Review : Iftar Buffet at 209 Dining Vasa Hotel Surabaya

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Hellow everybody...

OMG, i had such a good and productive start in June but then pooooffff... No more *LOL*. I am having a quiet week now tho so i should be able to be productive again!

This month i'm also gonna touch more in a subject that i admit, is not my strongest suit-culinary >.<. I mean, i love food (or else i'd be like, half my size *LOL*. If only i can hate food T.T... Never gonna happen anyway :p) and i do enjoy my food, but i've stressed many times over that i am not a foodie. Can't really explain tastes other than yum or naw, and please don't ever expect me to go into details of the texture or whatever @.@. But as a lifestyle blogger, i do think i still qualify to recommend places to eat based on the quality of food, ambience and Instagram-ability *LOL*!

In this post i'm going to talk (and spam photos of yummy pics) about Iftar Buffet at 209 Dining in Vasa Hotel Surabaya ^^!
Me, acting all mellow and sweet for the sake of IG-before i went into attack mode HAHAHA
First, about Vasa Hotel. It's a rather new luxury hotel in Surabaya and i went there for the very first time a few weeks beforehand to take pictures with Aphrodites (oh, i haven't announce Aphrodites, which is my new project! Go check out our IG to learn more!) and i fell in love with the decor and ambience at once. Super cool, lux and quite artsy too. 

So i was quite excited when Bella extended the invitation from them to attend their Iftar Buffet ^^
209 Dining
Vasa Hotel
Jl. HR. Moh. No.31, Putat Gede, Suko Manunggal, Kota SBY, Jawa Timur 60189, Indonesia+62 31 7301888

Went with Aphrodites minus Cynthian :D (who's replaced by my hun :p)
Obviously i am not fasting, but that doesn't mean i cannot recommend a nice place for Iftar, right??? Hahaha. According to their website, 209 Dining is opens daily and offers buffet in certain days-but for Ramadhan i think they have Iftar Buffet everyday! Buffet here costs IDR 228.000 for weekdays and IDR 288.000 on Fridays and Saturdays (which are meat and seafood days respectively).

Like the rest of the hotel, 209 Dining ooze comfort and luxe, i immediately feel welcomed once i step foot into the area.
They have very spacious dining area
Now, i think this first area is mainly for Takjil (so i have no idea if they serves exactly the same food in this area for normal buffet and a few other dishes.

Let me warn you again that i am not a food blogger, and i really really admire people who takes such yum looking pics of food like Vicky Yuwono or closer still, Devita :)), i can never do food justice by taking their pics >.<. But i am trying. 
Sushi station
Forgot to take a close up pic of the roasted beef hunny was taking, it was divine!
OMG why this pic so red. Anyway, they're all deep fried snacks-very Indonesian! You know what they say, Indonesian deep fry everything :))
Onde onde!
More little sweet things to break your fast with
I love angku kue (or kue ku in Indonesian), i prefer the traditional ones (the one that's shaped like turtles) but i can never resist the cute shaped ones like these!
This and the next two pics are better looking because they's Chelshea's pics >.<. It's ronde btw
I think it's probably... Dawet and kolak? Seriously, when i go to buffet i would concentrate on the meat so i didn't even see these :p
Traditional iced dessert station
Waffle and ice cream station
Showing you more of the atmosphere of the place
The food selection is quite vast but not to a point of overwhelming. I think it's just perfect! Btw, if i could confidently call out the names of the food in the first sections, now i cannot -___-. I should've taken pics of the name of the food as well  but i didn't >.<!
Salad station
Bite sized salads
Macaroni salad? Is there even such thing :))
Now i'm pretty confident that these are fruit salad :p
Carb section. I tend to avoid carbs (except maybe a spoonful of fried rice or pasta) at buffet because they fill me up and i want to have a taste of everything because #kiasu *LOL*
Beef something something
More beef something something
Eh. More chicken?
Love the sauteed veggies!!!
I have no idea what this is 
Now this must be lemon sauced fish
This might be duck, but don't quote me on that
Obviously potato wedges
It looks like i forgot to snap a pic of my fave dish of that buffet (other than the roasted beef) : the mac & cheese! Seriously, i am not even a fan of mac & cheese usually, but theirs are sooo yum! Creamy without being too much with crispy cheese on top! I went for seconds >.<
Fresh fruit and juice station
And infused water
Noodle and pasta station
Dimsum station
And the prettiest station, dessert!
I really like the look of this one!
Pheffff, that's a LOT of food pics! And i didn't even like, take pics of every single one!
Nom nom time!
My first plate... I did for seconds (no diet that day haha) and also some dessert too. Totally stuffed!!!
If you know me in person, then you'd know i am not normally a buffet person. I really prefer a portioned kind of meal because of a few things. Like how i don't like how i tend to overeat when i go for buffets, and even when i overeat i feel like i haven't eaten enough to justify the price *LOLOLOL* but once in a while, i can appreciate a good buffet. The buffet scene in Surabaya had been quite stale for a while, we go to the same two places over and over again, sadly the food quality in the aforementioned two places has gone down significantly over the last few years that i really didn't think there's any good buffet place in Surabaya again : until 209 Dining.

As usual, i don't rave over things that are not good for me, it doesn't matter if my posts are sponsored or not, if i praise something to the heavens, you'd know that i really like it. And i really like the buffet in 209 Dining, period. The ambience is awesome, the food solid (the selection, the taste, the freshness) and the price is not super expensive either. 

Would i recommend this place? Oh yes. In fact next time our family's planning a buffet dinner for celebrations, i would highly recommend 209 Dining!
Went to take loads of pics in their super pretty lobby as well!
Thank you Vasa Hotel for having us and for the awesome meal!

Hope the rest of Ramadan goes smoothly for those of you who celebrate!

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