South Korea Winter Trip : Day 3 (Nami Island)

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Hi, my dears!

Good God, since when did i become those bloggers that blog about their holiday months after it was finished >.<, i hope i wouldn't turn to the worse ones that would sometimes blog about their holiday more than a year later *LOL*. I used to be so efficient with my travel posts (even though they're always very long and have plenty of "episodes") but then again i did have a lot less to blog about back then. No matter, we're at least on gotten to the third day (the first South Korea Winter Trip day that is not going to be divided into two posts!) already haha (read the previous post here) : we're going to Nami Island!
I love love LOVE this picture taken by our *apparently very* talented photographer, Tom :D!
If you're a fan of K-Drama then you must've heard of Nami Island (they also cutely call it Naminara Republic, since it is a micronation) from Winter Sonata fame. I don't really watch K-Drama (the only one that i managed to watch almost fully was City Hunter), but my mum was a huge fan of Winter Sonata and sometimes i'd watch it with her. I don't even remember what the storyline was about anymore, but i do remember that Bae Yong Joon was the hottest Korean male actor during that day (and many people commenting about how my hunny looks just like him *LOL* *WTF*).

Anyway, let's start from the beginning! We left Jeju Island very early in the morning, so early that we didn't even have time for breakfast because we were busy doing last minutes preparations and packing. I guess i was still very blur and we were rushing around so much that i didn't snap a single picture of the airport or the flight (we boarded right away, some had to catch another flight that leaves just a few minutes later due to some problems that i cannot remember anymore), i just remember falling asleep very fast once we were seated and had leftover fried chicken from the previous night as breakfast *LOL*.

Once we arrived back in Seoul, we boarded the bus and head to Nami Island right away. I only started snapping pictures on a toilet break somewhere along the way!
Prior to this trip, my crazy big bro kept on underestimating the climate in South Korea, he kept on saying "I'm sure it wouldn't be too cold!" and even made a promise to pose topless outdoor -___-.
Well, it was not super cold with super strong wind like Jeju Island, as you can see the Indonesians all crazily lost our jackets although the Koreans still kept them on-so we decided to ask KC to fulfill his promise!
Coz my bro is nutz. LOLOLOL. Maybe he should get a 6 pack painted on next time he plan on flashing people on my blog *LOLOLOL*
Of course, toilet break is a snack break for us! We went nuts due to the lack of breakfast *LOL*. I loveeeee the hotteok, so yummmmmmmmmm!
Obviously we ruined our appetite and guess what, lunch is next -___-.
Chicken and toppoki!
Once we're done with lunch, we headed down to catch a ferry to Nami.
All were naturally attracted to the fire haha
So cute. I don't think you really need a passport to pass though *LOL*
Suneo Sonny giving us the brief on where we're going and what we're going to do next
Boarding the ferry
The view was absolutely stunning, i snapped a LOT of pictures of the surrounding and less of my narcissistic self for once *LOL*
It's just so gorgeous the way the water's turning icy and the water fountain froze like that! Was Elsa around? LOL
Icy water the closer we got to Nami. The temperature was very low in Nami and it's famous of being ccccolldd, but the air was still with no crazy wind-and that's ALWAYS more bearable than cold winds! With the sun shining so bright, it almost felt warm! I said almost, okay.
I swear i didn't even realize that there was a lovey dovey couple when i snapped this pic
Another lovey dovey couple? LOL
Welcome to Nami Island!
Our huge group was divided into two groups because the ferry was too crowded so we had to wait for the second group to arrive.
Buying drinks to warm their hands *LOL*
But naughty MT burried his coke in the snow instead -____-
A drink commercial? LOL
Finally the second group arrived and we began walking to the destination (not sure what the destination was -___-, i think it was just the best spot for a Winter Sonata style photoshoot *LOLOLOL*). The beauty of walking in cold is it makes me feel a lot less tired, i guess because i didn't even sweat?
Isn't it just gorgeous? We're so lucky we were there at the perfect timing, the island's covered in thick, soft snow! MM and her family went just a week after and i could hardly see any snow in their pictures, and the ones that were left... It was gray and dirty looking >.<!
These two and their antics
My goodness, how cute is he? I wish he'd stay pint sized forever T.T
We saw a photo shoot taking place there. I am going to be a total B but i honestly didn't see a lot of pretty girls during our almost 2 week stay in South Korea, and the rather pretty ones really do look alike. They all look like this model here *LOL*. I saw like, 10 of them, with the same face!
Baby Boy really really love snow!
My crazy husband and big bro doing a pre-wed photoshoot LOLOL
AU and i ^^
With my big bro
This one's taken by Tom ^^
Like i said before, the purpose of us being led in this direction was to snap Winter Sonata inspired photos, well... Hunny and i are actually very lovey dovey couple, we're always holding hands and hugging each other, but acting romantic totally doesn't come naturally to us. Our relationship has always been the more humorous kind, if you get what i mean. That's why i always find it hard to have a romantic photo shoot with him, i find it icky, weird and well... It's very very hard to keep a straight face! But Tom is definitely more talented than i admittedly first thought and he managed to capture this :
Hahahaha. Winter Sonata Season 2? HAHAHA. I don't like my side profile, but i guess this is not too bad
Crazy people laid down for some romantic snaps (?) (look at KC's face)
And immediately hunny wrestled me down to the ground WTF
He's really pinning me down and not letting me move FYI! Romantic my ass!!!!
LOLOLOL look at him laughing his ass off while pinning struggling, flailing me!
GRRRRRR. These pictures sums up the nature of our relationship though haha
Me looking absolutely miserable after he finally let me go zzzzzz
Trying to clean myself off zzz
Cousins romantic shoot?
Romantic family shoot, now?
Olaf, is that you?
Found a pretty souvenir shop and we just had to stop... Only borrowing this cute hat for a snap though hihihihi (i did bought some other stuffs okay!)
DB and CL bought those super fluffy ear muffs and wore them right away
Steamed buns ^^
Back at the harbor, after treading very thick and fluffy way that made Au fell down countless of times :p
Speak of the devil
Truly find those frozen water fountains fascinating!
The ferry's here!
That dude on the left corner, he's in our big group with his wife (they were on their honeymoon, if i remember correctly) but in the other bus-i guess i am always an open target coz later at dinner i was trying to go to the toilet and he told me i was going to the wrong direction and pointed another way. I totally believed him and starting off that direction and he laughed his ass off, pulled me and told me he was just joking zzzzzzzz. I really look that gullible, eh?
Imagine how cold the water underneath those ice....
Told ya i snapped lots of the view's pics!
Once we arrived back to our bus, CL immediately passed around some snacks that we didn't even know she purchased! LOL. She's like a food ninja or something!

This thing... I think it was just okay because i don't remember much about it *LOL*
The journey was pretty long! Dinner's next!
You need to take off your shoes and put them on the racks before entering the dining room!
KC's warming his ears with his hot packs hahaha
Seafood stew!
It was this girl's in our group's birthday that day so we had a little celebration!
After dinner, we headed to For You Resort (in Sorak area) straight away. We arrived much earlier than we did the previous nights because we're given the time to enjoy the calm and quiet in the resort. Each room is two storey high a bit like a tiny apartment, we made a request beforehand to get the ondol style room because while in Korea, must try sleeping in Korean style at least once, no?
The view that greeted us once we opened the door to our room
The stairs leading to the bedroom in second floor
The living room slash kitchen. It's actually spacious enough to sleep at (and get easy access to the bathroom. I had to climb the stairs half a dozen of times because i always go to the toilet multiple times in the night when i'm cold!) but i would never be able to sleep in front of the stove and sink zzzz
They even provide a rice cooker here. I guess Korean likes to feel at home when they're at the resort?
The "bed" piled neatly, ready to be carried to the second floor
Unlike the other hotels where we stayed at during this trip, the bathroom in this resort's floor's not heated so it was FREEZING! I really couldn't handle the freezing floor so i had to wear plastic sandals (that they provided, precisely for this problem i think!) while taking a shower! See that huge tub of shower cream in the rack? Yep, Korean smaller hotels and resorts provide those kind of amneties instead of the tiny ones like most hotels i've stayed at in other countries
Hunny preparing our beds. Did i ever tell you that he's a lot more domestic than me? I am the housewife that doesn't do household chores (except organizing our closet) you know...
The closet with a fan should you need one
So now we can cross "sleeping in ondol" off our list! How was it? It was... Uncomfortable! LOL. The bedding was so thin, you practically sleep on the hard floor! And while the super warm floor's feels good at first, you realize that it's only warming the side that touches the floor, and it became uncomfortably hot after a few hours! So half of our body's cold and the other half's super hot, it was confusing! 

(As uncomfortable as it was, we still slept through the night and was actually LATE the next morning *that's like, a total horror when you're in a tour group*! Somehow i forgot to set my alarm *i always set my alarm before the morning call because i need more time to get ready* and the morning call also never happened (on KC's room's either!). I jerked awake around the time that we're supposed to be on the breakfast room already and we  JUMPED up, scrambled around *no shower for me that day *LOL* and somehow made it to breakfast *LOL*).

We went to the convenience store in the resort (there was even a game room too, a very old fashioned one though haha) to get some snacks and drinks.
Makgeolli. It was okay, but i'm not much of an alcohol drinker (i do love cocktails though hehe) so it was still bitter for me even though everybody said it was sweet!
Drunken party in our long john (or even tanktop, in Au's case)
Because ice cream during winter is actually very nice hehehe. Plus i love Korean ice cream, of course must eat them while they're much cheaper, no? #kiasuforever
Hunny, the strange food lover found these canned silkworm larvae and insisted to give it a try
It smelt very earthy, hunny said it tasted like nuts while MT said it was like shrimps (how confusing is that?) but the shape, the smell and basically the fact that it's a larva puts me off and i totally, wholeheartedly refused to try it. Sorry, food adventurer i am not!

Spent the rest of the night lazying around, chit chatting leisurely, like one supposed to be doing in a resort! 

Stay tuned for day 4!


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  1. We have also watched Winter Sonata and Nami Island definitely rings a bell. If I were there, I would also take lots of pictures as I want to capture like everything. :) Wish I can also bring home snow! I bet it would be really hard to take a bath if there is no heater in the bathroom. Korean ice cream is a must-try, but that one with silkworm is something I think I can't convince myself to dig in hahaha.

    1. Yesss, the showering part's not that bad since the water's hot, but once you turn off the water... OUCH!!! IKR, i would never touch that silkworm pulpa in a million years >.<