South Korea Winter Trip : Day 4 Part 2 (Everland)

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Heyylooowww heylowww :D!

Let's get on with my South Korea winter trip day 4, shall we? Like i already told you in the last post, our next destination's very exciting : Everland!

With the beautiful Christmas Tree, traveling around Christmas in four seasoned countries' awesome!
Initially we were given only like, 1.5 hours in Everland-which is a huge theme park so it was INSANE, but we did arrive pretty late in the day and we still got other schedules afterwards (to Dongdaemun so i can't really complain, can i???) *sigh*, in the end we were given around 2.5 hours and that's just enough for two rides and some panic shopping *LOL*. 

Actually i've been to Everland before (on my first trip to South Korea years ago, and i had a bad memory here because i lost my recently purchased dolls and i cried because i was so upset *LOL*) and well, it's pretty much like all other theme parks-i personally prefer Disneyland (of course!!!) and Universal Studio, or in Korea-Lotte World, Everland's not that special in my opinion (they don't even have a mascot anymore, how weird is that??? They used to, i still have the dolls of the mascots today!) but tell me, how do you tell a 7 year old boy that you're going to a huge theme park but would only be able to enjoy, oh like... 5% of the entire park? LOL. Thankfully we're extending our stay in South Korea and planned to go to Lotte World so at least there were no tears involved :D.

But! A theme park in winter is very photogenic (no snow, well there were some here and there, but the ambience's still different and magical!) so at least we did get some nice pics if anything!

It was so cold and we still had to wait for the others to arrive (i guess we're very excited and were the first one to arrive at the gate from where the bus parked haha) so naturally we flocked to the heater "umbrella"!

Group pic!
Even the heater's super attractive for tropical creatures like us hahaha *feelin' like a country bumpkin'!*. While we waited for the others, somehow CL and i began wondering if Tom (our photographer) ever had a plastic surgery (blame Sonny who made us think that every mildly attractive Koreans had plastic surgeries!!!) because frankly, i saw like... 4 good looking guys in the entire trip (please note that i have a very specific taste and Korean type of "handsome" is not really my cup of tea) and Tom is strongly included *LOL*.

Since i was bored, i ended up asking him that *prompted by CL!* and i might offend him a little bit *LOLOLOL*, he was like "WHAT??? NO!!! Everything's natural!" LOLOLOL. Sorry Tom, i did tell him that he should take it as a compliment-we actually thought he's good looking enough to pass as some who underwent plastic sugeries :p (okay, that's rich coming from me, i always fume like crazy whenever people accuse me of getting anything done!).

Love Everland staffs' coats, so Beauxbaton! (Potterheads, show of hands!)

There was no time to spare so i just snapped as quickly as i could while walking! I don't even remember seeing that building with the painting of houses on hills in real life!
So many cute hats that i ended up not buying coz i kept on postponing zzzz
Spotted the giant Christmas Tree from the first pic up there and of course we had to make a stop

For some family pics. Around here KC stopped on his track and watched a girl snapping selfie with her eyes closed and the usual Asian pose (peace sign hahaha), he said "What is that girl doing? Why is she closing her eyes?" LOL. I told him it's the latest selfie pose and he's too old to understand *LOLOLOL*

All the buildings really looks dreamy and magical, no? It must be the weather hehe
Hunny tried to take Baby Boy to the Pororo ride in the end but then realized that we had no more time zzzz
Happy faces
We were told by the guides to ride the open top cable car down and start from there
Yep, those ices on the net's pretty much all the snow we got to see there haha
I love these kinds of feet shots so of course i had to have one myself too hahaha
Taken by Tom
Everland's so big they have a few sections, but we only managed to see two hahaha
We blindly went into one ride, which turned out to be a total crap *LOLOLOL*, it was like a huge tilting/rocking house but mostly illusion lah-all the background story's in Korean so we didn't even know what the heck was going on. A total waste of time *LOL*

We only had one thing in mind anyway, the snow sled!
Look at the rickety, wooden rollercoaster! I saw it on Running Man before but it was not operating that day
The queue wasn't very bad and we're told to grab an inflatable sled each
Even Baby Boy hahaha, the sled's too heavy for him obviously so his daddy had to tow two :p
Once you reached the front of the line, you just need to hand the hook to the staff and hop on the sled, you'd then be dragged to the top
And wait for your turn to sled down the "hill"
It was TONS of fun! I dunno why but my sled's very understanding that i was quite scared *LOL* and it went down slowly and gracefully so i could enjoy the wind blowing on my hair instead of zipping off at top speed like the others *LOL*. Sadly no pics taken here, i was too scared of my camera falling off or something, hunny did snapped a pic with his phone but he said his memory card went corrupt a while ago and lost all the pics zzzz.

Like i said, 2 hours' simply ridiculous for a theme park, by the time we're finished with the sled, we probably had less than 45 minutes left so we decided to go back to the front area and shop since there's no way that we'd have enough time to queue up for another ride-and it was low season!
Of course, we ended up snacking again. Found this pork... Something (i can't explain it >.<, it's like fish cake but made from pork *LOL*)
Baby Boy loved it so much he didn't even want to share *LOL*
Hopped back on the cable car, say hi to KC's fam!
It was getting dark when we reached the front area and the lights were already on
Ahhh, so magical!
There's a newly opened Line Store and of course we went in!
But let's take some pics outside first!
LOLOLOLOL, why oh why my brother's so nutz
Cutest store ever
I didn't buy anything, taking pictures' more than enough to make me happy already *LOL*, hunny did buy a tee though
Then we made a mad dash to the biggest souvenir shop and bought some cute stuffs+toy for Baby Boy for being a very good boy so far in the trip (but i almost yelled at him because i told him to choose fast and he's being his usual confused self and couldn't decide zzz) ASAP *while being nagged by the guides hahaha* before making a run back to the bus. Went to dinner next!
Main star of dinner that day were mushrooms, all kinds of them!
And meat *drool*
We discovered some mushroom on pots and thought they were just for display
But we were wrong! The ahjumma cut them all off with a scissors right away!
Yum yum!!!
Of course, Dongdaemun's next :
I didn't take any pictures inside the building, it was not interesting lah-looks like Mangga Dua but neater. I was also concentrating on shopping *LOL*-finally after three full days of not spending money, i was a bit frustrated *LOL*. I didn't buy like, super a lot of things though, just some bags and clothes :p. I was even done circling the first floor (where the clothes were) long before the appointed meeting time. Honestly most of their style's not very me (i'm more Japanese oriented, style wise) so i didn't go mental or anything, and the really nice stuffs were crazy expensive so... It was manageable hahaha.
On the way to the hotel, snow started falling!
We're staying at Benikea Home The M hotel, it's kinda old and crampy... Not exactly the kind of hotel i'd choose for myself *LOL*.
We were given keys to the wrong room at first and i was shocked when i saw only two beds (a good night sleep if you're traveling with a tour group's totally essential and we're not going to get it if we have to sleep in the same bed as Baby Boy-he kicks and slaps and shoves!), so we had to wait for quite a while for Hana to sort things out before we finally could crash
I didn't like the room probably mostly because i had to sleep nearby a sink. And a stove. That always drives me mad!
And that's the end of day 4! Stay tuned for day 5, which was the last full day with the tour group before going our own way! 


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  1. bagus juga ya ever land. seru tuh main snow tubing... :)

    1. OHH Snow tubing yak namanya, waktu nulis aq bingung krn ga tau namanya ahahahaha

  2. wow what. a great tree, what beautiful photos so great is the situation there. =)