Me-Nail's at Kartini is the Best Bazaar at Ciputra World! (SPONSORED)

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Hey guys!

Have you followed my Instagram? Because that's where i update and share news, promotions and other things (you know, like what i wear and eat hahaha) first ^^. If you have, then you'd probably saw my post about Me-Nail's taking part in a exhibition/bazaar this week?
Sorry for the gloomy tone, this was taken by my Ipad and seriously, the lighting in Ciputra World's exhibition section's not all that great for photography! Plus Surabaya's been raining the WHOLE day, it was so crazy. Totally feels very gloomy haha
They are taking a part in Ciputra World's "Kartini is the Best" exhibition at the Rotunda Hall (3rd floor, their booth's located in front of Excelso btw)
If you're residing in Surabaya, you should really drop by their booth because (say thanks to me, i was the one who came up with the idea *LOL*) if you snap a pic with their booth
Like i did here. And yeah, it's kinda blur, L's a really bad photographer *LOLOLOL*
Upload it in your Instagram, follow and mention their Instagram @Menail_shop and use the hashtag #snappicmenailciputraworld - then you can redeem a free gift from them right away (just show your Instagram to them to check if you've followed all the rules) :
Like this!
Anyway, let's take a better look at their booth, shall we?
You can buy products here
Sign up for their workshop or even get your nails done ^^
These are the services available in this exhibition
Get an IDR 100.000 voucher if you sign up to their One Dat Nail Workshop in the exhibition! (the workshop will not be conducted in the exhibition, don't worry!)
I was really stressed up about my over grown gel manicures and especially the crazy long nail extensions so I got to get them removed there
For some reasons, L kept on snapping my "semi candid" pictures when i was pulling the weirdest expressions zzzz
The nailist working on my nails
Working with the soak-off. It was a total pain getting rid of the 3d Nail Art because it was so thick T.T
Then to show you what you can do with the free gifts from Me-Nail, they used them on my manicure ^^
Painting my nails with a pale baby pink nail polish
They used Morgan Taylor nail polish in La Dolce Vita
Then the nailist started slicing off the fimo L picked for me, this was the very first time i am using fimo on my nails so i was really interested because one stick of fimo can produce lots and lots of pieces so i get to bring the rest back and try to use them myself at home so i had to pay full attention haha
L picked a very cute violet butterfly fimo for me, she really knows her cousin's taste well doesn't she?
Applying the fimo and adding a bit of nail art because the nailist said it'd be prettier with a branch so that the butterfly's actually perching on something haha, great attention to details for sure!
The uber cute result (it was just halfway done and already so cute!), oh they also used another fimo in ribbon shape for variation
Then the nailist cut off some water nail decals
It was a bit tricky to use, you have to remove the plastic layer, dip it in water, take the sticker (but it's more like a print than a sticker) off from the wet paper
And place it on the nail
Slight variation on my left hand (knot hair tie courtesy of Lulla)
All pastelly, glittery, fluttery result! So perfect for my personal style :D!
You can also ask them to do this with your free gift, but obviously you'd have to pay for the manicure and nail art haha. 

My friend LL also joined us later :
Here she is showing the nailist her pic taken in the booth
And she got her free gift right away (this was taken with my Ipad, that's why the color's so pale hehe)
In this exhibition, Me-Nail's "sister" company/colleague Bangkok Beauty also has a booth :
They also have a special offer, get IDR 200.000 for treatment packages!
And you can also buy genuine Thai body products here!
I want to thank Me-Nail for having me (and for the uber cute manicure) and for my dear cousin who picked me up and drove me home safely hahaha. Me-Nail and Bangkok Beauty would be there until 12th April, come and say hi!


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  1. wow your nails look so great. =)

  2. Wow that looks like a cool place. Love the nail art..