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I want to wish my Moslem friends and readers an early very Happy Eid al-Fitr, mohon maaf lahir dan batin ^^ - and happy holidays to the rest of my Indonesian friends and readers!!! For the international readers who are not celebrating, i can still say happy weekend hahaha nobody's left behind this time round!

Where are you guys going this holiday? Me, i'm staying at home *LOL*. Eid is the one day in the year that my hunny actually has to really work :)), he's replacing his employees for a few hours in our hostel, guarding the coast and all. That's why we tend to go on a trip before or after the big day. This holiday we're actually not even going for vacay until the 10th on July so... It's lazing around all day at home time :P.

If you're sharing the same fate as me, let me entertain you with my monthly movies review and give you some inspiration on what to catch streaming (or not).

Here are my May Movies review :

1. The Guys
Okay, so if you always read my movie reviews then you'd think that i am a huge fan of Raditya Dika, judging from the number of his movies i've reviewed so far *LOL*. I am not, my hunny likes Dika a lot tho and he always want to watch Dika's movies. After the last few, i am no longer as enthusiastic because i feel Dika's really going to another direction (a more serious one) that i don't necessarily enjoy. Unfortunately, The Guys is one of those movies where he tries to be someone else (which is always a bad thing for him *LOL*) and fails miserably. No seriously, i think he's an awesome stand up comedian and he excels at playing himself, but a great actor-he is not >.<.

Dika plays Alfi, a mid-tier employee who aspires to be his own boss one day. As always, Dika's character is chronically single and desperately looking for a gf-he also has three friends slash co-workers who live with him and always supports each other no matter what. Alfi also starts falling in love with a co worker that is visibly out of his league-but is bowled over by his sincerity. What Alfi doesn't know, is that Amira (the girl he's falling for) is actually the boss' daughter, he is very strict and had a bad first impression of Alfi so it's easy to guess that things are not going to be easy for them. Things get even more complicated when Amira's dad also starts falling in love with Alfi's mom.

Well... It's not the worst movie of the year or whatever. It's quite entertaining, although very cliche and very very... Cheesy. I think the storyline is a bit uninteresting and i don't really see any point whatsoever >.<. It's quite funny sometimes, the star that shines brightly in this movie is Pongsiri Bunluewong who plays Sukun, a crazy Thai guy with broken Indonesian that tends to lost control at all times *LOL*, he saves the movie for me. I wouldn't really recommend this, if you want to see Dika in his finest, i'd suggest you watch his earlier movies, especially the ones that's bases on his own experiences.

Weeeelll...  I don't know about you, but i obviously head about Arthur and i knew a little bit about the background. Very little, and the knowlege is all over the place. I knew about Merlin, and the excalibur sword, but i don't know nothing about the story. I have mixed feelings when i first heard about this movie, but i didn't mind going in because i think Charlie Hunnam is damn hot *LOL*.

Men are at war with the warlocks when Arthur was born, his father managed to save Camelot by beheading Moldred, the big bad warlock. Unfortunately, just a short while after, his own uncle betrays the King and slain both Arthur's parents to steal the throne. Arthur manages to escape and grows up in a brothel, becoming a strong, hard headed man with a penance for trouble. Meanwhile, the uncle who is now the king, continues looking for him since he wants to make sure that his throne is safe. One thing lead to another, and Arthur finally gets him hands on the excalibur, becoming the only person who can pull the sword off the ground, proving that his is the lost Prince and now he has to try to keeps himself safe from the evil uncle and also embrace his true legacy.

It's good!!! A lot better than i expected and i really really enjoyed it! The style of the movie is also very different than what you'd expect from a movie based on that era/legend, but then i realized that Guy Ritchie directed it and it explains everything *LOL*. I love this one and i think it's super cool and entertaining so i would definitely recommend it!

I said this a thousand times already, i don't like alien movies *LOL*. I didn't hate the last movie, but i don't think i liked it either because i honestly can't remember anything about it. I expected not to like this one either, but it turned out to be better than i expected. Maybe because i like Michael Fassbender, i dunno. But i personally think that this one's quite interesting and gripping-perhaps because the aliens also look more... I dunno.... Less ridiculous, maybe?

The Covenant is a colonization ship bound for a new planet, Origae 6 to start a new colony there. An accident in the shipped killed some of the colonist and they are forced to wake the crews up-but the captain was killed due to a pod malfunctions. Grieving and shook, they decided to stop by an unknown planet when they pick up a transmission, hoping to find life in that planet instead. Obviously things got a lot worse there *LOL*.

I really can't remember the previous movie much, but i get the feeling that the basics are very similar? I think it's been too long since the last movie and it didn't leave any imprint to my memory so i got a bit confused while watching this. It's actually quite good tho, good enough to poke my curiosity and i ended up googling the storyline of the previous movie to refresh my memory. When a movie leave me googling about it to learn more about it, it's always a good sign. Not bad, not bad at all.

I thought it was just me, but after reading some viewers' reviews (and friends' statuses in FB), i think Captain Jack Sparrow is losing his gas. I always liked Pirates of the Caribbean, i love Jack Sparrow and i always look forward to the new movies, unfortunately this one is a bit meh... I dunno,  it just leaves me feeling cold and unsatisfied. The villain is quite cool tho!

I honestly don't remember where the last movie left off (i'm starting to question my own memory here), but it seems like Jack Sparrow is totally cursed. He is plagued with ill fortune, with no ship, no real "job" and his crews threatening to leave him. It got so bad that he actually gives away his precious compass for a drink, and that's the only way to keep his old nemesis (Captain Salazar) from pursuing him. The only way to survive is by finding the legendary Trident of Poseidon with the help of two young aids.

Again, it's not bad, it's quite entertaining... but it's not mind blowing. It's not special and it's not as good as i come to expect from Pirates of the Caribbean. I do like the effect and stuffs tho, so i would still recommend this, but if you're a big fan like me... You might feel quite underwhelmed.

And that's all of the movies that we watched in the cinema in May 2017! Yes, only 4 movies, how crazy is that? I don't watch a lot of movies in June either tho, i guess it's because all the blockbuster movies are coming out and dominating the cinemas that i have nothing else to watch after i get over them!

Did you watch any of the movies i listed? How do you feel about them?

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