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Hi y'all!

Happy weekend everybody!

We've been invited to little Etienne's (my nephew, cousin L's son) first birthday party last Sunday. If you're a long time reader you might think that his name rings a bell, well we blogged about him briefly here when he'd just been born, can't believe the little baby's now 1 year old! Time sure flies! L told me before the invitation was even sent out that the dress code would be "Mickey Mouse Club House". Not surprising since i've always known L's a huge Mickey Mouse fan (not very girly, isn't she?), but i WAS surprised when she told me (and showed me pictures) that she's making a Minnie Mouse gown (complete with the big bow) for the party! L's style's very casual, very androgynous and sexy at best, so if she's actually willing to make (and wear) something as girly (and cute) as Minnie Mouse's dress, i knew it's going to be a pretty big party *LOL*.

As for myself, i am always willing to dress up in whatever dress code you throw my way, that's super fun! I'd say i'm respecting the host's party and all, but i actually really enjoy dressing up-the crazier the better! I sadly never been to a Halloween party (d'oh, looking at my age i probably never would *LOL*) but i've always thought it'd fun! So, needless to say : i dressed up to the nines!

What do you think? Minnie Mouse enough? I think so! CW did burst out laughing when she caught a glimpse of me (much to my annoyance) but hey, if i can't dress up like this to a themed-party, when the hell can i??? So i sucked up my annoyance (and shake off the self-doubts) and strut myself to the party *LOL*. Apart from the hostess (L lah), i think i was the dressiest person there (as in following the dress code to a T). At times like this i really long for a little girl of my own so i can dress her up with twin clothes as me and all haha. I did dress Baby Boy up (and HE was like the dressiest little boy at the party *LOL*) but it's never been the same with little boys, you know? You can only do so much.

Anyway, since the party started at 11 AM (OMG, yawn), i decided to put on light, clean eye make up with red lips (because Minnie Mouse's identical with the colors red and black, right?) so it'd look dressy enough but not too much for a Sunday afternoon (not to mention, to be kiddie-party's appropriate).

Wonder if this headband's considered usamimi headband or not?

When L first told me about the dress code, i immediately thought of this organdi (i had to google the fabric's name just now because i'm pretty terrible at fabric names!) flared miniskirt that i got from a little boutique in Pasar Atum (fast becoming my favorite boutique there, even though i've only been there once, i visit Pasar Atum very very rarely you see!) called Kitsu (it housed the cutest, girliest clothes ever. Totally me!) sometime ago (can't remember when but it's not like, years ago at least haha), i think it was on a pretty huge sale (it was IDR 50.000 or IDR 100.000 tops, madness right...) and even though i loved it at the first sight, i wasn't sure where i can wear it without looking too out of place, and now the time has presented itself! 

I also found the red ruffled cardigan/jacket (i often confuse jackets with cardigans, i think this one's jacket lah, right?) while rummaging for the skirt and thought it'd be perfect if worn together so the outfit already shaped itself out like, two weeks before the d-day! 

Then one day before the party day,i went out with KC and the gank and saw this Minnie Mouse tank top in New Look. I've seen it before of course, but it was a bit overpriced at IDR 159.900 (although they are Disney collaboration so it's bound to be more expensive than the normal collection) so i never thought i'd get it. I wouldn't call it dirt cheap after being reduced to IDR 119.900, but i think it'd be so perfect for the party, i simply couldn't resist. Now, this is actually one of the super rare occasion where i actually wore the stuff i just got almost right away! It's super comfortable and slouchy, i got it in size 8 and it's still very oversized. They are still available in New Look, in case anyone's interested :p.
I just realized that there's a white hanger on the cupboard's handle after i took countless pictures ZZZZ. Please just ignore it :p
I also packed up on cutesy accessories to complete the whole look, naturally!

Hello Kitty rubber bracelet (well, i know Hello Kitty's Sanrio, but the bow's the closest i have to Minnie Mouse's bow okay!) : Hello Kitty Land's store (Johor Bahru), Elasticized bracelet with Red Heart Charm : Little Things She Needs
Cupcake Ring : Stroberi, Red Butterfly Necklace : The Grand Palace
Navy Polkadot Bow Headband : Stroberi. Large Black Bow Studs : New Look

The complete outfit
I don't have a Minnie Mouse bow/ear headbands to wear, but even if i do i think i'd still prefer this slightly-more-normal headband so i won't look too crazy *LOL*
Minnie Mouse Tank Top : New Look, Red Ruffled Jacket : Random FO (in TP or Atum, can't remember), Black Organdi Mini Skirt : Kitsu Boutique, Red Bag : Fossil, Shoes : Everbest
I actually ended up wearing the whole thing (except the headband which i took off after the party. I'd wear it anywhere in a heartbeat, it's just that with the whole outfit it became way too costumey to wear in malls!) for the whole day, even to CW and to a modest-restaurant dinner later! I did attract some stares but who cares right? I can only pull this kind of look for so long, i'd rather wear it until the day i can no longer do it rather than regretting never to do so!

I will blog about the actual party soon! Please stay tuned :).

Do you like to dress up according to dress codes or you'd rather skip it altogether?


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  1. mestinya pake bando yang kuping minnie mouse. hahaha

    1. Hahaha jangan donk ntar di kira yg punya hajat :P

  2. Nice skirt :)

  3. tw gtu tak pinjemin properties foto corner yg bando mini guedeee cee hihihihihi xp

    1. LOL ada koq d prop photo corner nya sana juga ahahaha