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Happy Halloween everybody!!!

I wish i could tell you i'm celebrating Halloween somewhere, dressing up and partying away-but that's not really happening :P. We don't really celebrate Halloween in Indonesia, today's just like every other day (and filled by the worker union's unreasonable protests even) for us Indonesian-extremely boring and uninspired -____-. Even people in our neighboring countries like Singapore or Malaysia have more fun stuffs to do on Halloween (like the Halloween Horror Night in Universal Studio Singapore, etc-i'm not saying that they all celebrate it ya, it's just that they CAN if they want to, at least they have the options!) PFFFFFTTTT. Maybe i should fly out to Singapore for a few days next year, i just want to feel a Halloween-y atmosphere for once! Yeah, i would do that *promise self*. Haha.

Well, since there's really nothing Halloween related to do here in Surabaya (i guess there are some "Halloween parties" happening in some clubs tonight, i'm too old to club though-i find it hard to be interested to club nowadays. Gawd, i'm so old... I'm sure 30 year olds in USA or Europe still parties hard!), there's nothing Halloween-y i can write about either haha. And because not only it is Halloween but also the end of October (i know keep on saying this, but 2013 feels like it's passing at a blink of an eye-and a lot of people are feeling the same!) which means my birth month's almost over, it's about time i show you my birthday spoils!

I know my birthday's almost a month ago haha, but for one reason or another i can only blog about the pressies today... Here's a photo of some of the pressies (i also got another one just arrived earlier today so it wasn't in the collective picture that i took a few days ago) :

Wah, they even come in matchy matchy colors, LOVE!
First one's not exactly a birthday gift. My parents went to Jakarta last month and my mum told me she couldn't find any nice clothes to buy for me-so i told her not to bother and just buy me a perfume instead hahaha. Since my mum refused to buy me an over IDR 550.000 perfume *sniff* as a souvenir, she gave me cash to pay half of the price and told me to rob make hunny pay for the rest, so i (obvi) did hahaha (but then she gave me hong bao for my birthday so in the end she paid for the whole thing herself lah hahaha)-i told my hunny it'd be part of my birthday gifts from him (he also bought me a Blackberry Q5 already :P), that means this is a birthday gift rightttt....

Purr by Katy Perry
I think i've never mentioned this, but Katy Perry's one of my favorite female singer. I love her songs and style. When i realized she has a perfume line, i've been hunting for (one of) it but i was too cheap to actually buy one (i never buy expensive perfumes myself. I usually made my mum buy me some as a souvenir whenever she went to Singapore without me :p), but it's always been in my wishlist. I've never even sniffed it before so i was actually just attracted to the bottle and to the fact that it's Katy Perry's *LOL*. So happy when i saw it in Matahari (of all places! Not available in Sogo or Centro FYI) and sniffed it-then i gotta have it!
Even the box's design was so cute!
When my mum saw this, she (who understands her kawaii-obsessed daughter) asked me whether i really wanted the perfume or just the bottle??? I'd say both! I actually love the fragrance too okay, it's very me!
Bling Bling Kitty
I love the detailed design, they didn't forget the kitty's tail!
Second pressie was still half from hunny *LOL*. He pitched in with my BFFs to buy me this next pressie. For the past few years i've been picking my own birthday gifts (as well as the rest of the girls, at least whenever there's something they already have in minds) from my BFFs (including this gold Hello Kitty necklace for by 29th birthday last year). We've been BFFs since we're 14, we have no more secrets of whatever lah, and we already established the amount of money we need to fork out every year for birthday pressies-so whenever we wanted something expensive, our hubbies will pay for the rest of the amount. Great solution, yes? This way, we always get whatever we really wanted and the others were spared of unnecessary headaches hahaha.

Honestly when #Undecided asked me what i wanted for my birthday, i had no answer. This year i seriously have nothing in mind *LOL*, but i knew i wanted something special (because it's a special birthday alright...) that i can keep forever as a memento. I've always wanted something from Tiffany and Co, but we have to Tiffany and Co around-so i settled for something else : genuine Swarovski jewellry.

And i picked this beautiful turquoise ring!
They also came in rose but it was very pale against my (pale) skin, and for once i wasn't attracted to the pink one!
I LOVE it!
Then, there's a pressie from LL too :D... LL always gave us birthday pressies that we can use together (since it's mine and hunny's birthdays. Oh, BFFs and i pitched in to buy a pressie for hunny too obviously. But as a regular gadget freak, he asked for something super uninteresting. I don't even know what that is, a converter or something2-so he can connect his tablet/phone to the TV. Geez. I told him to pick something he can keep forever since it's a special number for his too, like a watch or whatever, but of course he didn't listen to me!)-because she's thoughtful like that :).
A huge The Body Shop hamper!
You know i love love love TBS but too cheap to shop from them in non-huge sale season, so i'm always happy to receive TBS products! Hunny's fussy skin also cannot tolerate a lot of brands, but TBS' definitely does his skin good-so these stuffs will definitely be used by both of us, very happily! I have no idea what's inside the hamper, since i do not need to use any new bath and body cares just yet-i have no intention of ripping the plastic yet!

I also already told you i received a very surprise gift from Shasha (OMG, i still dunno why i'm so lucky to get to know such a nice person!), which she claimed to be a "simple gift", but it's actually a pretty fantastic gift! I don't think there's anyone who'd be anything but ecstatic to receive a box filled with goodies like this! Thank you again, Shasha!

I seriously feel like i'm doing a (fantastic) unboxing of a beauty box right now!

Vivelle Virgin Coconut Oil & Olive with Bengkuang Body Scrub. I am actually quite a fan of Vivelle's body lotion (i have a review of the lotion in my draft, it will be posted sometime soon), so happy to get to try out their body scrub (for free hahaha)
Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Butter-i never tried any body butter (or body lotion) from BBW yet, so imagine my excitement when i saw this huge tub in the middle of the box!
Two super cute heart shaped Sasatinnie's nail polishes
PINK samples *hyperventilating*, i mean... look at them!!!! Aren't they oh so so so pretty together??? I dunno if i'd have the heart to rip them open!
Sheet masks! AAAA! You know i'm a devout sheet facial mask's fan now! This is more than one month's stock for me hehehe
Nature Republic Snail Therapy Mask Sheet
Tony Moly Nutra-Energy Mask Sheet. I have the sudden urge to pull an #Undecided now! I have some questions : 1. Who are those guys?; 2. Why are they wearing (so much) make up?; 3. When i'm done using it, would my niece dig the package out of the trash if she got a glimpse of those guys? LOLOLOL....
FoodAHolic Green Gram Natural Essence Mask
The Saem mask. I know this one! That's G-Dragon right! (saying it so confidently i'd be really embarrassed if i'm wrong -___-)
Purple gem-stones, i'm thinking of bedazzling my compact powder's case soon!
And accessories!
I think this is a statement necklace, i tried using it like an arm candy, and i loved it!
Red statement ring
And of course, the necklace watch i've already worn on my birthday celebration!
Sorry for the detailed pictures, it's too pretty not to do so!
Super amazing box right??? By the way, i dunno if you know yet, but Shasha actually has her own online shop called My Cute Shop! One thing that caught my eyes' that she has a lot of stocks of (very very low priced compared to other online shops) Korean facial sheet masks (i'm so gonna order a lot from her once i make a dent on my current collection)! This is obviously not an advertisement *LOL*, but i just thought i should mention it! All of her stuffs are ready stocks, so no need to wait for a PO!

Next's a gift from my cousin L!
Super cute Marie Claire flat shoes with a matching... i think that's usamimi headband haha
Is this a retro or a tribal pattern? I think definitely retro!
With a gorgeous neon pink and purple combination!
The shoes' super cute and the color to die for, please! It totally screamed my name, no? Haha... I guess my cousin really knows my taste well, ya?

The next pressie i just got earlier today haha. Remember i told you about my forgetful friend O? Hahaha, apparently she remembered my pressie faster than 3 months :p. This one's from O and MM :).
More TBS stuffs!
TBS' White Musk Body Wash and EDP
White musk' one of my all-time-favorite fragrance (i know a lot of people can relate!) so i am obviously ecstatic for getting this!

The last items' another not-really-a-birthday-pressie-but-i'd-like-to-treat-it-like-one hahaha. Remember i won that Elianto GiveAway? For someone who very very rarely joined any GiveAway (and win even less, more like almost never haha), i am a little bit too happy than i really should *LOL* (yes yes, i know i am a cheapo. Anything free, i'd be super happy and giddy like i just won a lottery hahaha. Well, i am-sort of).
Elianto Green Tea & Chamomile Foam Cleanser
Elianto Nutri Remedy Nourishing Hand Cream
Phewww, that's a LOT of stuffs, right?? Thank you everybody! I love every single one of them!

Can we talk a little bit more about Halloween? Not really about Halloween but something related to scary stuffs hahaha (you do know that Halloween's actually more than just dressing up in characters and trick or treating right? There's a much darker side to it-that's been played down a lot for the sake of little kiddies) . If you follow my Twitter (@MGirl83) you'd know i made a little confession a few days ago that there's a gloomy goth deep inside my cheery-pastel exterior :p. I am very very interested in everything scary and ehm.. death related. Errrr, i hope nobody's scared of me now! I am definitely not a necrophillia (EW!!!), but i gotta admit-i definitely have a morbid fascination of scary stuffs. I am forever curious of what happens before, during and after death (of course, i am a Christian and i believe in heaven and hell, but that's not what i'm talking about, i'm talking about the process) and i can browse for this subject for hours (and then i spook myself so bad that i couldn't sleep -___-).

I find this kind of stuffs to be more satisfying-and therefore a lot scarier-than your usual ghost stories/movies, that's why even though one of my favorite horror movie's The Conjuring, i was even more fascinated by the storyline of The Haunting in Connecticut (this movie was one of the first introduction to the word "Memento Mori" and Victorian post-mortem photography-which i find to be very sad, beautiful but disturbingly fascinating). Well, i can write a whole entry (or more) about this subject, which i might do in the future (and risking my readers to run FTL away ahahahaha)-but i thought it'd be pretty interesting to touch a little bit of it today-since it's Halloween and all!

I definitely not going to put up photos of dead people in my personal blog (except for dead Popes) since i'm superstitious and all (my mum is a polar opposite of me-she's allergic to anything even remotely related with this taboo subject, and she won't even let the obituary page from the newspaper to stay inside her room, she'll bring it outside every night hahaha), so i most definitely won't be posting any morbid videos as well, don't worry! If you survived reading these three darker than ever last paragraphs, here's a reward for you : a super CUTE video of an emotional little baby! The CUTEST baby everrrrrr!

Other than that video, i am also currently obsessed with videos of super cute baby sloths! OMG! I'm drowning in cuteness! And with that i am ending this entry. Have a happy Halloween, hope you're having more fun that i am!

Unintentionally spookier looking #Pink

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  1. That's a wonderful haul.. :) :)

    1. Thank you sweetie :D.. Are presents considered haul as well though???

  2. wow, so many awesome presents u got! Happy belated birthday :)

  3. banyak sekali, mupeeeenngg >,<
    btw, happy birthday ya ce :D

  4. kayaknya di indo di sekolah2 mulai ngerayain halloween dah sekarang...

    1. Hahaha iya tp gw kan dah ga sekolah :p... Sekolahnya anakku engga sih :)

  5. got lots of gift sis <3 Happy belated b'day <3
    I really want that purr perfumes, i only want the bottle, hehe

    1. Yayyy, yes i did :D, so happy hahahaha...
      Well, i did wanted to bottle first, thankfully i love the actual smell to hahaha