#Pink and #Undecided Taiwan Trip : Taipei 101 & Tamsui

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How is everybody doing? This is #Undecided and we're continuing the story of our Taiwan Trip and right after Good Cho's, Ashley took us to go see Taipei 101 and Tamsui..

#Pink and #Undecided in Tamsui

Totally unrelated story, I went and watched Need For Speed last night, and even though the story is not for me (hubby on the other hand, had the time of his life ogling over nice cars), I found a new candidate for an imaginary boyfriend (this is Indra Herlambang's fault because he keeps on delaying his sophomore book!), and his name is Aaron Paul!! OMG I'm obsessing over him!! Been googling him non stop now LOL. 

*slaps self*

OK... where was I?! Right... Taipei 101.
The view that greeted us when we walked up Taipei 101's steps
It's Falun Gong practitioners, if you're wondering. I am familiar with them because my mum told me about them

Pink's hunny showing you where we were
And i want to show you hot HOT it was, can you see he's drenched in sweat? LOL
Love the building. It screams... expensive. LOL.

One of the interesting displays...
Not Aaron Paul, but he'll do :D

The appropriate caption would be "Not Jong Kook Oppa but he'll do" then!
Blown up logos of those famous brands. Ashley and I joked about which brands that we have NOT produced (the packaging of course - you know I work for a packaging company that is owned by Ashley's father, yea?) for and if we should just walked in and put our marketing skills to the test LOL.
The place's huge! Nothing much to see though if you're not too into branded stuffs (and honestly, i wouldn't buy branded stuffs in Taiwan anyway, it's not the cheapest place to buy them. I was attracted to a diamond ring and was thinking that it was too cheap to be diamond... But then #Undecided dragged me by the hair from the store #sullen)

The most famous part of the building must be the observation deck, and we decided to take a look. Later someone told us we should go in the observation deck at night since it'd be prettier, but somehow we never made it back. I am not much of an observatory deck kind of girl (and i've been to quite a few anyway. KL Twin Tower's, Macau Tower's, Paris' Tour Montparnasse to name a few), somehow they all looked the same to me *i know, i'm horrible*, but i just felt bad for skipping one of Taipei's main touristy destination *LOL*. Oh, this is #Pink btw, in case you didn't notice.
But that doesn't mean we didn't cam-who around the entrance... Got super photo-bombed by Tiara!
The illustration of what we supposed to see that night haha

I think #Undecided's hubby tried to use the line (which is not bad at all for an observation deck, in fact that can be considered quite deserted!) as an excuse to not get in the observation deck (he's not into touristy things)

Told ya my hunny's as bad of a shoppaholic as me when it comes to useless souvenirs. But this is where we bought the damper baby for Baby Boy (check out my Taiwan haul post here)

Me, showing you my purchase haha

Then we went down and found this huge round signs with international cities on the floor! So naturally we scrambled to find any city of Indonesia's!

Found it!

Obvi we didn't expect to see Surabaya, but we thought there'd be Jakarta-we found Denpasar instead!
Showing you our long legs in the process... Yes, we may not be skinny at least we have fab legs LOL
Crazy Indonesian at Taipei 101
Btw today is Boss Re's birthday! Happy birthday, Boss Re...!!!!!
What's with the face, not-Aaron-Paul Hubster?!
Whenever he's googling for food places in Taipei, Taipei 101's food court would always pop out too so we thought we'd check it out to have some refreshments

Looks like your typical foodcourt

The unique hanging lamp made of wine glasses caught my eyes!
Must have been too busy looking for food for I didn't notice that then :D

Fresh juice hmmm

We just had brunch at Good Cho's but some people's tummy can never be full

Looks yummy eh, who's the owner of the rubber stomach btw?

#Undecided's hubby, of course
Hmm.. he has my-OMG-food-face hahahaha

While my hunny's been super intrigued by Taiwan's McD's Yin and Yang burger and finally decided to try it out

Black and white hamburger buns

Cute, eh?

If i remember right, this one's black pepper beef burger

No idea what the white one was. They were okay, nothing too special (or maybe i was too full already, i tend to think everything's so so when i'm full)
I believe this is chicken something, bb... Just like #Pink, they were just meh for me... Nothing special, I'll take Big Mac anyday...

Cam-whoring with the orange damper baby!
Group shot (minus Boss Re and Little Ashley) before we jumped into two different taxi. Ashley's hubby left right after Good Cho's because he had to get back to work.
Ugh, Tiara... The pose... Ugh... Anyway, we were on our way to Tamshui!! Had to take the MRT because it was on the other part of the island...
LOL hubby!!
I believe we exchanged MRT, but I can't be sure now LOL. But why else would we have photos of us on the platforms...
Geez, of course we exchanged train BB!!!
The view from the platform. And yes, it was hot that day...

And finally... Tamshui... Which is a beach city - and maybe that's why it got 10 times hotter by the time we got there. Got ourselves some bubble tea right after we got out of the train station, but what we saw next made me (personally!) felt like a spoilt little brat.
We saw this!!
Same statue, different pose...
And another pose... LOL. Yes, you guessed right. It was not a statue... It was a person. Completely covered in bronze paint (I wonder if he painted his junk as well hmmm...) and stood completely still for several minutes, under the scorching hot sun... All for the sake of our entertainment and some pennies.... THAT, MY FRIEND, IS WHAT I CALL SHEER DEDICATION!!
FYI, he's sweating like he's being roasted (no wonder he's so skinny), you can see bronze water slushing out of his sleeves. Not even drippinf, mind you! It was slushing and gushing *LOL*

View that greets you in Tamsui

Beach and mountain simultaneously, apparently a common view for Taiwan. Totally perplexing for Indonesian like us haha

This immediately caught my eyes. Can you guess what those black balls are? Those are eggs! Probably quail's eggs. I totally thought it was made into century eggs, but it wasn't *we didn't realize until after we ate them back in Indonesia. I actually quite like them, but it seems like i was the only fan in our household hahaha*, it was concocted with soy sauce and herbs (probably) with different flavors (we got the spicy one but it wasn't spicy for me, like... at all) not dissimilar with soy eggs we have in gudeg, locally

I'm a fan of eggs (i love eggsss!!!) while hunny's a fan of not-so-common (at least not for us) food so of course we got some (it wasn't so uncommon tastewise-afterall)

Tamsui also has alleys that were full of interesting stores lining them, we stopped a few times to do some shopping!

Giant soft ice cream that are quite famous in Taiwan, but when i saw the "giant" ice cream i was disappointed, i think A&W's Monas's bigger than that hahaha

The place's quite packed that time

One of the stores we stopped by that sells mainly souvenirs. Didn't get anything because souvenirs are surprisingly expensive in Taiwan!!!

They were selling a lot of tribal accessories *starring enviously at the skinny girl's arm. My arm's twice the size of hers FML*

Almost equally skinny #Undecided (except maybe the tummy area hahaha) checking out something

Then we stumbled into a small "Museum of the Strange" and #Undecided and i (the total museum freaks) of course wanted to go in! After we went in, i realized it was very similar to Ripley's Believe It Or Not (and after i googled, i think it is Ripley's afterall!) that i went to several times (in Genting and once a tour version in Jakarta)
Heart shaped turtle! Can't see it too well from this angle, sorry :p
What's wrong with this piggy?
Oh, i think it had two irises on each eye ball!
Guilty of shopping too much!

Guilty of being totally undecided! 

Chastity belt. LOL. I feel bad for women in that era... That thing must weigh quite a lot...
Two-headed turtle
HEH!!!!! I was showing the white snake BB!!! GRRR
Giant squid?!
LOL to this photo
#Pink's actual butts *lies* LOL
Scary shrunken head
#Pink caught for shopping too much. And I was wanted for HORSE THIEF?!!??! LOL LOL. I just read the caption here in this photo hahahahaha...
I know it's in Taiwan, but why did all the captions and notes are all in Chinese?! Lucky Ashley was there with us to translate :D
Milk bottle from the olden days?! We'll never know... (trying to sound dramatic, but maybe someone that can read Chinese letters can help us out!?)
Actually Ashley already translated so there BB!
Us girls always pose incorrectly.
Them boys at the other hand, are always more convincing hahahaha
Gigantic rabbit
Flying fish. Reminds you of Indosiar's old logo yea?! (Note: Indosiar is one of Indonesia's TV channels)
Two-headed bird. They're quite pretty actually with blue feathers and all...
Scary looking fish... (that's a fish, right?!)
Hunny wanted to mark himself?

And now he's committing child abuse! LOL

This is the olden days' punishment for female adulterers! OUCH!!!!!
And yes, that's wooden thing is what you think it is hahahahaha...

My little sissy has two of this at home. So no idea why it was there... In a very small aquarium no less... Poor thing...
six-legged frog?
supermodel crab... you know, because supermodel has long legs...
High five!
Creepy guys with two irises (just like the piglet up there?), i saw him three times already know. Hello, scary dude! I'd be confused on which irises to look at if i were talking to him
Common snapping alligator. Again, no idea why it was displayed there...
obese frog
Hubby decided to skip the museum because he's just not into those kind of things... And when we finally got out, we found him doing what he did best... Munching on food :D
We then carried on to the beach, but had to stop at one of the family marts there for some slushie because it was just TOO HOT.
Another stop. We stood there because there was a hole behind us and it blew cold air!!
Finally... Tamsui Beach!! And that island behind us is Bali... Yes, we're still in Taiwan. Bali is pronounced Pa Li. What a coincidence, yea? LOL.
Just like in Hualien... Rocky beach...

Wonder if all beaches in Taiwan are rocky like these??? I feel kinda bad for Taiwanese kiddies then, playing at rocky beaches couldn't be as good as playing at soft-sanded ones!

There were a few caricature artists there along the beach

Pretty cute, eh? Boss Re decided to do caricature of their daughters

Ashley being caricature model

Shaping up real good, yeah?

Ta dahhh!!! They liked the result so much in the end every single one of their family members had their caricatures drawn -____-. Somehow the artist's not very happy with that, he was quite angry and complained that they only said two people at first. So strange, isn't he supposed to feel good that the business' doing well?

They took quite sometime to get the drawings done so the rest of us just chilled around the beach. OMG, what an unflattering picture of moi, sitting with two super skinny girls ZZZZ. the angle doesn't help at all either PFFFFFTTTTTT. Btw we were treated to a *very loud* Chinese street band playing very old *and screechy* Chinese songs. MY EARS!!!!

Then the sun began to set

It was pretty breath-taking!
Yeah, it was awesome to look at it setting slowly...

Yellow us. Now, this angle's much better! LOL. And Tiara's presence also helped balancing everything out hahahaha

OMG my bangs
OMG Ashley's skinny arms!!!

Pretty picture of Tamsui at dusk.

And there you have it, kids... Taipei 101 and Tamsui. Special thanks to Ashley and Tai An for taking a day off your busy schedules to take us here and there. Come to Surabaya soon and we'll be more than happy to return the favor, guys!

#Pink and #Undecided

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  1. ahh how i miss that placee~ the gift shop!! I spent a lot of time there hihihi and the black and white burger~ ahh I want to go back there <3 nice post cece ^^

    1. Which gift shop Sha? The one in Taipei 101? Hahahaha...
      I also want to go back there! Preferably sometime soon :p.
      Thank uuu :D

  2. When I read the huge round ring with international cities part and you said you didn't expect to see Surabaya, I immediately remember this: do you know that NARS has an eyeshadow duo named "Surabaya"? haha :p Quite a nice surprise when I saw it while browsing around their website. Anyhoo, love the post! <3

    1. REALLY??? No, i didn't know that! Oh wow, maybe i should hunt that eyeshadow duo down ! I'm absolutely obsessed with stuffs bearing my country's (or any city within this country) name. And one with my city's name on it is in another level altogether! LOL

    2. Yes! :D I was really excited when I saw it lol (and I'm not even from Surabaya). If you do get it, hope you'll do a review :)

  3. How do the Black and white hamburger buns taste like? Chocolate or milk or just regular buns just with different colors? :)

    1. Nah, i think it was just regular buns with different colors, it definitely didn't have any unusual taste or whatever :)