Aphrodites' Launching Giveaway!

7:34:00 PM


Just dropping by real quick to announce a giveaway!!! You can win all these :
By just following some simple rules! Head to Aphrodites for the details, okay!

I talked a little bit about Aphrodites in my previous post, basically it's my new project with my fellow bloggers and vlogger :D, we have a new Instagram page where we share all about beauty, fashion, and also hang out places/photo spots. The group consisting of me (ofc), Cynthian, Bella, Chelshea (she's the one who took all the giveaway photos, btw. She's a fashion designer and stylist, and she definitely has the eyes! I can never in a million years take such pretty pics >.<) and ce Fanny-the group was an impromptu kind of thing because we had no plan whatsoever to do this beforehand, we were just hanging out, chit chatting and boom... The idea came up. 

I am very happy that i found these girls, it's always amazing to find like-minded people (who are totally different than me but have similar interests) who you simply click and get along easily with. We don't spend our time together talking or bitching about other people (except when they cut us, then we definitely do ahahaha), we spend them creating and developing things instead-something to be totally proud of!

And to celebrate this new venture, we're giving away these babies (with more than 25 items in total!) for one very lucky winner!
Since all five of us gathered the stuffs ourselves and throw them all together, i can't really tell you what they are in details (coz even i don't really know HAHAHA), but you can find both beauty and fashion stuffs here! From makeups (lippies, eyeliners, eye shadow, falsies), nail polishes, body scrub, body mist, body lotion, brush, skin cares (cleanser, masks), lip bam, falsies- to pins, clutch, dress (i think it's a dress.... or is it a top, i don't really know, it's Ce Fanny's!!!), beach bag, hand sanitizer's holder, card holder, and who knows what else!!!

We also deliberately make the rules super simple since this is our very first giveaway, but sadly there are still people who actually missed the super simple rules T.T so pleaseeee, if you plan to join in... Read the rules carefully. There aren't that many of them, i promise!

Hope y'all can join the giveaway and give us all a support so we can continue to grow and throw more and more giveaways in the very near future!

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