#Pink's Birthday Celebration Part 2

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Heyyy guys!!!

With the pile of joint posts getting higher again due to the amount of fun times we had together lately, it's time to nag #Undecided to finish another one! If you've read this post then you'd know that unfortunately #Undecided couldn't join in the first dinner i held for my birthday, but i always host a second dinner for my birthday (but this tradition might change starting next year) anyway so of course she had to attend the second one ^^.
Second birthday dinner usually consists of my uni pals, MM and O, but this year it's a lot more crowded because not only #Undecided and her hubby crashed in *haha* but also my cousin L and her family (they were in KL on my first dinner) as well.

MM is quite a punctual person so it was not unexpected that she showed up not too long after i arrived (i was very early for once hahaha), while waiting for the others to arrive...
Snap snap! MM is actually 3 years older than me, but i call her name recklessly-that's why i find it weird when people think it's impolite to call their older friends by name. FYI, LL is 4 years older than me and i still call her by name as well hahaha
Surprisingly #Undecided came next!!! Her face was very swollen from irritation that day, she's completely makeup-free haha
Why is it always so suprising for you if I arrive on time bb? I'm always on time, please!!
You must've forgotten already *expectedly*, but YOU were surprised when you realized you were on time bb *___*
Accidentally the boys were all dressed in a similar shade of blue!
Hubby and Pink's Hunny and their overgrown hair hahahaha...
Yep, with NO dress code whatsoever
Helloooo.. #Undecided here and I finally have time to blog. Been busy selling Batik lately (go buy, people! Find me on Prestige Shopaholic (FB) and @prestigeshopaholic then tell me you found out about us from this blog and you'll get yourself special discount!!). Anyway, yes, that day I was itchy all over my face, it was pure torture. BUT you don't expect me to bail on my bb the second time, do you? So obvi I hauled my swollen BARE face to a birthday dinner (things I do for #Pink). And I will write more (IF I EVER FIND THE TIME, FML) about this incident and how I found a miraculous cure for it, okay? Stay tuned! Moving on to the fun part!!!

YEP, because that's what BFFs are for! Thx for coming with your swollen face and all, bb! The good news is now we have the stock photos for your "before" part hahaha.

Yeah, totally bb... Hahahaha... 
Boys and their gadgets. I swear one of these days I'm gonna hide hubby's iPad so he can quit playing that 8BallPool game and pay attention to me LOL...
And Baby Boy's please. It's just that he's so so so busy with school and extra classes everyday i don't have the heart to stop him playing WHEN he has the time. He is only 7 after all :(
Ugh I looked weird that day, thanks Face!! -_____-
Can't miss a #Pink and #Undecided pic though right BB
Cute jumpsuit, MM!
Everybody donned blue that day. I was the only one whom missed the note.
But I found this very cute top in Magnolia (yes, bought it RIGHT BEFORE the dinner party hahaha)
Yeah, #Undecided loves to wear her newly bought stuffs right away, we're a polar opposite on that
The birthday din din was held in Zenbu. I went there once before and quite enjoyed their mozaru (baked rice topped with cheese and whatnots), but hubby didn't like his tempura. We had different things this second time around and ended up liking them MORE. Yum yum.

You probably know by now that i am not a huge fan of Japanese food, why hold the birthday dinner in a Japanese restaurant then? I gotta say that i didn't know where else to do it *LOL*. Since my guests (MM and O) are the ones that prefer to hang out at places not too far from our side of the city, the options were not that wide (coz obviously all the cool places in town are on the West. But now loads of new restaurants are sprucing in the central too, yay!), and Zenbu serves more of a fusion food so i like it better than the regular Japanese restaurant anyway hahaha (shamelessly copied L's birthday venue from last year :p).
Sushiiii!!! To think that I ever disliked them... *smh* I was young LOL...
Me too bb, me too. I LOVE sushi to death now hahaha
Best sushi ever!! LOVED the fresh veggie inside.
Hubby (whom just turned 30 yesterday!) and his teppanyaki set.
Their specialty
The designated photog of the night
He's really fond of photography, but on unanimated objects unfortunately *LOL*, he took horrid pics of us that we had to resort on calling hunny (whom we used to diss for his photography skill, but he's a lot better now!)
Hello Hubby!! (swear to God his hair... LOL)
My creamy pasta with seafood topping. It was good, but a bit too creamy for me so I couldn't finish the whole thing LOL. 
Group photo.
O and her hubby ^^
Hello Etienne!! You'll see him up close... scroll away...
I love creamy food but can only eat a few mouthfuls without getting nauseated *which is good!* so whenever my son (who's quite the same as me) ordered creamy pastas, i prefer not to order anything (or maybe just some light side dishes) because i know i'm gonna have to finish half (or quarter) of it! I quite like Zenbu's pasta, surprisingly! Usually Japanese pasta's kinda weird for me
Errr. Rice bowl? (yeah, i will never ever be a food blogger. Even now that i have my own food-related blog series)
Girls (plus Etienne) hehe
Cousins ^^
Etienne didn't look too pleased!
Whomever created cam360 deserves a special place in Heaven. LOL.
But.. We didn't use cam360 here BB.... Just soft skin filter on my digicam :p 
Better here hahaha
With O. This is when i successfully roped her (and L) in for the fashion show
I've been friends with these two for 13 years and counting, basically as long as i've known my hunny too hehehe. We used to be quite inseparable back then hahaha the animal family. Baboon-Vixen-Cow. Don't ask why.
Hunny asking the senior (emphasize on SENIOR LOLOLOL, sorry koko!!!) tour leader for places to go, stuffs to eat and all the other stuffs on our December trip's destination (i believe he's busy jotting them down on his phone in this pic!)
Hunny being silly-billy-bitty
It was a very nice, understated (compared to the rowdy first celebration), intimate kind of dinner with my girlies and their family ^^. Good food, good company, can never beat that!

You'll always have fun with me around, bb... Enuff said LOL.

Anyway, you're finally 31 bb!!! But don't we have more fun now, well, different kind of fun, but more regardless. I love you to bits and pieces, OCD and all. Looking forward to 31 more years (and more - counted and realize, with another 31 we'll only be 62 LOL) of fun to come! 
Asked #Undecided to snap a family pic of us but it turned out blurry *sigh* *LOL*
Haih, new cam bb, had some adjusting to do LOL. I missed Pinko!

#Pink and #Undecided

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  1. How could you not love sushi? Hehe

    1. We were young, Arman.. We were young.. LOL

  2. Beautiful Photos..nice to meet miss pink and miss undecided!

    1. Awww, thank you! Nice to "meet" you to *virtually* :D