Althea Raya!

7:34:00 PM

Hey guys!

So i'm sure if you have to guess my favorite Korean cosmetics store it'd not be a hard question to answer. I have never hide my love and support for Althea Korea and it's apparent in my blog too since i pretty much has a post dedicated to them every single month lately.

Well, i think this feeling is not exclusively mine. A lot of you are a huge fan of Althea as well. It's very easy to see why... They have such a wide selection of Korean brands that are almost impossible to buy offline in Indonesia (or even the easily available ones at a fraction of the price at the stores), they have the BEST price compared to any other Korean online shops, they send directly to our Indonesian address without us having to deal with custom, and they alway shave crazy deals/giveaways.

Not only that, whenever there's a special celebration in the horizon, they'd spoil us even more... And it's time to get spoilt again with Althea Raya!
For this upcoming Eid Al Fitr, Althea has come up with limited edition Eid boxes that look uber cute. Even more exciting than that? Free products for us all *scream in delight*!!!
See that??? You are free to choose whichever product you want for ABSOLUTELY FREE! One per customer please, don't be greedy now *LOL*
Yes, i mean it. FREE. Seriously.

I know, it's hard to believe. Which online shop would give products away freely like that? That was my reaction the first time too. But Althea does it, pretty often too. They must be our fairy god mothers in disguise or something. 

Even crazier? There's NO minimal purchase. As in you can just get the product for free, but you do need to pay for shipping-which is quite expensive so you really shouldn't do that *LOL*. You get free shipping for orders over IDR 299.900 tho, so my suggestion is to get your Raya shopping here and don't forget to add the free product to your cart.

Oh, don't be concerned if you still see the price adding up because it'll disappear once you check out. Just make sure you pick the ones with the FREE GIVEAWAY  sign on it, okay?

What are you waiting for??? Go shop now! And let me go back to choosing which one of the free products i should grab!

Note : This post is written in collaboration with Althea Korea and Surabaya Beauty Blogger

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