Shopping Queen is Back!

5:18:00 PM

But then again she never really left, did she? LOL.

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty nice even though i felt (and still do) a bit like a zombie (tired and a bit sleepy all the time, this also explained why i went missing from this blog for the entire weekend-which is almost unheard of), but i still had lots of fun. Spent everyday in different malls since Friday *LOL* hence more shopping that prompted this title :p. At least i didn't shop at all in Sunday, went to watch Wolf of Wall Street with #Undecided (and our hubbies) instead. It was good, funny in the most ridiculous (a bit crazy really) way. I think we enjoyed it more than our hubbies. Plus the jokes were not always the most obviously funny ones, you know clever lines and all? #Undecided and i laughed like two maniacs... to a very quiet (and seemingly confused) cinema. The jokes kinda got lost in translation, so i'd advise you to skip the translation and LISTEN to the dialogue instead, it'd  be 1000x funnier.

Anyway, this is actually another haul post (i'm sure you didn't expect anything else from that title), but i seem to go through the phase of being too lazy to do my weekly haul and post my old hauls (which are severely long overdue) AGAIN, and skip to a newer haul (but being an OCD that i am, i'm pretty sure i'd still cover those old hauls anyway, just not sometime soon *LOL*) altogether. But there's a little story behind this time's haul...

I actually went out with my cousin L on one of our usual girly day out (it's been postponed quite a few times, since December actually. It's nothing new when you're dealing with L of course, i didn't even believe that we were really going to go before she BBM-ed me telling me that she's picking me up in about an hour, that's when i began to get ready), haven't been hanging out with her a lot lately so i kinda missed her. As usual, when i go shopping with her... I kinda ended up with more of the "branded" items *sigh* (because in Indonesia high street brands are considered "branded" if you know what i mean...
Some beauty boxes also arrived that day so i ended up with even more stuffs. I just chucked everything together for this pic but will do unboxing entries separately.
Actually L's main goal for this shopping date was to find outfits for his hubby for their little's son's upcoming birthday party which has a pretty cute theme (she's even having a themed-dress tailored, which is pretty suprising because we're talking about boyish L here-she also meant to look for shoes to fit this dress), but again as usual she managed to not get anything from her list and bought totally unrelated stuffs altogether (like clothes for herself *LOL*).
First we went to Next to look for stuffs for her hubby (and apparently a loose sleeveless top for herself, which we found hundreds of that day but nothing suits her taste, typical) but she left with nothing and i did with something *double sigh*
This crazy cute bear beanie! It was IDR 157.000 something after double discount (it was on sale already but i got even more discount for using HSBC credit card)
Now, i mentioned this plenty of times-i am NOT a hat person. Most hats look ridiculous on me and i only had two hats (one that i wore to SG/JB last May/June and another beanie that i bought in Amsterdam to wear on the snowy mountain of Switzerland!), but weirdly the crazier designed (mostly cartoon type. Or the ones with crazy pointy ears or whatever) suits me *ZZZ*. I showed this hat to Rosemary and she said she didn't know if she should laugh or what *LOL*. #Undecided and G thinks it's super cute though (i do too obvi) and i think i should be able to pull it off in Hong Kong (with their crazy fashionable people and all) *off in about two weeks, excited!!!!*

Then we also went to Zara (used to frequent Mango more but their prices seems to switch and now Mango became crazy expensive even on sales-totally weird because most of their clothes are now made in INDONESIA!-Zara's sale are becoming more and more affordable) and i... Unexpectedly (but unsurprisingly) got some stuffs...
This super thick knitted cardi. They were having crazy sales on their thick jumpers/cardis, but most of them were a bit furry and i HATE those type (always gets in my eyes and mouth because they shed like bunnies. Well, do bunnies shed though?) but i was kinda determined to find something thick (because i don't own enough, i even had to borrow coats from my sister on for my European tour) since we seem to travel to colder countries more now. This one was so pretty when worn i couldn't NOT get it. Plus the original price was IDR 799.000 and i got it for IDR 269.900. A total steal or what?
And a super slouchy, roomy (so oversized even this S size totally engulfed me), comfortable and CUTE long sleeved tee. For IDR 129.900 i didn't think too much about getting it
I stopped myself after getting two (even though i could get at least 10 more if let myself, of course), L got herself a very cool blue Burberry-patterned chiffon jumper. Sometime after coffee (and L *who's currently having a sorethoat-which she claimed to be her first EVER her whole life. How could anyone never get a sorethroat for her entire 30 years??? I mean... I get it every few months at least* had late lunch mixed with a great dose of moaning and whimpering) i remembered G's info about Bling's sale!
They have sections that went for IDR 19.900 each (normal price up to IDR 109.000 or so, madness!)
I got them all for IDR 19.900/each, a total steal!
Huge owls earrings
And swallow ones. Clearly the theme for my earrings shopping was birds...
1 statement ring
And a daintier, star shaped one :D
I also finally were able to pick up this red bag from Urban Outfitter (it's Fossil's) that i've been eyeing for a while but when i finally took the plunge (it was pretty pricey, IDR 2.050.000 but you can pay it in installment, which made it justifiable for me :p) it was sold out in the stores (the red ones, which is the most striking one. The blue and orange ones were still available) but the employee in TP (the ones in GM just said "We don't have it" and ignore us immediately) actually went and look for it in their online store, found one in stock at their warehouse and ordered it for us. I waited for a VERY long time since their first promised arrival date (the date was pushed back a few times afterward) for various reason, the latest one being their warehouse was flooded in Jakarta (which is a very legit reason, but if they ordered it immediately after i gave them the down-payment, Jakarta wouldn't even be flooded yet!) zzzz. But alas, it's finally here and it's well before Chinese New Year (when i have every intention of wearing it).
My mum pays for this btw :p
And here's my OOTD for that girly day out, i am going through a casual-but-still-girly outfits now (which CW called "my sleeping wear phase" i guess). I actually bought a huge bulks of these clothes a few years ago (but never worn them yet, obvi) because i love them so much (and they were so cheap, so so so cheap zzz) but i kinda forgotten about them in my massive "brand new clothes" cupboards and only been wearing them pretty much non-stop lately.
My new uniform : Super loose top (they always ended up being very off shoulder somehow, that means i'm very slopey right?) with casual mini skirt
Loose Top : Cotton On (it was SGD 2 or so, and it was when SGD was so much cheaper, so it was like IDR 14.000 WTF. I got it in every color, i have like...6). Striped Army Green Skirt : Cotton On (also crazy cheap. Maybe like, SGD 3)
I love pockety skirts. I have another one in orange :p
Easy and casual enough for a shopping day. Can be taken off in a flash so i wasn't annoyed when i had to try things on..
OH! I also want to update you about Lola Box (precisely about their January Box)! After posting the unboxing review of their January Box, Lola Box sent me this e-mail with subject : Apology letter.

Dear Mindy,

Thank you for the review of the January Lolabox. We are very sorry that you have received two items in previous boxes already and it was not supposed to happen. We checked our system and you were assigned to a different box variation - it was a human mistake on our end and we sincerely wish to apologize. You will receive a small 'sorry-gift' from us in the next couple of days. 

Again we really sorry for what happened and thank you for the support and loyalty up to this very moment.


Cynthia Chaerunnisa

I find it to be very sweet and thoughtful that they went to all the trouble to explain that to me (i know most beauty boxes wouldn't even bother to), and i stood by my words that Lola Box has the best CS for local beauty boxes, they are always attentive, polite and makes me feel VALUED. This little package arrived last Friday :
They sent me (a full size) Elianto nail polish in S04
I'm pretty impressed (though they claimed that they made a mistake, they DID send me a box already and even though some of the products were repeated, they were still perfectly good stuffs-even if the box looked quite empty in general) and totally cemented my faith in them (at least in their CS hahaha).

Like i said, i decided to chuck my newest beauty hauls (the ones that i got more or less around the same time) here :
As you know from this haul, i suddenly had the urge to order Oriflame (out of nostalgia) and Sophie Martin stuffs. And ever since that, the BCs (who are G's colleagues. G's totally like my supplier, the non-profitted one hahaha) seems to target me *SIGH* and keep on shoving new catalogs my way (Big fish! Big Fish! Probably what they see me as now).
More stuffs from Sophie Martin
Celebration Eau de Parfum. I have absolutely no idea how this would've smell like but the packaging (and cheap price) was enough for me to say "Screw it!" and go for it anyway. I can always use it as a room spray if i'm not keen on the scent...
Party Girl body mist, also no idea how it'd smell like, completely sold by the shimmering body mist idea. LOL.
Got this for free (for purchasing the Party Girl body mist). Will come in handy since i alway seem to lose my hair ties..
Duo Phase Make Up Remover. Just because i always run out of them (so stocking is always a neccessity), and being a beauty blogger mess with your brain-whenever you see a product that you USE from brands you've never tried that particular product from-or maybe if a new variant's available-you just automatically want it.
And Oriflame of course
Pure Skin Hide & Treat. Because i am a sucker for foundi/concealer that promise you to keep acne at bay/would treat your acne so it'd be safe to wear without fearing it'd break you out. Oh, and it was on promotion
Pear & Nectarine Eye Gel. Because it sounds delicious (and on promo)
Power Shine Juicy Lip Gloss. Just throw in the words "Limited Edition" and "Special Price" in one sentence and you'd get me hooked. Got it in Peach Cocktail because i do not have enough orange-ish lip products (it's fast growing though)
I also ordered some stuffs from Kat2 *again* :
Yes, my second Blush By 3 because it was too-cheap-to-be-true. paid IDR 140.000 for this most online shops sell them at IDR 165.000 at least
Got it in Sweet Cheeks this time (SO PRETTY!!!!) and i will not stop until i have every variant. I was gonna order the eye shadow palette too but i'm gonna spread it out a little. That's my current manicure btw, painted my nails some metallic blue polish from Collection (of course review can be expected)
I also gave up and ordered one Peripera Love Fairy Tint Glow Stick because Kat got an "insider" (actually another beauty blogger who lives in Korea and got back to Indonesia for a holiday) so it was on a special price. Got it for IDR 96.000 when most online shops sells it at least 20.000 more expensive.
Got it in #1, it is so pretty i immediately regret buying only 1 *___*. Another thing crossed from this wishlist 
The biggest box (Demalogica Overnight Skin Rescue set) was a free gift from Kat2, how very generous of her!
I also decided to use that Ishine voucher from VT again for the lipsticks  last Saturday because Buy 1 Get 1 means one lippie was only IDR 37.500 (they retailed for IDR 75.000 each, just ignore the price tag that stated IDR 95.000, i dunno what's up with that) and it was too good of a deal to pass on. In the end i used almost every voucher in that book (see my previous haul here) save for the powder (not cheap enough) and eyeliner (have too much eyeliners already. And also not cheap enough)
Like i said earlier, i do not have enough orange-tinged lip products. With three new ones in this entry alone, i should probably slow down though
09 Rose Corail, a bright orange-red
And 03 Rose Carnation, orange-ish pink
Also visited Guardian (our must-visit store LOL, such aunty/uncle) because i needed to stock up on Sweet Dreams (insomnia gets better after our evening yoga sessions. Did we ever tell you we have an instructor over to #Undecided's place twice a week now? #Undecided's totally hilarious on every classes-she has too long limbs and a bit creaky hahahah. Anyway, some nights are still rough so i just want to be prepared if the stupid insomnia decided to strike at any time).

Hunny and i are smitten over these Orginal Source shower gels (newly available in Guardian, showed up sometime around this last month), we bought a few of the bigger sized ones (and because my haul posts are so random in terms of time frame now, i haven't even covered them *LOL*) earlier this month (i am such a weird OCD person, i wouldn't let him use them yet because i want him to use up the older stocks firsts, but he smuggled and tried them all out already and he loved them. I am not so happy about him de-virginate our no-longer-brand-new shower gels of course), and then hunny spotted these tiny sized ones and insisted on buying them "to bring to Hong Kong". Yeah right. We have like, 20 of these tiny travel sized shower gels waiting to be used. But how can i resist such cute (and yummy smelling) shower gel, only IDR 10.000 each (50ml)?
Definitely our new fave (a good thing that they are super affordable too), to-die-for smelling shower gel!
Original Source in British Strawberry Shower 
and Original Source Black Mint Shower Hair & Body (for men. But i will give it a try too :p)
I will collect every single variant they have soon, it's a promise! LOL. Speaking of Guardian, they are having this Buy 1 Get 1 promotion on selected Silky Girl products, since i still do not have the grape and cherry variant of the Pop Soda Lip Jelly, i wanted to get them *naturally*. Unfortunately they have this *kinda stupid, frankly* policy that you have to buy the exact same variant. Now, who would buy two grape lip jellies??? Not me! Grrrr. I mean, i understand if you have to buy 2 of the same variants when it comes to like, medicine of whatever. But decorative make up products? It definitely doesn't work that way!

Anyway, i have a new obsession now when it comes to beauty! I've just recently (last Friday actually) got my hair re-touched (and 20 cm chopped off my hair. It's definitely not short but it's the shortest i've gotten in the past few years!) and am very blonde (not bleached blonde, mind you) right now. I've been having this hair color for years but only NOW i realize how starkingly BLACK my eyebrows are. I kinda freaked (out of nowhere), eyebrow pencils and powders doesn't work for them (because they are very thick and jet black) so i hope an eyebrow mascara will suffice! I've ordered them from Chic-Princessa, waiting for it to arrive now...I guess freaking out about how mis-matched my eyebrow and hair are is another "perk" of being a beauty blogger and reading too many beauty blogs... *i've been sighing a lot in this entry, so here's another one SIGH!*.

Chinese New Year's coming soon! I'm pretty excited *and feeling broke at the same time*!


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  1. ak uda nyoba original source yang strawberry itu jg,wanginya enakkk,tapi busanya sedikittt..percaya gk percaya 50ml itu ak abis dalam 4 hari >_<

    1. Oyaaa, makenya pake puff ngga? Aq kalo mandi hrs pake puff kalo ga serasa ga afdol hahaha...

  2. Wuhuuuu .... koko tw gak yaaaa *lapor aaaa *nah looo wkwkwkwkkww
    klo ke tepe ngikut ceee... pingin blanja vnc... ato vnz smp lupa aq.. spatu cute, acc e bgs2 >< ayo blanja brg

    1. Hahahahah koko tau lah, kan dy yg bagian angkat barang hohohoho. Aihhh, km ta ajakin k TP ga isa terus gituuu gimana donkksss hahahaha

  3. ahhh blush on nyaa >w< warnanya menggoda wkwk

    1. Hikhik iya loh, Sleek ini sungguh mengguncang iman zzz

  4. Nice post! Makes me want to go shopping too! Haha! I especially love the accessories! :)

    1. Thank you! Shopping is such a therapeutic activity right :p!

  5. lol I just ordered that same exact products from oriflame earlier this month (the lipgloss also in the same color). Next month they also have awesome sale on lippies, so excited for it!

    1. LOL, whatta coincidence! Oriflame shopping twinsies :D! I have the catalogue for February with me but i must say i'm a bit underwhelmed. I expect a lot more pinks and crazy sale since it's Valentine's season and all...

  6. That's really a lot of shopping but at least you got the clothes, accessories and toiletries you need.

    1. To be completely honest... i do not NEED any of those stuffs really... Sadly it's never the matter of what i need but what i WANT now zzz :(

  7. arggh!! shopping is so addicting hahah..that why sometimes dont want to go to malls!! haha great finds!

    1. Thank you :D. I know what you mean, but i love shopping too much to not want to go to malls! LOL

  8. Gosh, the mini skirt from Cotton On is a pretty good deal. I like it when Cotton On offers really good items at low prices.

    1. Yes, Cotton On is like my fave brand when they are having a sale haha, i always get multiple colors on almost every design *___*

  9. hohohoho this is a big shoop... i like indonesian nd korean product, apreciate it... i have jewelry shoop nd my beads made in korean... :) :) :)

    1. Hahaha, i basically just like to shop, i don't mind the origin of the goodies :p

  10. OMFG that FOSSIL bag is to die for!!! <3 <3 <3

  11. you have bought so much :O sleek blush by 3 is my favourite!

    1. Yes, i lost control *which happens daily* hehehe