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Hi guys ^^.

I haven't been posting haul posts for a while now, the reason was... Well, if i say i haven't been shopping i'm guessing that most of you'd know straight away that i'm lying *LOL*, i don't really know why. I think it's probably because i was quite stressed out when some of my fellow bloggers compared my shopping habit to how people buy pet's food T.T, it just makes me feel like a bigger freak than what i already accepted myself to be *LOL*. So i've been postponing and postponing, to a point that i've used plenty of the products up *LOL*, but once an OCD-always an OCD, i have to list them anyway.
Mostly drugstore products and sale stuffs this time round, so i did not spend that much!
Beauty related stuffs first :
We actually used lots of these stuffs up already, i feel so good! LOL
First up are the stuffs i got from Luxola when they were having one of those (very often) sales. I think it was IDR 200.000 off with a minimum spending :

I got all these and paid only IDR 201.000 : Bourjois Lip Shine Edition in #15 Rouge Podium (is it bad that i don't even remember i have this?), Cottage Moisturizing Body Milk in Caramel and Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Eye Cream in #21 Ivory. I simply cannot pass a good offer up >.<
Elianto Strawberry Nail Remover. I don't need this, i still have backups but i had one of those OCD episodes (i know i make a lot of jokes about my OCD, but recently i realized that it's a real problem that i truly have and it's very disturbing. It's actually bad enough that it's crippling sometimes...), i have two small bottles of Elianto nail removers that i misplaced. I spent an entire night (before a very important morning, we were going on a trip and we had a very early morning flight to catch the next day-but instead of resting like i should, i spent the precious hours rummaging the black hole that is my stash and got all bent up over it. And nope, i couldn't find them) looking for them-since they're still missing, the only way to appease the crazy OCD monster in me is to buy a replacement, and this is it.
I'm currently using Revlon's makeup corrector (the one shaped like a pen to correct small mistakes without having to redo the whole thing), it's running out so i ordered this Etude House Line Remover Stick from my BFF A as a backup. I actually wanted the Daiso one after watching Shu Ann's Tried and Tested but of course, Daiso Indonesia doesn't carry any makeups/beauty related items so... Have to wait for another trip overseas to try to find them. Where did i put this anyway T.T? (Uh oh, here i go again zzz)
I got an MAP voucher from a blogging competition that i joined, and whenever i got a voucher... I'd spend them on makeups. Because i normally don't really buy makeups all that much *seriously T.T unless it's on sale, or the packaging's too cute* on daily basis, but whenever there's a voucher (even Carrefour vouchers can be incorporated, like i did below)-you can bet it's gonna be spent on stuffs on my never ending list. I got Maybelline's White Superfresh Cake Powder, Color Show's clear nail polish (it's a top coat, isn't it?), the long coveted Color Sensational Lip Polish (see, i am patient enough to wait for a promotion on something i actually really want, or better yet-until i get a voucher so i can get them for free like this!) and L'Oreal Glam Shine Balmy Gloss for free (coz i paid by voucher hahaha) and the Bourjois Color Boost Lip Crayon were on buy 1 get 1 promo so... >.< (crayon shaped lippies craziness still going strong)
Like i mentioned above, i also always use Carrefour vouchers for beauty related items. I wanted to buy a new Playboy perfume (i love Playboy perfumes and collect almost all of them now) that i don't already have, but apparently Carrefour didn't have it (i saw it in Hypermart) so i ended up getting this Mustika Puteri Million Scents in Mysterious Me (again, this is free as i didn't spend a dime on them).
My mum loves to bring me expensive clothes (that i hate *LOL*, her taste's just too different to mine!!!) whenever she goes to Singapore, so i told her to stop getting me clothes and get me stuffs that i actually need-in these are the latest stuffs she brought me from her hometown. I'm NUTZ about Batiste, unfortunately Batiste in Singapore's not cheap (especially with their crazy rate exchange) so i only asked her to get me one, plus my holy grail skin care-b.liv's Off with Those Heads. It's apparently not available in Watson's anymore, but you can still get them in Sasa. I'm gonna stock on them when i go to Malaysia in June (hopefully it'd be cheaper here coz this bottle's worth almost IDR 1mill WTF)
Speaking of gifts, W got us The Body Shop's hand creams as her thank you gift for throwing her a baby shower. You can imagine how backdated this post is based on that alone...
It's tres importante to thoroughly cleanse you makeup and make sure that you use a special makeup remover formulated especially for your lip and eye area on those particular areas, i always have to stock on them so whenever i see those +1000 get 2 promos in Guardian, i'd snag them ASAP
CL bought these Make Over foundation and Base Make Up with the discount vouchers we got from Miracle's event for Au, unfortunately her sensitive skin doesn't agree with these products-so her aunt who has rhino skin (as it can use any makeup without getting any bad reaction) can use them instead *LOL*
Getting on with supermarket purchases now, i always use hair serum/oil after washing my hair now *pats self on the back*, so when i saw this cute (and new, back then) HQ7 Very Berry Hair Milk (yes, it's for girls, but who cares. I wear little girls' accessories, why should beauty products be any different *LOL*) i just gotta try them. I've bought more ever since event though i have yet to try one *LOL* #hoarderforever
Stocking up on hunny's products : Vaseline Aloe Fresh body lotion (the best drugstore body lotion for his skin), Mylea Hair Tonic (that works wonder for his thinning hair) and Old Spcie deodorant. All are his holy grail products because they truly work!
Also stocking up on shampoos because the Pantene ones were on sale, as for the Mane n Tail... I am quite a weird person as i don't like buying mainstream products, whenever people are raving about something, i tend to shy away from them *i dunno why!!!* so Mane n Tail's never quite interest me. But! When people on my circle started saying that it really works, i was intrigued when i saw it at Ranch Market, i mean... Anything to save hunny's hair! Needless to say, it totally lives up to its hype and we're now a convert. We've actually finished this bottle (and half a bottle i got from Av because she prefers their Herbal Gro variant), and i've been repurchashing a few times already!
I figured, i already featured hunny's products, why not Baby Boy's as well? LOL. It's rare that i got to snap his stash because he has his own cupboard (did i tell you that we're a family of hoarder? Totally my mum's doing. And she's training us all young *LOL*) and i'd usually pass the stuffs this his nanny before i even take pictures of my haul, but here they are for once. Stuffs to keep him clean and smell nice!
Resik V Extra hoho, because you need to keep every part of yourself clean!!!
Again, these Garnier Duo Clean were new back then and i couldn't resist new products... Kinda regret stocking up on so much facial cleanser because i've been receiving cleansers (and skin care) nonstop lately (you know, blogger perks) >.<
Veet Hair Removal Cream, another holy grail product for me to get rid of my unwanted leg hairs (coz i cannot stand pain and the thought of waxing makes me break out in cold sweat)-i know they're full of chemicals and not exactly good for you, but i use them less than once a month, just when my leg hairs' really getting too long and disgusting *LOL*. Oh, and i didn't buy them, i got them all for free from their promotion on FB. I pretty much used three different Facebook profiles (mine, my other one that i created just to add online shops *LOL*, Au's, even my old-defunct-online shops. Coz i am kiasu that way)
That's all for beauty products (for now)! Moving on to other stuffs now :
Floral socks. I am crazy about jelly shoes and sneakers now, and what's the perfect match for them but Lolita socks, no?
The seller gave me these tiny *they're like, less than half of the picture's size IRL* flower pins as bonus. Cute!
Disney Princesses' socks from Gosh
I am nuts about flower crown, but i am quite thrifty when it comes to my accessories and would normally never pay more than IDR 75.000 for them, but i got a voucher of Centro (i guess that's the theme of this haul post, vouchers and promotions!) so i got this gorgeous flower crown that costs twice the amount that i'd willingly pay-i got it for free anyway!
Was still obsessed with hair clips extensions (i gotta start wearing them again!) and i got these from Stroberi
As well as these bracelets
Quirky pins
And edgier accessories (on sale! Well, except for the Cool one)
More accessories from Av, the crystal one's already been featured here
Still from Av
Her online shop gives a free bonus if you spend IDR 100.000, i got these all for free so.. You can count how much i spent!
And it's still not enough because i still bought more accessories from another OS in IG *LOL*, love dragons!
I also turned to a shoesaholic *sigh*
Already featured these cute bunny sneakers here
Platform sneakers are the bomb!
Oh, i also forgot to share the stuffs i got from Makassar
Ethnic looking bracelets, but look-two of them are full of Hello Kittys!!!
Flower cuff and ring from leather
Hair pin made from a traditional fabric
Beaded clutch that's going to be cool enough to wear to a party/dinner
Furry bunny ears headband for my crazy headbands collection
And a pastel beaded crocodile (or is it a gekko? LOL)
I also found ridiculously old pictures from a totally forgotten file, i once stressed about not being able to find my haul pics- they're apparently in this forgotten file *sigh*, along with these stuffs (it's years old, but i still need to feature them for my own personal note) :
Accessories from Atum and wrap bracelets from Bunga
Etude House's If Story Nail Kits
Okayyy, that's all for now! I think i should speed up the next haul post because posting them after i've been using so many of them already's just ridicolous!

What have you been buying lately?

My new, shorter hair

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  1. Great products!!! nice post!!!
    would you like to follow each other? let me know...
    Besos, desde EspaΓ±a, Marcela♥

  2. Those princess socks are adorable! The bunny sneakers are so cute too. :D

    1. I thought you don't read haul posts, Leah :D!

  3. Ce, parfumnya Mustika Puteri wanginya gimana yang ungu? Pas monthly shopping kemarin mau beli di Hypermart tapi ragu2 karena nggak ada testernya :/ Dia manis? Agak citrus? Atau ada musk-nya?

    1. Aq agak2 susah loh kalo jelasin wangi >.<, lemme try... Errr... Manis, fruity, agak kayak permen gitu hehehe (in berusaha ngetik sambil ngendus2 botol loh haha). Kalo ada waktu mampir ke House of Mustika Ratu d Grand City, tester nya lengkap kap kap

  4. Huwaaa mupeng liat makeup & skincarenya 😍😍😍

  5. waaa..ngeborong, ngences deeh...