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Hi everybody :D!

I hope y'all having a good day and ready for this awesome place i'm about to tell you about ^^!

If you're Indonesian and living in big cities such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Makassar, Bandung, etc-then i'm pretty sure that you've heard about Erha Clinic before. I personally noticed Erha Clinic when i saw their huge billboards on the streets, but i've no experience with them before. A while ago, a representative from Erha Clinic (most contacts and dialogs were with Ms. Rizky, thank you Ms. Rizky for being so patient and informative with me!) contacted me and offered me to try out their services-i'm always up for a new experience so of course i said yes!

My appointment was yesterday on Thursday, April 21st and as soon as i cast my eyes on the clinic's building (i've never been there before and i'm not the type that pays attention to my surroundings >.<), my jaw dropped to the floor *LOL*. It was HUGE and beautiful.
Photo source
Erha Clinic
 JL. KOMBES POL. M. DURYAT NO.18-20i, Tegalsari, Surabaya 60262
 031 - 5468989
It's so huge that it was impossible for me to snap a picture of the whole building without crossing the street, so i have to borrow these two pictures!
The view that greeted me once i stepped outside my car
I was immediately smitten with this spot! There are two of these lounges on each sides of the front area, so gorgeous and cozy i can spend hours here just sitting around >.<
I've read Shasha's review of them before and i saw the pictures too, but seeing the place for myself... It was still shocking (in a good way). I agree with her that instead of a clinic, this place looks more like a 5-starred hotel
Spot my hunny already taking a seat in their lobby and playing away happily. I arrived at 2.35 while my appointment was at 3 (wow, i was super early for once *woohoo*!) so after "announcing" myself at the registration staffs (who seemed a bit confused at first *LOL*), i was asked to wait for a little bit. Of course i don't mind, it gave me plenty of time to admire and snap pics of the place!
Super spacious and luxurious looking lobby. I don't think i've ever raved so much about a building, but i'm seriously in love with Erha Clinic's! And i hope you don't mind me spamming you with every bits and corners of this place coz it's seriously gorgeous!
Really feels more like a 5 starred hotel's lobby, right?
Lots of comfy seat for every client who're waiting for their turn or those who are waiting for their loved ones getting treatments
Pharmacy where you can get all the products and medications prescribed to you by their doctors
There's even a little cafe if you're thirsty or hungry-or maybe just craving coffee like i always do haha
They are now open 7 days a week! This is essential for busy people like #Undecided (who also got an offer to try out their treatment but currently is too busy to take up on the offer) who can only go and pamper themselves on weekends
There's also Erha Apothecary for your over the counter cosmetic needs
I will share more about Erha Apothecary in the future
Me, waiting patiently in the lobby ^^
Not too long after, their rep Mr. Wibisono came and greeted me. He then guided me to the lift and took me to the second floor (if i remember correctly), they actually put me in Erha Priority (which is sort of their VIP section)-the room is again gorgeous, comfy and homey!
As soon as i saw the sofa, i regret not dragging hunny in. He could've waited here and help me snap the pics! No offence to Mr. Wibisono (who kindly helped me take my pictures later), but bloggers are very fussy creatures ( it's important for us to look good in our own blogs hehe) and only some people knows my good angles >.< *very important*
Erha Priority members don't have to wait and queue up, the doctor would actually come to them! How much more luxurious can you get? You can see a glimpse of Mr. Wibisono who's hiding so i can snap pics of the place uninterrupted ^^
There's even a private toilet inside Erha Priority
For those of you who're as fussy as me, the toilet's sparkling clean!
While Mr. Wibisono helped me filling in client's information form (i didn't even have to fill it it myself T.T #touched), he also told me a little bit about Erha Clinic (because i told him i don't have a lot of knowledge of the place). One important thing that surprised me is when he told me Erha Clinic is NOT a beauty/aesthetic clinic, it is a (serious) SKIN clinic and all of their doctors are SpKK (Spesialis Kulit dan Kelamin, or dermatologists) and not aesthetic doctors. So Erha Clinic is a prestigious, no nonsense clinic that you can go to if you have any skin problem-whatever it is.

In the midst of it, the doctor that's going to take care of me entered the room and introduced herself. Her name's dr. Rahimah, SpKK and she's super friendly and warm that i immediately felt at ease. In fact, all of the staffs that i met that day were exceptionally friendly that i totally forgot that i was actually really nervous because i am a spoilt brat and always had companions whenever i go for treatments before (i always go for sponsored treatments with #Undecided!).

Dr. Rahimah leaned in to inspect my face and declared "Your skin's already flawless, there's nothing to do anymore!"-ahem, her words ya! Not mine *LOL*. I immediately told her that whilst i do not have any problem with my facial skin (well, except for some super annoying moles that i would LOVE to get rid of hahaha), i do have some issues with my scalp and hair which is the main thing i already planned to consult because i know Erha Clinic is also famous for their hair treatments.

Nothing too serious, i just have some problems with hair fall, i'm not going bald or anything, but i am quite concerned because whenever i wash my hair (which is every day :p), i would find strands of hair on my hand when i dry them. Hunny also always complained about my hair clogging up our shower! One thing led to another, dr. Rohimah mentioned that it's probably got to do with allergies and i immediately remember this patch of eczema on the back of my neck that comes and goes!
She told me to lie on the treatment bed and inspect my hair and scalp. She's checking my hair line first and stated that my scalp's completely healthy! Yay!
She then proceeded to the problem area at the back of my neck
There! Ew! (Btw, i didn't know that i have a mole at the back of my ear before >.<!!!)
She then patiently explained to me that i seem to be very allergic to detergent and must stay away from them. Now, if you're clueless like G and go "But you never wash anything! How can you have any contact with detergents?"-well excuse me i do wash my own panties during my periods, but that's not the point *LOL*. Detergent is actually the agent that creates bubbles, and most mass market hand wash, soap/shower gel, facial wash and shampoo has some detergent in their ingredients (the cheaper it is, probably the more detergent is in it haha). 

This is confirmed further when she asked me if i have this kind of problems in any other areas of my body, and i showed her my fingers >.<. I've always known that i am allergic to most liquid hand washes, but i didn't know that it's the detergent in them is what's causing all the itchiness and roughness! She told me to look for products with pH level of 5.5-6.5, anything more is bad for your skin. If you see 8, throw it away because it's practically detergent for washing clothes!

She also mentioned my brightly colored hair and suggested me to tell my hairdresser (Ndaru! I have to make him read this hahaha) to leave a space between my scalp and the hair dye, especially if they're using bleach (but no, my hair's not bleached, it's only dyed). She said she understands that it's hard to avoid this kind of things, especially because i am so used to bright colored hair and all, i don't have to completely stop dyeing my hair, just be smart about it and try my best to not let the chemical gets in contact with my skin too much.

Another thing that she mentioned other than allergies that can contributed to my hair fall surprised me. She suddenly asked me "Are you dieting?" i was flabbergasted but one should always be honest with their doctors right, so i said "Yes...", "Do you eat rice?", and i replied "Not very often..."-well... that apparently is a bad thing! Rice has the best Pro Vitamin B that our skin desperately need, if you avoid it like a plaque, gradually your skin will start to suffer and it can lead to hair loss (it won't happen overnight but in around 6 months, you'll see it!). She told me if i don't want to eat white rice, i can substitute it with brown rice, which is less fattening but still has all the goodness of rice. NOTED, doc!

Dr. Rahimah confirmed that the circular patch on the back of my neck is definitely allergy (this flares us particularly when i just have my hair color re-touched or using some particular brand of shampoo and conditioner), she thinks my hair's actually completely fine and the hair loss is actually just the normal hair cycle (i guess because my hair was soooo long, it was past my wait before i chopped them all off last week, one strand of hair can look like 10 when crumpled), but of course there's nothing wrong with prevention especially for my own peace of mind.

She then asked me to the third floor (the hair treatment centre's floor) to get my scalp closer analyzed with a skin analyzer machine:
Different from male, female hair loss is usually vertex-on the top of the head. This is my vertex area and it's actually fine :D. If you have problem with your vertex area getting thinner, there's a simple solution : change your parting! (I've heard about this before and i'm glad that a professional, specialist doctor confirmed this)
Then she went on to check other areas
Hair growth line. Everything's peachy, but in this area she went "Did you use any hair serum?"-to my surprise again, there's just no hiding any fact from this eagled eyed doctor haha, and yes-i did. She said everything's a two eyed blade, in one hand i want to keep my hair smooth and soft with serum, on the other hand if it touches my scalp... well, it causes my allergy to flare up!
The mouse-looking thingy is the hair analyzer and camera!
Here's the super friendly, motherly, pretty and warm doctor, dr. Rahimah ^^. Thank you so much for being so patient and thorough in all of you explanation, doc!
She was prescribing some products and medication for me in that pic. Like i mentioned earlier, Erha Clinic IS a skin clinic, it's not some fluffy beauty center and it does not dabble with herbal stuffs (people come to them because the herbal stuffs' no longer working for them, so it is the next step!). Most of their products are prescription only (you can get the OTC ones in Erha Apothecary without any prescription, of course-but those are mostly cosmetics) and real medications. I heard people commenting about Erha's products to be "strong" and they even make you drink medicines when they heard i was going to Erha to have consultation for my hair, well this is why! Dr. Rahimah kept on reminding me to stick to the doses she gave me because it is medication and it's crucial not to over dose!

One of the products she prescribed to me was a shampoo which i should only use 1x a week (because i don't have a big problem at all) to clarify and calm any inflammation on my scalp that can cause hair fall and allergy. I can also use it when i experience any itchiness. Erha's products are paraben free (the ingredients that can cause allergy) and because it is hard to produce paraben free products, the cost of their product's pretty high-just in par with the quality.

She also prescribed a hair tonic that i should only use two sprays on different spots (coz i don't have any specific bald patches) three times a week after washing my hair, as well as an ointment for my allergy and a hair supplement (the kind that you have to drink). She said, like every medication, there's always a chance of side effects (even the hair tonic she prescribed can lower my blood pressure if abused!), however minimal and she wanted me to be aware of that. It's probably happens to 1 in 10 people, but it can happen. On one case, a person experienced some acne (after taking the hair supplement) that they don't usually get, and if that happens i just need to stop the consumption or take it less of often.

I'm very impressed at how transparent and straight forward she was, i can vouch that this kind of transparency is not something that every clinic has!

Oh yeah, dr. Rohimah also told me to avoid super spicy food (oops... I immediately broke this rule because i had a super spicy Hotstar next!!!) to avoid itchiness and inflamation other than the other advises she gave me earlier. 

If your hair loss problem's super serious and there's a hole or noticable hairless patches (mainly happens on males), there's a scalp intralesi injections that can be done around the holes/patches, but thankfully since i have no such problems, i didn't have to get the injections. I'm super terrified of needles, so of course i was more than relieved when i heard this >.<!!!
She also kindly told me more about hair loss, especially on males because i told her my hunny's having some alarming hair loss problem (i'd say it's pretty premature because he's only 31) and if it's hereditary because his late dad and brother suffer (ed) from the same thing. Dr. Rahimah told me yes, it is genetic and hereditary-it's in the DNA and the "mode" that we got from our ancestry. If the father started eating unhealthily and doing other things that contributed to his hairloss at his 30s and the child is doing the same thing at his 20s-then the hair loss problem would start at 20s! It's a given, but it's up to us on how to control, maintain and try to fix it and get a better quality of life. I'm truly grateful for all of the new knowledge i got from this consultation only!
The hair growth-cycle. Every hair would go through this, but in some people the return to anagen phase takes longer, and over time it's causing the hair to look thinner
Different types of hair loss
Dr. Rahimah then offered me to try out their hene laser treatment to induce hair growth. This is actually a continuous kind of treatment, some people need to have it once a week, some other twice a week (depending on their hair condition) and one treatment would not make any visible result but she wanted me to experience it to see how they tackle hair loss problems-and i see it as a new experience and i know it'd not give me any bad problem, if anything it'll only bring positive effects on my hair even though it might not be drastic so i said yes.

I didn't manage to snap pics of the second floor waiting area because i was mainly in the Erha Priority room, but i did manage to snap the third floor's :
The hallway
This is the Hene Laser treatment room, this pic is actually taken after my treatment so the bed on the left's all crumpled because i've used it hahaha. They make sure that everything's clean and hygienic so the white sheet on the head of the bed's always changed for every client
Hene laser machine
Here they're taking a pic of my scalp for their documentation
The next step is application of asa liquid (just for oil control) on two spots on my scalp
Application and doses might be different from one person to the other, but in general females will get application on two spots and then get 20 minutes of hene laser treatment, while male will get three spots and only 15 minutes of treatment
Since it is using laser and bright rays, i had to have my eyes covered and everybody must leave the room
How did it feel like? Errrr. I didn't feel anything really, i did feel slightly sleepy and dizzy towards the end but it might be the waiting and being hungry? LOL. I'm not so sure, but it's definitely not painful or uncomfortable. 

At 20 minutes exactly, before the alarm clock even went off, the therapist (i'm not sure if she's a nurse or a therapist, but i'm pretty sure she's a nurse?) came, turned off the machine, took off the eye cover and cleaned my hair from the liquid solution. And it's a wrap!

Mr. Wibisono's already waiting for me to lead me back to the Erha Priority room and asked me to wait for the pharmacy staff to bring all of the products and medications prescribed to me by dr. Rahimah.
Of course, selfie is in order ^^
They even provided refreshments and snack, how thoughtful! 
While i waited (very comfortably, i must add. I hate waiting especially when i'm alone, i would usually be very nervous and anxious, but the room's super comfy and cozy i don't mind waiting longer hahaha), another staff (if i'm not mistaken her name's Ms. Cynthia) came and accompanied me. She was so friendly and we went on talking nonsense hahaha. After the pharmacy staff came and explained the products one by one plus how to use them (but i've written down dr. Rahimah's instruction already and it's slightly different coz my scalp's fine so the doses' that i must use is lighter), it was time to bid Erha Clinic adieu!
Blogger gotta be blogger, though
One more coz the place's too gorgeous not to
All of the products to use to prevent hair loss and promote healthy hair growth! I'm actually going to use it on my hunny because he definitely has a bigger problem than me and the products given to me is safe enough for milder problem so it should be safe for him too, as he has a more defined (and visible) hair loss, the result should be more apparent on him-i will be sure to document it!
Thank you Erha Clinic for having me, and thank you for all of the staffs that's involved-especially for dr. Rahimah, Mr. Wibisono, Ms. Cynthia and or course, Ms. Rizky (i'm probably one of the most fussy and annoying blogger she has to deal with, sorry Ms. Rizky! I just am a perfectionist and i prefer to make sure i cover all bases so there's no room for problems to rise in the future!).

I will keep you updated with how the products work, please stay tune!


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  1. Wah, Erha ada kliniknya sendiri ya ternyata hahaha Kirain yang di CiWo doang hihihi
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    1. Yg di CW ada klinik nya tah Nin? Setauku koq cuma Apothecary nya yah? Ntar deh waktu aq ksana aq selidikin hihihih

  2. waaaaah tempatnya enak yaaa...
    jadi penasaran itu belakangku ada juga ga ya --" semoga cocok ya pake erha ^^

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    1. Kalo rambutku biasa aja sih soalnya emg ga tll ada masalah, tp suamiku yg kelihatan bgt jd tumbuh byk rambutnya ^^

  4. pake hair tonic nya juga kah ? kalau iya gimana efeknya ?

    1. Hasil penggunanaan produk Erha sudah di post juga koq, coba di search dengan kata kunci Erha ya :)

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    1. Harga bisa langsung di konsultasikan ke Erha ya ^^

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