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More than a quarter of October passed already and i haven't even do my September movies reviews yet! Not very enthusiastic or whatever because i felt that most of the movies we've watched in September were quite so-so (that added to the long list of reasons why i procrastinated doing this). Nothing spectacular that blew our mind at all. There were some quite nice ones, but yeah... Nice is as much as far as i'd compliment them *LOL*. But i wouldn't feel complete without doing it *OCD person's problem*.

Also, i can't list them according to the sequence that we've watched it because... the list was on that Blackberry that i lost (along with a lot of my other notes *sobs*). I might even miss out on a movie or two because mediocre movies doesn't really linger on my brain long, you know? Here they are... 

Baby Boy's movie, obviously. He had been waiting anxiously for this movie to be playing on the cinemas for quite a long time. We've been teased by the trailers countless times while watching other movies. The trailers actually gave me pretty good impression that i was quite looking forward to watch this too (coz i love animation movies), but then i read Arman's review that explained that this movie was pretty much a rip-off of the iconic Cars and became wary LOL. I went and watched it with an open mind but i gotta agree with him. Too many similarities!

Dusty is a cropduster plane (with phobia of heights! IKR, a plane that's afraid of heights? That's a pretty good one) with a dream of being a racer (with other planes, not with cars like Turbo okay!). He then trained with veteran fighter, Skipper and qualified to race in the Wings Across The World race against world class racers. He soon found enemies (who at first underestimated him), friends and even love potential. The rest was... Predictable.

It's quite boring for me, the jokes weren't too many and not that smart, i found myself spacing off from time to time *LOL*. Baby Boy seemed to quite enjoyed it though! So i think this movie's recommended for those of you have little boys. If not, skip this. Not even worth watching the DVD IMHO.

The Internship
This is one of the better one i watched on September. I know, sad right? Hehehe. The only reason i agreed to watch this was the casts, especially Owen Wilson. I have a soft spot for him (i know i seem to have soft spots for lots of actors, whatever) and Vince Vaughn's not so horrible himself. Oh, and because hunny wanted to watch this. I don't think this movie's for everybody though, this could feel (and in fact it was) a lot like a full Google movie. LOL. 

Two outdated salesmen lost their jobs and carreers that couldn't withstand the digital age. Determined to prove that they are not obsolete (yes, i borrowed that word from the IMDb page because it described it perfectly), they joined Google's internship program with the brightest and most tech-savvy fresh graduates-competing for a handful of work spots in Google itself.

Like i said, it's a lot about Google-and it did bother me in some parts, am i watching a two hours long commercial about Google's work place here? It is pretty amazing (i saw it before on a TV show) and it's well known that it's one of the best work place ever in the world! But i dunno, there were quite some moments where Owen and Vince (mainly Owen, i'm not being partial because it's Baby boy's name!) shone. They weren't knee-slapping hilarious or whatever, but instead they were being relatable, endearing and somehow i found myself rooting for them.

There were many times they even succeeded in misting my eyes (okay lah, i was pretty much bawling at some points FML) and in general, the movie promotes (other than Google, obvi haha) positivity and left me with a warm fuzzy feeling inside. It's still not a must watch or whatever, but if you like mild underdog stories (and enjoy ogling at Google's amazing work place), give it a try and you might actually enjoy it more than you thought you would.

I was really surprised when hunny told me he wanted to watch this. We didn't watch the first one so we didn't really understand what's going on in the second-that's why i found the second movie to be one of the worst movie i've ever watched. I just didn't understand a thing-plus i'm not a fan of Vin Diesel (i said it before and i'd say it again, i think he looks dumb). So, i went with the lowest expectation ever, and while it's still didn't blow my mind, it was like the total opposite of the earlier one (for me). It was watchable.

Riddick (who was apparently a king in the end of the second movie? See, i couldn't even remember a thing) gave up his throne just to be able to return to the planet he called home (Furya). He was betrayed and left to die in a desolate planet filled with dangerous and scary creatures that wants nothing but to make him their prey. He gradually worked a scheme and pulled an emergency beacon. Soon bounty hunters arrived, since there's a huge prize for his head. Of course, Riddick is some kind misunderstood (?) criminal with almost super power strength that he began outsmarting and eliminates his enemies.

It was okay, i wasn't (too) bored during the film. Lots of intense and exciting scenes as well. I guess guys would enjoy it a lot more than me (somehow lots of guys found Vin Diesel to be... cool?), fan boys mainly. It seems to be a lot more (dark) anime-ish sci-fi than i am comfortable with. You know what i mean? I love animes, i love sci-fi, but when mixed together with this kind of element, it doesn't always work for me. It was very so so in my opinion. You can skip or watch it, doesn't hurt either way.

Kick-Ass 2
Another sequel that i didn't even remember the storyline of the previous movie. I just remembered being confused because Nicholas Cage wasn't in the second movie hehe. I do remember this movie was about a bunch of real life people dressing up as super heroes and became vigilantes. I totally forgot that the (previous) movie was kinda crude and brutal, not suitable for kids. And i brought my 2 nieces (Aged 13 and 15) to watch it. Oh no! LOL. (It was especially uncomfortable during the scenes where the kids-who were around their age in the movie-began experiencing errrr... sexual urges. OMO, talk about awkward!!).

Kick Ass bravery inspired lots of people to began dressing like super heroes and even patrol the city to fight against crimes. They were then hunted down by the person previously known as Red Mist, now reborn as (i kept on bursting out in laughter whenever he said his new name) Mother F&*#%^ who held a grudge against Kick Ass who killed his daddy (in the previous movie. I seriously cannot remember anything). Their only hope was Hit Girl (whose real name in the movie's the same as my name, so i was quite gleeful whenever someone called her during the movie teehee), but she was "retired", after promising her acting guardian that she won't be involved with vigilante stuffs ever again.

I do find this movie to be quite entertaining, but also caused me to cringe on the crudeness. It was also quite brutal *the blood, the gore...* and the storyline a bit cheesy. It's quite funny too (not always in the stupid way). As far as i know, this movie's quite a cult one, i know lots of fan boys (and girls) loving Kick Ass like crazy, also always heard that it's dark, etc. I'm probably too stupid and shallow to understand the dark parts. Please someone enlighten me, is there a hidden message in this movie that i missed to see? LOL.

In conclusion, it was okay for me, but not really my cup of tea. Oh, i also didn't realize that Jim Carey was on it until, well until he was almost killed then i recognized him. Did he buffed up like crazy or what??? This movie got a lot of hype, but for me it's not a must watch. You gotta be a fan to be able to appreciate it fully.

Frozen Ground

I heard mixed reviews about this movie and almost didn't watch it because it didn't get a lot of hype and lots of the reviews i heard earlier were bad. Then i saw someone tweeted that this is a pretty good thriller movie-and i didn't even know if it's a thriller before-and i was (as usual) bored, we decided to watch it. I'd say it's pretty good actually! Not mind blowingly so, but totally worth your time!

Jack (played by Nicholas Cage who was missing from the movie above) was an Alaskan trooper about to resign and move with his family when he was handed one last assignment about a guy he believed to be a serial killer (Hansen). The killer tortured, sexually assaulted and killed many young women, but since he is a pretty prominent figure in the community (this happened in the 70s and 80s), the law always seemed to passed through him and he never got the punishment of what he did. Jack then found a sole survivor of Hansen's victim, a young junkie with a trust issue (played pretty brilliantly by surprise surprise, Vanessa Hudgens. If i didn't like her before i gotta say i was pretty impressed by her acting in this movie) and asked for her help to go against Hansen. Inspired by true events.

The based on true events parts totally sold me! I love this kind of movies, i always feel a chill whenever i'm watching a movie that's based on a true story/event. I rooted for Cyndy (Vanessa Hudgens)-sometimes feel the urge to slap some senses into her (DON'T BE STUPID!!! You know, that kind of thing) and Jack, and for the first time wanting to scartch John Cusack's (who i always found to be endearring) face.

This movie could be a bit slow on some scenes for some people (who expects an action packed thriller. If you do, don't watch is because it's a lot slower and rougher, like how it is when it's based on a true story and set more than 20-30 years ago), and i found lots of coincidences (which cannot be true, they must wrote it to amp the drama because this is a movie, after all) that is too convenient to be true, but all and all, pretty solid movie. Nicholas Cage's and Vanessa Hudgen's acting were also very solid. 

I love how this movie was dedicated to all of Hansen's victims (and they showed the real women's pictures when the credit rolls, talk about major goosebumps!). If you're a fan of based on real crimes movies (OMG, that doesn't make me sound like a psycho, no?), this one's a must watch.

Grown Ups 2 
Lots of people hated this movie (i even overheard a Caucasian girl told her girl after the movie "This is the worst movie i've ever watched") so i am one of the rare few (and my hunny too) who actually enjoyed it and laughed a lot during the film. In retrospect, i agree that this sequel's nothing compared to the first one (which is super super good, one of my favorite Adam Sandler's movie and i don't even like Adam Sandler-but i totally loved the first one, a total fan!) but i don't think it's THAT bad.

Lenny (Adam Sandler) decided to move back to his hometown to be closer to his old gang and let his family grew with their families too. Then as usual, they managed to get into one trouble after another, and experienced crazy stuffs. Bullies, crazy "old girlfriends", naggy wife, weird kids, etc. Oh, i also had hard time watching Taylor Lautner trying to be funny -___-. No, it didn't really work. But i had David Spade, Chris Rock and Kevin James to entertained me (yes, Adam's my least fave).

I understand that some of the scenes were very rude and maybe unnecessary (and very cheesy), but what do you actually expect from Adam Sandler (this is his milder slapstick work, i'd say)? Hehe. I know i know, probably hoping it'll be more like the first one that's a lot less slapsticks, (a lot) more touching (i think i bawled my eyes out watching the first one) and with solid story. But still, if you're looking for a few hours of mindless, rude jokes, go watch it. Just leave any expectation from the first movie behind. I surprised myself now because i actually enjoyed it even though i was a fan of the first movie (most fans hated the second one. It is like the D quality compared to the A first one!)

2 Guns
This is one of the better movies i've watched on September (i hope you didn't snooze going through the movies i've listed above hehehe). Again, not something that's so good that i lingers on my mind, but a good watch. A pretty good choice to pass some time.

An undercover DEA and undercover Naval Intelligence unknowingly worked together, none of them was aware of each other's real identity. They tried to rob a cartel's money, but found a lot more than anticipated-therefore there were more stories than meets the eye. There were a lot of betrayals and unexpected turns in the movie, enough to keep you guessing and entertained until finish!

Denzel and Mark Wahlberg had a real chemistry there, and they totally made the movie entertaining! The twists (too many to count!) makes you exasperated at times (in a good way?) and there were funny moments and dialogs thrown in there as well. A pretty good watch, it's quite recommended if you're an action/cop movie lover.

This was the last and probably my favorite movie in September! Seems like they had two titles for this movie, the poster above stated The Family, but they used the title Malavita in Indonesian cinema so i'd stick to it. I found this movie to be hilarious *there was a scene where i spit out water inside my mouth because it was too funny!*-in a dark and cynical way. This is obviously not a slapsticks movie, i don't think Robert DeNiro really do slapsticks movies much!

The Manzoni family is a notorious mafia clan, they were being relocated (a few times before the movie started, apparently) in Normandy, France under the witness protection program. Giovanni (DeNiro) ratted on his own (big mafia) family in order to have a normal life with his family, but since they are NOT your regular family, it is very hard to fit in to their new neighborhood-what with their hot-headedness and absurd (and totally brutal) way of dealing with anything they didn't like-in the meantime they also had to hid under the radar as not to give any traces of their well-being for their scorned clan who were still hunting them high and low.

I didn't have any expectation of the movie, i read the synopsis and thought it sounds quite fun-almost didn't watch it somehow (hunny didn't say he wanted to watch it and i was not particularly attracted to it. I dunno what's with Libra guys sometimes, why can't they take the lead once in a while instead of letting their women make all the plans? It could be annoying at a LOT of times, GRRRR), glad that we did. I quite love it! The casts were solid, loved Robert DeNiro and his craziness, Michelle Pfeiffer also made a very good crazy mafia's wife, and of course-the always always beautiful Diana Agron.

So beautiful she deserves a picture of herself in this blog 
Diana Agron
I don't usually like blondes (boys and girls, equally), so she is probably the first blonde that i found to be breath-takingly beautiful. And she did a great job in the movie too (i loveee her talking voice. OMG, yes, a total girl crush there), wish to see her in more movies (that's not like I'm Number Four that even a face that angelic could save for me).

I didn't expect to like it, but i actually kinda love it so i'm taking back the words i wrote up there-there is one good movie in my list afterall hahaha. It's good something for everyone, dark comedy lovers would love it (the audience was roaring all though the movie), as well as mafioso movie lovers (of course, it's not the heavy-full of drama ones though). Action movie lovers would be leaving the movie satisfied with their portion of gun battles scenes fixes too. This one's worth your time, definitely! 

Hope you didn't find September movie reviews too dull! Until next month then!


PS : Tomorrow's my hunny's 30th birthday!!! Finally he's catching up with the rest of us in the 30s club hahaha...

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