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Hi everybody!

How's everybody doing today? Me... Insomnia attacks has been visiting me again lately i dunno why :(... BUT! I am not here to complain haha! Instead i wanna tell you about this fun little event me and my fellow beauty bloggers went to this evening!

So, about a week ago Shasha BBM-ed me asking if i'd come to "The Shiseido event" and i was like, huh? What event? Then she told me to check my e-mail *LOL, sorry lah, i am very lazy to check my e-mail, but don't worry-#Undecided usually does, she was just a beat later than Shasha to inform me about this invitation!* and sure enough, there was an e-mail from The Grand Palace's (a department store in Grand City that i frequent) rep, Nikki :).
As soon as i made sure i have companies (Shasha, Lina, Olin... hehe :p), i quickly confirmed my attendance to Nikki :). Very excited because, isn't it obvi? It's Shiseido! I've been familiar with this brand since i was a kid because my mum's quite a fan! We were told to bring only our make up tools (brushes, etc. It was a bit embarrassing because as you know, i don't really own any proper brushes *LOL*) as the make up would be provided by Shiseido.

Lina and i had been BBM-ing each other pretty often lately (and encouraged each other to shop more FOL), and we decided to meet up earlier (around 5) at GC so we can hang out first. Even though this is just the third time we've met, we talked nonstop (gossiping, what else?)-and she even brought her new Sleek blush on trio just to make me drool, and of course it is now on the top of my wishlist FML. Oh, and earlier in the afternoon she BBM-ed me again, screeching about how we're supposed to come barefaced (Nikki asked us to wear powder only max haha. Seriously, asking beauty bloggers to come to an event bare faced... Well... it totally caused a minor mass hysteria)-again my bad because Nikki also texted me but of course... Just like my e-mail, i never check my handphone *slaps self* haha.

After a while, one by one the other girls arrived (and....most of us put something in our faces haha, like a slick of eyeliner or a lippie), and since some of us were hungry, we decided to move to this new ramen restaurant.... Errrr, okay-i completely forgot the restaurant's name already ...

At first there were just us + Shelley and Yozzelyn (whom i just met for the first time, but since we're the talk-active kind, we caught on very fast haha, ended up like old friends already :p. Okay don't say friends lah, she's actually the same age as my eldest nephew FML -___-. Yep, i'm definitely the oldest one in our group hahaha), then Glory and finally Shasha arrived! (Followed by Yennyca who just arrived from Singapore in the afternoon). Since the girls arrived gradually, they ordered gradually as well and we ended up... Being very late to the event >.<... I was determined to have one picture of us, bare-faced :p, so here's your Surabaya Beauty Bloggers, sans (most) makeups (i even wiped off my lipstick already), a rare sight-i tell you hahahaha.

(Almost) Bare faced :p

The workshop already started when we rushed there (obviously), and since we're late (but the BA told us it was just starting)... We were a little bit confused on what we're supposed to do. According to the invitation, it was supposed to be a make up demonstration by a Japanese make up artis, Ms. Yukiko Kanemune, then followed by a mini make up competition. So i was expecting to just watch the demo and then applying what she taught us later after she's done, so i was very confused to see the rest of the participants (including Xiao Vee and Sabrina) already wore their white headband and bib (LOL, i dunno what it's called, it looked like a bib :p) and dabbing on make up!
That's Xiao Vee, Sabrina and... Lala? with their white uniforms hehe, now you get what i was saying right...

So apparently we're supposed to follow the steps right away??? Ummm.. to be very honest with you, that was hard! She's a professional make up artist and i'm... Well, i'm just me who spend like 45 minutes to do a whole face *LOL*, plus our group was a step behind because we're late-so... we ended up just panicking and slaps make up on our faces without really listening to the MUA >.< ... Another issue was because even though they provided a LOT of pretty make up (that i really really want to shove inside my bag and runaway with), they didn't provide exactly the same stuffs that the MUA was using on her model-and we're supposed to replicate the look exactly... It's not really possible when we do not have the exact same shades or even products used haha...
They also provided cleanser and skin care, nobody ended up using because there was no foundation/powder provided, if we removed our make up then we'll have nothing for our faces...
Make up provided for the table that i shared with Olin, Lina and Glory. Sadly there was also no blush on set on our table and we had to borrow the one in Sabrina's table *LOL*
Ohhh so colorful...

Since we did not know what to do (like i said, it was confusing having to watch the MUA and do it right away as fast as she did, plus the translation was not the clearest either hehe), we ended up doing whatever we wanted hahaha. If you see us IRL you'll know we just did our own signature make ups each, we did followed the instruction to do purple eye make up though hehe so at least we got the shade right?

I was focusing on putting up make up more so i only remembered to snap two things hahaha...
Cream eye shadow that was used as a base, it was very pretty, smooth and buttery!
And the liquid eyeliner, that was easy to use with soft bristles but sadly not black enough for us (or maybe it was running out already?)
As for eyeshadow and lipstick, you can see from the earlier picture. They only provided one eyeliner, one mascara (well, one in black and one in brown and nobody in our table's interested in the brown one hehe) so we had to wait in line to use it haha. The blush on testers was also very pretty and colorful, but i couldn't take pictures because there was only one set provided for more than two tables, i'm afraid one of the girls might tackle me if i delay the rotation any longer to take pictures!

Bloggers will be bloggers, we started taking pictures once we arrived-naturally. Say hello to Lina!
The next table, Yozzelyn apparently was always camera ready hahaha

Selca in the middle of applying make up, very important! Haha. There was not enough headband and errr bib for all of us, thankfully i brought my own hair pad, and i definitely didn't need the bib haha. Look at Yennyca and Shasha busy with their make up! Oh yeah, Lina said i looked non-chubby in my pictures, this is the answer why! I don't smile in my pictures *LOL*. When i do smile then the (super) chubbiness appear! Obviously i am always laughing like a mad person IRL so... i can't look like that :(...
The MUA was finished and the model went round to show a close up look of her make up (that we were supposed to copy hehe).

Olin kept on gushing about her gorgeousness (to which i replied "Well, she wouldn't be a model if she's not!" LOL), even though she's not my type of girl (well, a straight woman has her rights to have a type okay! If you follow this blog for a while you'd know my type haha) i agree she's very very striking!

Honestly most of us (from the late group) was not even done with just our eye make ups when the MUA was asked to pick a winner already! Clearly none of the bloggers won *LOL*. Silliness continued when it was quizz time. We did not do our homework well since we can't even name the MUA's full name right *LOL*.
Lina who went blank when she was asked to answer, i mouthed "Yukikooo" and she repeated, unfortunately i also didn't know the last name so i couldn't help *LOL*

Then Glory tried to answer, but still got it wrong! LOL. Actually there was her full name written at the board behind the MC, we just realized way too late haha. Some other participant (all of the winner was from that table *LOLOLOL* no luck for the beauty bloggers this time. Actually i dunno if the women from the other table were bloggers as well?) got it right (Finally. I hope the MUA wasn't insulted that we couldn't even say her name right!). Same thing goes for second question when the MC asked how many levels does The Grand Palace have (correct answer : two) and Olin answered three hahaha. I didn't pay attention to the winner for this second question though :).
Probably because i was busy taking selcas. The lighting was very very strong, all of the make up looked washed out :(. And i also didn't manage to use enough blush on because the set disappeared before i was finished haha
Yea... I didn't really try to copy the MUA really, i just did my normal make up haha

I was really happy to be able to try out all of those gorgeous make up though! My favorite would be their lipsticks which glide on like a dream, non sticky nor heavy, also non drying! The color was pretty too. I actually did a gradient lips, but as i said, the lighting washed out the colors so it was not visible in the pictures :(. I also loved the eye shadows (even though to be honest they were not very pigmented and quite powdery) since they are so soft, buttery and has plenty of pretty color choices! I was not a big fan of the mascara and eyeliner though, not that they were bad-they were just more suitable for people who likes subtle, natural looking eyeliner/mascara. I prefer more of a dramatic lashes and liner so they weren't for me.

Of course, what would happen when you throw beauty bloggers together in one place? They took hundreds of pictures using everybody's cameras (and obviously every blogger brought her own camera! LOL. That first picture up there? We made the MC took pictures with like, more than 10 cameras hahaha poor woman...), with every combination possible!
Me and Olin
With Xiao Vee, Lala, Sabrina, Lina and Olin
With Shasha and Yozzelyn. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA WTF's with my face!
AAAAA, can we take it home? Hahahaha
Majority wasn't looking at the right camera!
Well, at least i did in this one hahahaha

Of course, we didn't come home empty handed :). The Grand Palace and Shiseido provided goodie bags for us to take home.

Together with some breads hehe

From Shiseido
Shiseido Body Creator Aromatic Bust Firming Complex (uuuww...)
Shiseido Advanced Body Creator Aromatic Sculpting Gel
Excited! Shiseido Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer mini lipstick!
I got one in shade PK 301
Which was a nude pale pink
OMO, so cute! I love mini lipsticks, i wish every brands has mini lipsticks (i can never finish a whole lipstick anyway, mini's a better idea hahaha)

Anddd... The entry wouldn't be complete without my OOTD right? Hehehehe... I looked really pale in the pictures because i only wore very light BB Cream+powder (both from Maybelline), also slicked some dark lippie (combined my Sonia Kashuk Luxury Lip Color 08 Flora with Revlon Super Lustrous Cream Lipstick 75 Blackberry to create more of a plum red-ish color) because we went to watch Thor : The Dark World (which was superb! I like it a lot better than the first one! And is it wrong that i fancy Loki more than Thor?) first and i didn't want to look like a sick person!
Loving darker, rock-ish look for autumn (yeah, keep on dreaming. I was drenched with sweat plenty of times today because it's SO D*MN HOT!)
Turtleneck Lace-Sleeved Inner : Online, Dark Blue Floral Dress : Random FO in TP (sadly as usual, it was a tad too short for me, so i had to put on a slip dress underneath)
Sporting a failed crack nail polish (i received the nail polish as a bonus when i bought other things, apparently it was a fake because it only cracked in one nail! LOL i had to "crack" the rest of them manually WTF).

Noticed my transparent bag? It was actually a set of make up bags (for travelling i guess) containing three blue Harajuku Girls inspired pieces of various sized make up pouches. I was too lazy to search for any other bag that's spacious enough to hold my big make up pouch (from this set) that i had to bring because i was bringing my (replica) Bobbi Brown brush set, so i just brought the whole set and used it as a hand bag instead *LOL*. Thing is, the set was very girly with Harajuku Girls' dolls all around (so not suitable for the darker look!) and the vibrant baby blue definitely clashed with my attire! So i used a Charles & Keith shopping bag to conceal and create a darker interior instead. My dad laughed at my bag and my mum said it looked like a laundry bag for comforter. FML. GRRRR....
My rocker-chick accessories. Black diamente flower ring, Black double studded bangles: Bling, Long tasseled necklace : New Look
And my almost bare FOTD :
Thank you Shiseido, The Grand Palace (and Nikki, obviously!) for inviting me, i had so much fun playing with high quality make ups and seeing professional MUA in action! And thank you for the lovely goodie bag too, you can definitely expect a review of that Shiseido lipstick!

Toodle doo!


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  1. haii ce, kmrn kita belum sempet kenalan secara resmi yaa wkwk :p namaku lala, salam kenal yaaaa ^^
    btw post nya cepet banget? hebaaat XD


    1. Hallo Lala, salam kenal juga :D
      Hahahaha iya, soalnya lg nganggur (emg selalu nganggur sik :p) and imsomnia always hahaha

  2. serruuu banget acaranya ce!! huh kapan solo ada event beginian >_< hahaha
    rockerrrr style!!!

    1. Iya seru Wie, terutama seru heboh2an sm tmn2 bloggers nya hahaha, wish you were there :).
      Hadihh, sama aja, yg d sby juga suka ngomel liat event2 d Jakarta yg bejibun, d sby mah sebulan blm tentu 1x hahaha pdhal blogger nya ga kalah sm yg d jkt kan hahahaha
      Rawwwkkk outttt babes hahahaha