Beauty Redefined with Shiseido

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Konnichiwa minna!

I have a fun event report for you today, but it's actually more than just an event report because it covers more than just an event ^^. We (by we i mean me and some of my other beauty blogger/influencer friends) had some fun with Shiseido this month and i'm gonna tell you all about it. We pretty much had  total Beauty Redefined moments with Shiseido!
For starter, we got the chance to try out Shiseido beauty services at their counter(s). Do you know that not only you can shop for their products at their counters but also get beauty services too? Definitely the place for one stop beauty!
I opted to go to their counter in Sogo Tunjungan Plaza (it's also available at Metro Ciputra World) and when i arrived, the BA was still working on Chelshea ^^
Their counter in TP is actually a temporary counter, they are going to have a renovation soon and the counter would be even prettier!
One of the most famous line of Shiseido, White Lucent!
If you have makeups on, the first step in the beauty services would be cleansing. I came bare-faced so i didn't have to go through this step
Measurement for every product, how cool!
Ready for my beauty service! Those products on the counter were all used ^^
There were 7 steps performed (all using Shiseido White Lucent products for brighter and more flawless complexion) in the beauty service-that's a lot of steps but my skin really feels fantastic afterwards! The BA is also very knowledgeable and she explained to me every single product and their benefits before applying them
Then continued with makeup!
I love how the BA gave me tips and tricks while doing my makeup, like how i should use eyebrow powder instead of eyebrow pencils because my eyebrow hairs are pretty long and powder products would make my eyebrow look more natural
The simple, no makeup makeup is very soft and wearable for daily. I especially love my glowing complexion and the customized nude lippies (the BA mixed two shades to come up with this lip color, which is a very nice nude on me which didn't leave me looking too pale like how most nude lippies can be)
Overall, it was a very nice experience-highly recommended! You can try out their beauty service in Shiseido counters for free! How awesome was that? My advice is to come with bare face (or minimal makeup) because they're going to remove your makeup anyway haha.

Shiseido also very kindly gifted us with a lovely hamper :
Which consists of :

1. Shiseido Professional The Hair Care Sleekliner Shampoo
This shampoo cleanses the hair, making it smooth and manageable while conditioning it from within to control frizziness.

2. Shiseido Professional The Hair Care Sleekliner Treatment 1 for Rebellious Hair - Fine Hair
Thank God i got the one that's perfect for my hair condition haha, they have two types for this product, fine hair and thick hair-and i definitely have very fine hair! This hair treatment conditions the hair from within to keep it smooth and more manageable while controlling frizziness.

3. Shiseido Ever Bloom Perfumed Body Lotion
Part of Shiseido Ever Bloom fragrance line, Ever Bloom is a musky white floral fragrance that diffuses a radiant but enveloping scent. Best used together with the shower cream and perfume for a long lasting scent.

4. Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Cleansing Foam
A gentle, purifying foam that lifts away impurities while protecting skin's vital moisture to refine skin's texture and crystal clear complexion.

5. Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate
A boosting pre-treatment that helps whatever you put on top of it (like moisturizer or serum) work harder. It also defends your skin against multiple signs of aging and damage

6. Shiseido Veiled Rouge in PK 405
A long wearing, hydrating lipstick with transfer resistant color that stays put all day long.

Now onto the Shiseido Ginza Tokyo Beauty Redefined event that was held from 15 to 18th June 2017. 
The exhibition was huge! With loads of pretty spots to take pics at :D
There are plenty of activities that you can do here like get a skin check!
Here's Bella having her skin checked
They have a sophisticated skin check machine that can read many different things to get to know your skin condition better and what you need to do (or use) to increase your skin's health
They also have booths where you can try out their products out 

There's also makeup area that i'm pretty sure were used for the makeup classes. On Saturday have a beauty workshop with celebrity MUA Slam Wiyono (they also provide a makeover session for Shiseido customers with Slam Wiyono)
There were plenty of products provided for us to do some touch up
Had loads of fun trying out their lovely products!
That's not all, we (and all Shiseido customers) were spoiled even more at their makeover and hair styling services!
If you are a cam-ho like us, you'd be delighted because they have various special photo booths too here!
There's the Multimedia Projector for you to snap some cool, artsy pic
And then there's also a Yukata photo booth where you can snap pics using yukatas! Unfortunately i didn't get the chance to take pics wearing yukata (that's okay, i took pics wearing yukata in Japan already haha) because there were only a few pairs and loads of us were queueing for them ^^
You can also get some beauty shots at their ring light photo booth taken by a professional photographer!
This booth seriously makes me want to own a ring light even badly now -___-
We definitely had a great time during the event, mingling, chit chatting and snacking with fellow beauty influencers ^^!
And took hundreds of pics too haha
Thank you Shiseido for having us and treating us to a magical beauty refined moments!

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