Event Report : Stay Young and Chic with Miracle Aesthetic Clinic and Mama & Leon

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Hi guys!!!

#Pink and #Undecided are back with another Miracle Aesthetic Clinic's event report! Boy, do we feel like Miracle's permanent bloggers or what *we're not complaining okay, it's a good thing! Haha*??
#Pink, Lina, Jennie, Lisa, #Undecided and Cynthian ^^
As usual, we received an invitation from Jennie :
What's not very usual was a cute special request from them : please bring one friend to be our new Miracle friend! Jennie asked us to bring one friend each who's never been to Miracle's events before. On the top of my head i couldn't think of any (but later i realized i never brought O either, maybe next time!)-then i was BBM-ing with Lina and i suddenly remembered that she's never been! So i asked her to come and accompany me and she said yes #happy #itsnotevenaproposal !

#Undecided thought the invitation was for the week before and said she couldn't come, but after realizing it's on the 28th and she didn't have anything planned, of course i dragged her too hahaha. She roped her sister-in-law Lisa (who's a fashion designer, btw) because the event is supported by Mama&Leon and there's the textile animation thingy, totally right up Lisa's alley!

We arrived early in Galaxy Mall so we can meet up first, and then we headed to the venue together.
Lina registering
Eh for once the registration photo is NOT on me ya bb :D
Excelso had been transformed for this event
This event is also sponsored by Cheery florist, the bag behind the flowers is the doorprize's gift haha
For once we're very very early and actually were the firsts to arrive! After waiting for a while, the other invitees starting to arrive
Since we're not used to be early *LOLOLOL*, we were actually quite surprised at how long we had to wait until the event started. Obviously we always arrive like, 15 minutes late usually hahaha.
Selfie to pass the time hahaha
The event was opened by a very familiar face, the MC was Ms. Terry (i hope i spell her name right) that we met at previous event. One of our fave MCs for beauty events for sure, she's hilarious and entertaining!
I said it once and I'll say it again, I LOVE HER!! Hahaha...
Ms. Terry introduced the speaker of the day, dr. Fanny I.
The day's topic! Which turned out to be very educational, you know, for later when #Pink and I turn *ahem* 30 LOL.
First up they showed us a photo of Madonna with all things that define youth: heart-shaped face; wrinkle-free forehead and eyes; prominent cheekbones; sharp nose; v-shaped jawline; and perky lips.
Madonna: then and now. Or should I say, before and after? LOL.
I must agree with #Pink, Song Hye-kyo must be the only Korean I deem beautiful. 
Right BB!!!!
2 major aging problems: wrinkle and sagging.
The fixers: botox for wrinkles; and filler and/or suture for sagging.
Is that Megan Fox?
We learned about Ulthera, which is basically a noninvasive (meaning : no wound on the surface of your skin, the wound would directly be under your skin and not visible to naked eyes) aesthetic ultrasound skin tightening
Directed right to the targeted area. I am very vain and i'm scared of getting old (although i am quite old already, probably ancient in the beauty world hahaha) so this is the kind of treatment that i would definitely be considering in the future. I am not thrilled at the thought of getting under the knife!!!
The other option is the currently "it" treatment in age reversing treatments, threadlift
Those arrows are indicating where the thread's going to be inserted
Of course, the best result would be with combination treatment, depending on the type of treatments your skin condition needs. It's vary for different people with different stage of aging so you always have to do a consultation with a doctor first to determine which treatments should be done to achieve the maximum result!
Miracle Aesthetic Clinic's has this special treatment (it's a package, i think) called V Shape Beauty Perfection-which is the answer to the question for the doorprize later which everybody failed to guess! I went through the photos in my camera and spotted the answer so i forced Lina to answer so she'd get the prize hahaha
It's amazing what aesthetic doctors can do even without surgeries!
Dr. Fanny stressed the importance of going to a prestigious aesthetic clinic and consulting with a professional doctor to make sure they'd give you the best advise you should get and not push you to do surgeries (which undoubtedly would cost a lot more) when your skin can still be improved without any surgery!
Yes yes, we all know that face shape that is so highly desired especially in the Asian market, that V shape. Don't worry if you have a square face, botox can help soften those edges out!
Their treatment to achieve V shape face
After Dr. Fanny wrapped up her presentation, it was Q&A session.
Finally got to snap a pic of the crowd hehe
Cynthian asked the first question
If you know me in real life then you'd know i always hate to be the center of attention and would always shy away from asking any question. However, i had this question on my mind that i wanted to ask, even from Miracle's previous event  but i didn't get the chance to. So i swallowed my shyness and asked hahaha (a major achievement for me okay). 

I heard plenty of time (a myth) about laser treatment making your skin more sensitive to sunlight and you'd practically have to be a vampire and hide from it should you ever get laser treatment. As something that i'd consider doing in the future, this concerns me a lot because i do love the outdoors (honestly not in Indonesia, but when i travel to other countries where you can actually walk around in the street safely).

Dr. Fanny assured me that the myth's totally false. When you get a laser treatment, then you'd be prescribed with some creams and moisturizers to support the treatment's result, and some creams do make your skin more sensitive, but not the laser treatment itself. Obviously i cannot take a selfie while asking a question so there's not pic of me hahaha!
Third and last question
Oh yeah, Miracle Aesthetic Clinic's actually being super duper generous and provided gifts worth (more than?) IDR 1.000.000 for each person who asked a question (yay me!), turned out that the gift are TDF Age Defense Cleansing Gel and TDF Day Rejuvenation Complex that they've generously gifted both #Undecided and i recently-i am delighted because i could give the Day Rejuvenation Complex to my mum to try and because hunny's totally in love with the Cleansing Gel and now we have a stock! Haha.

Next was the door prize that i already mentioned above, and Lina (with me nagging her on hahaha) got the correct answer!
Yay Lina! (pic taken from Miracle Aesthetic Clinic's Facebook Page because my camera suddenly acting out and wouldn't snap a pic!!!)
Tea break's next! The happiest ones were probably the prego (Lisa) and Cynthian who kept on moaning about how hungry she was even before the event really started *LOL*.
Hmm... food...
There were a lot of finger foods provided but people immediately attacked with gusto *LOL* so i could only managed to snap the one located closest to me (coz i can't actually shoo people just to take pictures, no? Haha)
As advertised, besides Miracle's mini-seminar regarding how to fight aging without surgery, we went ahead to mama & Leon for some private showing. I've always loved this boutique because deep deep down I have an obsession to wear Kebaya and Batik exclusively LOL, so I was pretty psyched for this session.
Hello mama & Leon!! I see you!
Kebaya and Sarong. I would wear the top with a pair of hotpants though, but it's just me ;)
mama & Leon has several different brands in their store - each brand with its own distinct personalities.
Not a fan of pink, but this line's so cute!!
I have to be completely honest with you that we couldn't hear a single thing the rep said by this stage because she was basically whispering and there were so many of us *LOL*
Hm. Nope. Still nothing *LOL*
I managed to snap two of the brands, there are several (or it is just one) more...
Vintage Kebaya with embroidery. I'm a sucker for embroidery, so pretty *swoon*
I believe #Pink snapped this photo purposefully to show that mama & Leon's paperbag!
The store attendant whom hosted the private showing was speaking so softly and Ms. Terry jumped in to her aid. 
Thankfully or there'd be no point of this session at all!
One of their lines which showcases painting - can't help but this how similar it is to Batik-painting.
Yes, they painted those butterflies!
The colors... Soooo pretty!!!
And the fun part begun: they showed us how to do some creations with saroong. She made it looked so easy, but I knew better hahahaha...
Ms. Terry jumped in and wondered if someone with big hips could wear it as chic. And voila! The answer is of course!!
Showcasing one's long skinny legs!
Btw, this gorgeous lady is a finalist for Miss Indonesia 2015 (oh God, i hope i get it right, you know how bad i am at remembering this kind of things) and #Undecided actually commented "The miss Indonesia girl is actually CUTE for once!" LOL. She's also very tall and slim so drool!
Or for a more formal event. She actually created a rosette / ribbon using the ends of the fabric. 
Again, she made it look soooo easy. But i can hardly tie a normal bow neatly so... turning it into a rosette? Well...
Pregger's turn now.
Another style.
Wonder what she was up to?
Wait for it...
Tying and twisting and tidying...
Voila, an obi!!
After some very interesting crash-course about Kebaya and Sarong, there was another doorprize session. First question was: on which floor is mama & Leon located, and everybody was like "first floor!!!" LOL. It was so damn easy hahahaha... But then since everybody spoke of turn, she asked another question and I actually knew the answer, but decided to let the lady in black to answer :)
A better picture, taken from Miracle's FB Page again!
Ms. Terry closing the event
Group photo, get in!!! Gee I thought I was tall hahahaha yet the lady in front of me covered half my face :D
I was on my tip toe because i really don't want my hair to be the only thing visible like the group pic in Miracle's previous event!
Bloggers and Jennie!!
Well, actually the bloggers are only us and Lina, BB. Cynthian is a Vlogger (which is a very different thing entirely) and Lisa is a fashion designer hahaha
I must add that Miracle Aesthetic Clinic's really getting more and more generous with their goodie bags!
Miracle Magazine, vouchers worth IDR 300.000 (which i already passed to my cousin L, she and her mum are Miracle's members), voucher from Mama & Leon, an organizer, TDF Eye Radiance Serum sachet samples and two travel size sets (for Hyperpigmentation and Acne, so i am covered for both everyday use and when my skin's acting out around my period!)
And of course the gifts for participating on their Q&A session
It was as usual, a fun (honestly we were probably the most in awe when we witnessed those reps from Mama & Leon twisting and wrapping the cloths and turn them into various amazing shapes hahaha) and educational event. I love how Miracle Aesthetic Clinic's always changing it up, collaborating with different brands which are interesting for women so their events are always different and interesting!

Thank you Miracle (and of course, Jennie) for having us, looking forward to your other events for sure!

#Pink and #Undecided

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  1. Those bright colored flowers from Cheery looked so adorable and they easily caught my attention. I also want to attend a beauty event like this and if given the chance to bring one person along, I will bring my mom! Song Hye-kyo's beauty is classic and she does not seem to age! :)

    1. I would bring my mum too but she's really not into this kind of things, she'll fall asleep for sure!