there vividly!
Not only there are loads of amazing different architectures in Fisherman's Wharf, there are also some very attractive stores! My Crocs were starting to be painful so i hunted for some slippers there (i know Crocs are supposed to be comfortable but all of the Crocs that i own are really painful and uncomfortable if used in a long period of time!) and ended up with about three pairs of pretty shoes that i still love until today!

I am not much of a tower fan but it was the one of the first observation towers i've been back then (i've been to a lot more ever since) so i was quite excited!
Possibly my favorite picture in our Macau trip!
When we had pre-booked lunch (provided by the local tour), we were seated with a pair of father-son who turned out to be Indonesian as well and we stick together ever since. The kind man (the son-who's older than us so we called him Koko) kept on offering to take pictures of us so we had some couple pics finally!
Weren't into selfie yet back then but we tried! OMG my eyebrows!
It was really high and the glass floor really scare us, i literally had to crawl over them because my feet refused to move when i tried walking on it! I was also in awe of people doing sky walk (no bungee jumpers while we were there) and wonder if i ever could do that. I'm not like, deadly afraid of height, but i am not a fan either!
Also spotted Sasa in Macau Tower but since we're still in the day tour i could only stare at it mournfully :(
3. A-Ma Temple

One of the oldest and most famous Taoist temple in Macau, it is dedicated to Matsu-the goddess of seafarers and fishermen. We're not practicing Taoist/Buddhist so we just snap pictures there *respectfully, of course*

4. Ruins of St. Paul's

Accidentally bumped into my old friend LN (OMG you were still skinny in this pic, LN haha) who's working as a tour leader :D
Arguably the best known landmark of Macau today, it's definitely THE most visit place when you're in Macau. Not only to take pictures but also visit the Museum of Sacred Art. You can also buy souvenirs and snacks at the many stores lining up the place. We had the most amazing pork bread ever there!
There are also gigantic pandas to take pictures with
My default sombre expression whenever i'm in sacred places
Temples are everywhere in Macau, found one nearby the museum

The alley made me feel like i was in Europe and seeing the picture it really reminded me of the little alleys in Brussel
Also enchanted by the Portugese street signs. Do you know that older generations of Macau people don't speak English but understands Portugese?

5. The Venetian Macau
God, what can i say about this place except that i LOVE it?
The Venetian is HUGE, and i spent half a day exploring the place (and shopping to my heart's content) and it definitely wasn't enough!
A Very unflattering picture of me but it was our only pic in the gondola so... Anyway, we had Glen Fredly's doppelganger as our gondolier! And he sang well too! He's the first person who speaks in fluent English that we ran into in Macau, turned out that he was Filipino!
We also did one of our fave thing, having coffee while resting our tired feet :D
The yummy snack i mentioned earlier-the only food pic i have from this trip >.< i don't even know the name of the snack/cake except that it is sweet and yummy!
Watch a lady in costume appear from one of the windows and started singing
We just got my Pinko camera (especially for this trip) and definitely wasn't used to it yet, kept on having the strap in the pictures >.<!!!
Shopping tour! Take me!!!
Cirque du Soleil's store. Too bad we didn't have time (and was too cheap... the tickets are quite crazy expensive! But we'd go now, definitely!) to watch their show...
That's all of the places that we went to on our brief trip to Macau! We stayed in Regency Hotel Macau, it was not very new but very clean, homey, spacious and comfortable. Oh, they also serves the best scrambled eggs ever-totally overloaded in them! Great breakfast... Very recommended hotel (unless they start deteriorating in the past 3 years!).
Declaring my love for Macau through a tee :D
The next day we had to say bye bye to Macau and flew back to Indonesia with a heavy heart (but with a wish to come back soon!).
Last pic, in the airport
This post is written to join MGTO Indonesia and Vivalog "Why Macau" Blogging Competition


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  1. I've recently discovered your blog and I really like it! I'm following you now
    Hope you'll like mine too!


    1. Thank you so much, i will drop by your blog soon!

  2. bagus ya bangunan2nya di macau. klasik tapi terawat....

    venetian hotel nya persis banget kayak yang di vegas :)

    1. Iyah bagus dan menyengkan (pas weather nya enak) hehehe... Wogh persis ya, pengen ke yg Vegas, fingers crossed maybe next year haha

  3. Waah we have never been to Macau. Seeing your pictures and rearing about the trip makes me want to go. I thought the only good place to visit there is the casino. I'm not a fan of gaming so I said pass. The Venetian seems the best place to explore in Macau.

    1. Psssstttt that's the one word banned from the competition since this is a competition to get to know more side of Macau-the traditional side hehe. Lots of interesting place and yes, i can totally stay the whole day in The Venetian just soaking in and shopping!