Eye Stories 06 : Envie de Neuf Thalasso-Decompress Eye Mask

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Hellow hellowww...

It's been a while since the last time i reviewed a sheet mask! But today i am not going to review a facial sheet mask though, but rather : a sheet mask for your eyes. And i will use the words that i totally overused in the blog : have you ever heard of Envie de Neuf? LOL. Because that's the brand the eye mask that i'm going to review is from!
Evnie de Neuf Thalasso-Decompress Eye Mask
I won't pretend that i have *LOL*, coz it's definitely not a brand that's even remotely familiar to me. The first time i've ever heard of this brand was when we were handed a sachet of this product by a BA in Taipei 101-so we (as in #Undecided and i) got the eye masks for free-and this is actually the only product from this brand that i've tried so far :p (again, why can't it happen to us? We actually have online shops SELLING sachet samples in Indonesia when people actually hand them *and even full sized one this like mask* on the street in other countries zzz. It's pathetic).

Envie de Neuf is an American brand (at least i think so, because i cannot find any information that pointedly say where this brand originates-but the headquarter is in USA and it's stated to be distributed by their company in USA at the back of the package) which name is derived from French meaning "Envy's new" (not that i understand what envy's new supposed to mean), their products are formulated from various places in Europe, Japan and USA and their motto is that they want to help us regain and obtain our best possible, nonstop beauty for our skin and body, and prolong it as long as we can. You can read more about the company here.

Now, according to the website, this Thalasso-Decompress Eye Mask is worth USD 4 (which surprised me, because i tried it before learning the price and i thought it felt very high end and luxurious, i'd peg it to be a lot more expensive than USD 4!). I'm not sure if they ship to Indonesia (and i wouldn't try it anyway, with our custom being absolutely crazy lately, you'd probably going to have to pay a lot more than the product's worth if you insist!) because to check you'd have to create an account (and i just couldn't be bothered >.<), but from that i learned (from the internet :p), the closest neighboring country where you can get this easily is (of course) Singapore. (If you're in Singapore or have someone close to you coming from Singapore sometimes soon, note that they're having a huge sale of this product on their online shop!)
Again, this picture's taken a long time ago... When i was still using Pinko and haven't figured out a better background/angle for product photography
The single sachet (which doesn't seem to be available in the Singaporean website) is pretty small sized (compared to facial sheet mask, obviously) and comes in a soothing baby blue with a tinge of mint package. It's super easy to open without needing any help from scissor or whatever.
There's a plastic sheet to help the mask retain its shape inside the package
As you can see from the picture above and how wet my hand was, the mask is packed with moisture! The serum it contains is slightly thick so it wasn't super drippy, but it's not super thick that it feels sticky either.
There's flaps on the eye mask that you can leave closed like this so you can lay down and just relax while the mask is working to prettify your peepers-but unfortunately i find it very hard to stay still zzz. So i always put any masks that has flaps up so i can do stuffs while having the mask on.
LOLOLOLOL yeah... i did find the bridge way too long, maybe because it's designer for Caucasians who probably have wider skull frame or further set eyes? I dunno. But it's a bit disturbing because i couldn't adjust until it sits right.

Other than that, i found no other problem with this mask. The sheet is very soft and silky (but not fragile at all), it has a fresh scent that i associate with products containing algae and or cucumber now (it's very similar to a lot facial masks i've tried before). It is very cooling (but not stinging. I have problems with a few eye masks that makes my eyes water because they sting badly!), comforting and like i mentioned earlier-feels luxurious.

Here's the description from their website :

A cooling, hydrating eye mask that freshly resets the eyes in one go. Fabulous formula with algae and coral weed extracts, multiple botanical compounds of cucumber, white tea and sea mayweed extracts and fascinating deep-sea micro organism Abyssine 657 to infuse the eye area with concentrated doses of high powered ingredients for an instantly refreshed and nourished look. Dramatically decompresses and tones tired eyes. Eye lids become lighter, brighter, and sensationally stress-free. Freshens up the eyes as is you just awoke from a full nights sleep.

Features & Benefits
  • Dramatically decompresses tired eyes
  • Eyes instantly look lighter and brighter
  • Nourishes the delicate eye area
  • Hydrates the skin around the eyes
  • Cool / Calming affect
I don't suffer from puffy eyes, so i cannot comment of the decompressing part, but i do feel that my eyes instantly look brighter, the skin around my eye area felt immediately hydrated and soft, and ditto on the cool and calming effect-i'm guessing that they deliver pretty well!

I only used it once so i don't know the long term effect it'll have if you use it regularly, but from the first use-i was impressed. I don't usually like sheet eye mask (thanks to #Undecided who've ruined it for me haha) and prefer gel eye patch type, but this one's good enough (and with a more affordable price tag than i expected too!) for me to convert to sheet eye mask haha.

If, like me, you use eye masks at least once a week and you're interested on trying this product out, i think it'd be more value for money if you get their box packaging (USD 180 for 50 pcs, it's currently on sale on the Singaporean website and going for only SGD 98!) :
It's a pretty awesome eye mask, feels super luxurious and pampering, instantly hydrates and refresh, and won't burn a hole on your pocket *at least not too badly. I think most Korean eye masks that available in Indonesia are not a lot cheaper than this one*.

I would recommend this for anyone who's looking for a cooling, relaxing eye mask to nourish and pamper your peepers. I wouldn't recommend this... Probably just for those who has very tight budget (maybe you can try those eye gel patches available in local online shop freely? I use them a lot too. The ones that's gold or white in color and has the cutest consistency hehe)-oh i also don't think it's available in Indonesia so unless you have access to people overseas/have plan to go oversea, it'll be quite hard to get if you reside here.

Would i purchase this with my own money? Yep! Although i would probably wait until it's on sale (like right now *LOL*) to get them-i'm also curious if it's going to have an awesome result after using for an extended period of time.

Have you tried anything from this brand? Did you like it?

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