Nail Polish and Accessories Haul :D

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Hey Ho everybody!

Anyone missed my weekly haul? C'mon, admit it! I found out that most of you likes my haul (and travel) posts the best from various comments (and also from my giveaway's participants' blog entries). I can relate, i totally love reading other people's haul posts-always makes you feel better about yourself to see other people went nutz, right? But also cause you to add more stuffs to your already miles long wishlist *sigh* (because there's always something from those haul posts that you GOTTA have too:p), i know because i do that too *cries*.

Anyway, after procrastinating writing this entry for almost two weeks (i'm too lazy to check on my accessories' prizes but too OCD to just skip that part huhuhu...), here it is, at last! This time i went gaga over nail polishes (again) and accessories.

Nail polish first :
No, i didn't purchase more Mariah Carey's O.P.I Liquid Sands, she just used the box to place other polishes!
Got them all from G's cousin's OS :

I never link up her online shop because she operates via BBM Groups, if you're interested to buy from her just drop me an e-mail, i'll give you her PIN alright!
Securely wrapped

First up : Etude House Ice Cream Nails!
Finally, the other three colors to complete my collection! I already got the yellow one, you can see it in this post
Now i have the complete collection of the entire Ice Cream Nails line! Yay!
I had to pay more than it'd normally cost for these glitters Ice Cream nail polishes because they became so rare (i mentioned placing a Pre-Order for about 5x and never got any, i totally became cynical when it comes to super cheap PO prices because they'd always end up with the same thing : Out Of Stock WTF), but i really didn't care anymore! I just gotta have them all (especially the glitter ones because they are oh-so-gorgeous!!!), i have no regrets!

Apricot Candy that strangely looks creme/light brownish in my pictures
Strawberry, which obviously is my fave
And my other fave : Mint Chocolate, and OMG please ignore my fugly nails! It was my SG/JB gel polish and it peeled off like nobody's business-hence the worn down looking nails!
I can't remember how much it costs me, probably IDR 45.000 each (i was offered IDR 32.000 or something prices from other OS but like i said, it always ended up being OOS so what's the point anyway). And while i was at it, i ordered some other Etude House's nail polishes as well :p. I always feel like i do not own enough glitters yet (because i just started liking and therefore collecting them). When i do not have like, three or four dozens i'd consider that to not be enough to be called a collection. I am an extremist afterall...
From the Pink Prism line
Pink glitterssss *faints* don't think they have a name for this, it's just called #3 i think
And rainbow glitterssss *faints some more*, #1
Some Bling in the Sea ones...
All of them were about IDR 32.000 to IDR 38.000 each. Something around that price lah :p.

Andddd.... i was BBM-ing the seller (she's hilarious) and talked about these Kleancolor nail polishes sets, i saw them at Chic-Princessa a lot but never actually went and bought them, so when G's cousin offered me to get some while she stocks up so we can split the shipping fee, i didn't think twice >.<
Yeah, they are not as pretty as how they appeared to be on the website *LOL*, but they are super cheap like IDR 70.000 or someting per set! That'd make each polish to be less than IDR 15.000 including shipping! What madness is this...
Kleancolor Set in Jingle Splash
And Be My Daydream (okay, this brand's not losing to Etude House when it comes to weird names...)
I've never tried anything from Kleancolor before (never even heard about this brand before stumbling into them in Chic Princessa) and i haven't tried them all out so i do not know how they'd perform yet. Hopefully they won't be too horrible for such low priced polishes hahaha.

I know i named this post nail polish and accessories haul, but since the item only contains one thing-i thought i'd just chuck it in here.
This OS' sadly no longer operating, the owner was having a clearance sale and i got this one because it was pretty cheap (IDR 100.000 or something). I bought Etude House stuffs a few times from her and her rates were quite low, so it's a bummer she's no longer selling them!
Lucidarling Fantastic Gradation Eyes
I dunno what i was thinking, but i didn't know that the packaging would be so pretty hehehe. This IS Etude House after all!
So cute!
I do not remember the shade number that i got and i got confused when i googled it, there are too many similar shades in some of the palettes! But i think it's #12 Aqua Tears Blue (sorry, too lazy to check...)
Okay, that's it in the beauty department. Now onto the accessories. I warn you first ah, i went a little crazy all the time this time! From high street brands to no brand cheapo ones, i got everything!

Tribal style headband from Stradivarius
I love the unique and loud style!
Got it for IDR 129.900, a little steep for a headband, but when i really want something i tend to stop thinking anyway
I got to know the brand Stradivarius first when we went to Macau a few years ago, i really loved it and thought it was a lot like Zara but half as expensive. Unfortunately when it came to Indonesia, like most high street brands, it became less affordable and became quite a "branded" store. Still, it's a must visit whenever they're having a big sale-then it became really really affordable! It pains me that we only have one-and not so big nor complete-store in Surabaya. It's like half the size of even Bandung's Paris van Java's store!

Next are rings sets from my fave high street brand for accessories : New Look! I almost always buy accessories in threes there-they are virtually always having a Buy 2 Get 3 promo. And i really love their rings sets the most, they are already not very expensive in itself (like, the most would be IDR 179.000-and you'd get 4 rings!), the promos makes them even cheaper, naturally! What's even better? Everything i got this time was already on sale, so sale price+more promo? A MUST buy lah!
Statement gold rings set IDR 79.000/set
Tosca and silver rings set IDR 79.000/set
Thin gold ring set IDR 69.900 but i got this one for free!
So i ended up paying IDR 159.800 for three sets of rings! Not bad, right? (wait, i suddenly doubted myself. Was it on a Buy 2 Get 3 promo? I remembered once i shopped without the promotion but i didn't mind because they are already selling at a very low prices. I'm pretty sure it's not this time though! Nope, i think i did get it on Buy 2 Get 3. LOL, i need to write my haul posts closer to the actual shopping time so i won't forget everything like this!-UPDATE : i found the receipt! It was on promo alright hahahaha)

I was being my usual, ignorant self and i couldn't stop slapping myself over it though :(. The last ring set? One of the ring's charm was missing! So i ended up with one headless ring *LOL*.PFFFFFTTTT. It was supposed to have a palm-shaped charm, and i'm not exactly fond of that particular one so it's not that bad-but i still hate having a less-than-perfect new stuff :(! I didn't check obvi, and only realized when i was taking the pictures above. PFFFFTTTT. I really really need to be a more careful shopper! It's just that the word "SALE" and "PROMOTION" are like a hypnotize key words, i immediately went into a trance! LOL.

Next up, another high street brand that turn quite expensive in Indonesia (but i always think they are quite pricey whenever i went into their stores in other Asian countries anyway) : Accessorize. I never buy anything that's not on sale here :p.
I got two necklaces on a 50% off both
Teardrop crystal necklace IDR 54.500 (After 50% discount)
Black Cameo Necklace IDR 54.500 (after 50% off)
Also from Sogo (i was on a roll :p) :
Cuff bracelet and ring from Paris Bijoux, it was on a 50 or 70% off, you know how expensive Paris Bijoux accessories are!
Gold and diamente cuff bracelet IDR 95.700
Silver and Green stones Cross ring IDR 59.700
Done with the high street brands one, now the cheapo-non branded ones!
Super bling2 Hello Kitty's head ring i stumbled into in P. Atum while browsing for Baby Boy's birthday favors. Got it for IDR 30.000

From Shine in ECC
Statement floral necklace IDR 38.000, trust me it looks like it's worth more than triple the price!
Gothic wings ring, i do not remember the price but it was less than IDR 30.000
Dainty bunny ring, super cheap but can't remember how much, around IDR 12.000
Then i went quite nutz at Bunga in GM...

Everything was super cheap-assed, like some of the bracelets are under IDR 10.000 but i spent more than IDR 150.000 here because of the amount of stuffs i got!
Usamimi bracelets. I couldn't decided which colors to got and i loved every single one when i put it on my hands, they were like IDR 8.000 each-so i decided to get one in every color >.<
I just love how cheerful it looks on my hand!
Tiara headband-because every girl should have one (or 10)
According to Rosemary-i have a Princess syndrome. LOL. I'm not gonna deny that. I love wearing this kind of headbands to parties :p
White frosted flower headband
Zipper bracelets! I cannot resist their cheery-neonness!
Not sure if this is an Aztec symbol or a grinning monster, i just love it either way hahaha
Also into these peace signs...
Super cute and cheapo bunny headbands. As much as i LOVE neon colors, pastels would always be my first love
Last item, again deviating from the nail polish and accessories theme, was a dress i got from Centro. It was on a special price (IDR 99.000?). I love how flowy it is and been regretting not getting them in black and white as well!

Orange flowy dress that, yeah... probably gonna have to wait a few years until i got to wear it *LOL*

That's it for now folks, i hope you do not think i'm mad! Well, not any more mad than you already did anyway :p. What have you been shopping for lately? I cannot seem to stop buying lipsticks T.T...

I will be blogging about this look soon :)


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  1. Great haul pics there babe! I myself has gone crazy buying OPI nail polishes over the last two weeks >.< Got myself about 9 of the full sized ones, and that costed me a bomb cos it's so expensive where I stay :p Gonna go on 'save' mode soon! #giglove

    1. Thank you, sweetie :D! Ohh, i do love OPI too! I shopped too much, all the time, it's a disease! I can't stop! Shopaholic Anonymous, i need you!

  2. Really great haul!
    So much stuff *u*
    Jealous x3

    1. Thank you, dear :D! Don't be jealous, i make myself broke all the time hahaha