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Haeee guys!!!

I'm back with a review! Heyyaaa, what's up with June-i am in FAYAH!!!

Today i'm going to share with you my current skin care routine that helped me improved my skin condition in less than 2 weeks! Karadenta Anti Acne Skin Care Series!
Karadenta Anti Acne Skin Care Series
A little bit about Karadenta first! Karadenta Clinic is an aesthetic clinic that has been operating since 2014 in Samarinda. Currently they already have 4 branches of the clinics in Bandung, Malang, Samarinda and Surabaya (yay!). Not only they have a complete treatment services (i personally had experienced their laser treatment a while ago and the result was super good!), Karadenta Clinic also has some high quality skin care products.

All of Karadenta Clinic's products are clinically tested and is BPOM certified. They are free of paraden, mercury, hydroquinone, steroid and retinoin.
You might be thinking, isn't your skin very rarely suffer from acne? The answer is yes, i do get very occasional and far in between pimples. But once in a while, my skin goes a little crazy too! I don't know if it's hormones or the fact that i've been wearing makeups a LOT in the last couple of months (thanks to the endless invitations to events), my skin is probably in shock because normally i don't wear makeups more than 2 or 3 times a week since i am quite a homebody and prefer to hide in my room if i don't go out to events/hang out with my family and friends. 

I still don't get a lot of pimples or whatever when my skin goes crazy, but it gets a LOT of white and black heads, my skin feels bumpy and not smooth-and that drives me crazy!

So when i had the chance to try out Karadenta Anti Acne Skin Care Series, i jumped at it. And i can honestly say, that they work really well on my skin.

Now let's talk about the products one by one.
Karadenta Cleansing Oily
I was a bit confused when i first saw the name, i thought it's an oil cleanser, but upon second look i realize that it's a liquid cleanser-for oily skin *LOL*. The packaging of the Cleansing Oily, Cleanser and Toner are all the same white, generic plastic bottle with flip top that is unmistakably a product of beauty clinics (or at least i tend to associate these kind of packaging with clinics) and they all contains 100ml worth of product. Packaging wise, they're super simple and pharmaceutical looking.
Ingredient list
Cleansing Oily is meant to clean dirt and residue of makeup from your skin so i think you are supposed to use it after makeup remover. It does contain 1% AHA and you're supposed to refrain from direct contacts with sun rays (meaning you should be using SPF-which is something you should be using everyday anyway).
Cleansing Oily is clear color, very watery consistency (it's pretty much like water!) and slightly zingy scent
Whenever i use makeup, i would use an eye and lip makeup remover first then rub it all over my face. Then i decided to skip the usual step (which is using an oil/gel/milk makeup remover) and straight to Cleansing Oily.
And even though it's not exactly a makeup remover, it manages to take off all of my makeup that's still left (which is a lot). I would only need to use one cotton pad soaked with Cleansing Oily (or max 2 if i've been wearing full coverage base) for all of trace of makeup to be removed
As it does contains alcohol, you can feel a cold, zingy sensation when you run the cotton pad all over your face (do not use on your eyes and lips!!!). Do you know how sebum removing, acne preventing products tend to give you a certain, zingy feeling? Yeah, that's exactly how this one feels like. It's not harsh to a point where you feel your skin getting sensitive or anything, but if you have like an open wound, it'll definitely sting.

I actually can feel that it's really working on helping drying any acne (or future acnes) when i use it, and i like that! 

I do not feel any stickiness after i use it but you still need to use a cleanser afterwards, as instructed.
Karadenta Green Cleanser with Aloevera
Contains 2.5% AHA and comes with the same disclaimer telling you to shield yourself from sun rays and use SPF
As it is called Green Cleanser, ofc it's appropriately green in color haha. It has a runny consistency
It doesn't lather much, which is a sign of low use of detergent-but that also means i feel the need to add more product to use as it feels almost like nothing when i rub it on my face
The cleanser is quite pleasant to use, nothing much to say about it except that it definitely removes all dirt and makeup residue as i never find trace of them when i use my toner. Whenever i use a cleanser that's not powerful enough, i would still find traces of makeup on my cotton pad! It's also gentle enough, it doesn't sting, and doesn't leave my skin feeling tight or stripped.
Karadenta Green Toner with Tea Tree Oil
This one contains 2.16% AHA with the same disclaimer as the previous two products
Again, the color is obviously green (haha) and it has a normal toner consistency
Once you flip to cap open, you can immediately smell the tea tree scent. I actually like how it smells :)). It's no secret that tea tree is wonderful for acne and whenever i use it, i feel super refreshed and again, i can feel the product working! It gives you a zingy feeling as well but without stinging sensation.

The combination of the Cleansing Oily, Green Cleanser and Green Toner thoroughly get rid of any sebum on my skin. While it doesn't feel tight or anything, i do feel my skin become a little dry (which is totally the point)-but when i continue with the next products, all problem's solved *LOL*.
Karadenta Balancing Serum (it's tiny, only containing 10g of product)
This is probably my favorite product out of the entire line, it comes in a slim, long clear plastic bottle with a pump mechanism.
When you pump it, only a very small amount of product squirt out-so i normally would use two pumps for my entire face
You can sort of see how small the bottle is in this pic
The color and consistency reminds me so much of honey, but it's definitely not as thick as honey and it doesn't have any particular scent
I loveeee how it feels on my skin! It's very light weight, spread easily and gets absorbed within seconds into my skin, leaving it feeling super smooth and soft! It is supposed to help with oil control, but i honestly don't find it to work that way on my skin *LOL*. I mean, when i use it under my makeup, my skin would get oily way faster than if i do not use it. But it definitely moisturizes and hydrates my skin well.

There's no instruction, but i think you should use this morning and night? As it is a serum, you should be using a moisturizer afterwards, but during the day i prefer to use this alone because it's more than enough to hydrate my skin all day long!
Karadenta Suncreen Acne with Whitening (10g), which comes in a white plastic jar, again very much a signature clinic style
The suncreen is baby pink!!! It has a thick, very creamy consistency and it reminds me so much of strawberry yogurt >.<. Unfortunately it doesn't smell like strawberry at all, i am not a fan of the scent-but i am not a fan of most sunscreen scents anyway >.<
Yes, it's a sunscreen and you really should be using a sunscreen everyday. I try my best to use it everyday ever since i got it, especially if i stay at home. But when i wear makeup and head out, i cannot bring myself to use it because it's very rich and makes my skin super oily very fast >.<. I prefer to use the serum alone on top of base makeup that contains SPF.

This sunscreen is actually quite pleasant to wear, it spreads well and sink in fast, it leaves my skin feeling matt and smooth at first, i just can't stand how oily my skin feels after a short period of time.
Karadenta Acne Gel, which comes in an exact same jar as the sunscreen but there's no information whatsoever in the jar
Yes, the gel is bright orange! Ofc it goes on clear once you put it on your face. It also has a rather strong scent which i am not a fan of
But even though i dislike the scent, i love the texture (if you have very oily skin like me, i'm sure you can appreciate gel products!), it feels good when applied-very cooling, moisturizing without being overly heavy or sticky. This combines with the serum is da bomb! My skin is hydrated, supple, clear and soft when i wake up in the morning but without looking as greasy the butt of a wok *LOL*.

I must admit that this Anti Acne Series totally exceeded my expectations. I was a bit worried that the line would be too harsh for my skin (as my skin is not acne prone), but it's not (as long as you make sure you use the moisturizers after using the cleansers and toner!). It manages to hydrate my skin but at the same time also treating whatever acne i have. All of the pesky little zits that i got dried up and i visibly see the decrease of black and white heads on my skin after just about 10 days of usage. Granted, i also use a sebum removing peel off mask religiously in conjunction, but i really do think this series do most of the hard work. I was quite frustrated with the way my skin feels and looks just 2 weeks ago (even though i just got a facial!), but now... It's back to its tip top condition!

I woud probably not use it as my long term skin care routine, but whenever my skin is showing signs of going crazy again... I know what products i need to calm them down!

Yes, this post is written in collaboration with Karadenta Clinic and Clozette Indonesia (thank you very much Karadenta and Clozette), however all opinions are my own. I would never rave about something if i don't really like it, it's just not my style.  So i hope nobody questions my motives anymore, okay?

I am very satisfied with these products and i would definitely recommend this for those of you who are suffering from acne, whether it's a severe problem or just mild and occasional like me-but also remember that every skin is different and what works for me might not work for you, and Karadenta Anti Acne Skin Care Series definitely works for me, phenomenally.

Thank you for reading!


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  1. Thank alot for your review, Dear. :)

  2. Your skin is SO beautiful! I have been looking for a good night cream so I definitely need to check this out!