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Surprise surpise, another backdated event report from #Pink >.<... My schedule has been pretty crazy and unlike how i predicted, it hasn't slow down during the beginning of fasting month, so i still haven't blog as much as i want to, but i am trying!

And today we're gonna talk about this event that went down 2 weeks ago and explore more about House2House Indonesia!
Surabaya Beauty Bloggers with media, CEO of House2House and also Lilies from WomanBlitz
Now, i already shared a little bit about House2House and what it exactly is in my Instagram (well, it's an app to book beauty services in short), ofc i will delve more into it here-but before they talked about it deeper, we were first introduced to a makeup artist that's quite well known (apparently. I'm sorry, i'm just a little clueless when it comes to MUAs!), Imel Vilentcia (who's already signed up to H2H too).
Some brief Q&A about Imel's background and stuffs
Other than 20 bloggers (mostly beauty, i did invite a few lifestyle bloggers too), there were a lot of pers in the audience too
After a little bit of chit chat with the MUA, it's time for her to demonstrate her expertise a little bit and the model for the day is our very own dear Bella.
I was told later that Imel's signature look is the bold, dramatic eyes and that's what she showed us on Bella that day
The stunning result. It's very glam, very different than how Bella usually looks. I do think the looks like a badass Disney Villain and we did try to make a sinetron where Bella tried to poison clueless Nessya and Lilies was the voice over, we just couldn't stop laughing!
Brief explanation on H2h by Mr. Deddy
Followed by an in-depth presentation by House2House's CEO, Mr. Hermanto
House2House is an application that accommodate beauty needs and their tagline is #1 professional services at home
They come up with the idea for H2H inspired by how modern women sometimes unable/uwilling to go to a hair salon/spa to get the treatment and services they want/need for various reason, one is the lack of time and other-which is definitely mine-lack of motivation to leave the house *LOL*
So far H2H has makeup (by professional MUAs), hair styling, hair coloring (also perming and smoothing), hair cutting and hair treatment
This is how the application looks like, it's currently only available in Android but they are working for iOs as well. You can go to this link :
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.housetohouse to download it
They also have the newest beauty & fashion trend news in this app
That looks something like this
With House2House, you can easily book your MUA/hairdresser/hair treatment by using your smart phone, you can even pre-book them you so can have a peace of mind if you have an important day ahead where you need to look fantastic, you can simply pre-book it and not worry about getting an MUA/hairdresser/getting stuck in long queue at an actual hair salon on the D Day (i personally would definitely do this, as an OCD it's important for me to ensure everything is planned ahead!). Or if you need a last minute booking, you can even see the real time nearby option so you do not have to wait for long for your MUA/hairdresser to arrive when you're in a hurry
You can make your appointment directly in this app
There are a lot of benefits in using H2H, one of which is getting a professional, carefully curated MUAs, hair dressers, etc. They even have a star rating to make sure you know what to expect. 
Some very well known names that are already signed up with H2H. I love the fact that they curate their MUAs (and hair dressers, etc), and they painstakingly check the portfolios etc to make sure the clients would only get the best. I know there are other apps that can do the same thing, but as my mum experienced it-you don't really know what you're gonna get with those other apps since pretty much everybody can call themselves an MUA and sign up. My mum had a pretty horrible experience with other apps (the beautician that arrived pretty much did more damage than good) so knowing that only the professionals can get into H2H is a total relief and that's the main thing that i really like about H2H
They also have portfolios of each of their MUAs/hairdressers to help you decide on the one that would suit your needs
If you worry about apps jacking up the prices-don't be. You pay the same amount of money whether you order the MUA/hairdresser directly or via H2H, in fact-you would probably get discounts if you choose to book via H2H as they always have some sort of promos and discount codes. 
Btw you can sign up with your e-mail or Facebook account
Very happy to be part of H2H soft launching ^^
With my dearest Lilies
After the event and some interviews with the media, we were treated to a lovely lunch buffet at Ciputra World Hotel's The Gallery, which is probably the most luxurious lunch we ever attended in an event so far. We were super busy munching and chit chatting that i totally forgot to snap pictures >.<. Needless to say, we were super pampered and spoiled by H2H!
The only pic that i managed to snap during lunch
Not only that, H2H also generously gifted us with a hair straightener each!
This is the first hair straightener that i ever own because i have such a straight hair, i never see the point of getting one. But i plan to learn how to curl using it, wish me luck!
So we definitely had a wonderful time, i personally think this app is absolutely awesome and y'all (who are located in Indonesia-and who knows one day they might expand internationally) need to download it ASAP!

Thank you for having us H2H and congratz once again for the soft opening!

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