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Hellow, dearies!

I know i've been unboxing one beauty box after another, this one's the last one this month-i promise! Actually this arrived before any other boxes but it was quite damaged, after i complaned to VT (which to their credit, replied very quickly) they agreed to replace all of the leaking products (but i have to be completely honest and say that i am not very satisfied at all :(... explanation later), this finally arrived on Monday (almost two weeks after i complained about my damaged box). 

As you know, i've stopped subsribing to VT since their new concept (of customized boxes) launched, not because i wasn't interested to try them out but because every time i try to, all the good stuffs already sold out. So i missed out for about two months, and finally able to get my hands on them this month. Since the real box was absolutely ruined (you can check it out on my other entry, i already linked it up there) here's a look of the combined box. Pretty much (because the vouchers and any fliers inside i couldn't save so they would not be making any appearance here).
You might think that my box wasn't very appealing from that picture above *LOL*. But i picked everything myself so i would be very satisfied with them, if only they arrived in a top notch condition. There isn't any make up item sadly (not that i see any interesting one ever being offered anyway, i saw PAC eyeliners and Sleek Eye Dust, both didn't appealed to me since i have quite a lot of eyeliners and already possess two full sized Sleek Eye Dust from Lola Box on July and September so if i can't choose the shade-i'm not interested), but my eyes popped when i saw the same FresKon contact lenses voucher as the one i got from BTI hehe. I wear contact lenses whenever i go out because i'm blind as a bat without them, so contact lenses are more of a neccessities than accessories for me. Any chance to stock up on them with less money to pay, that's too good of a chance to pass up!

I paid IDR 180.000 for VT, the contact lenses itself costs IDR 185.000, meaning by itself-it already out-priced the amount i paid for the box. So when i saw them offering full sized Tresemme products (although admittedly they are selling at a very affordable price at supermarkets/drugstores hehe), i quickly clicked them into the cart. It's like paying for the contact lenses only and get everything else for free, so value for money (which is always important when it comes to beauty boxes for me) of this box was really high!

Unfortunately, as you already knew, the voucher was completely drenched with liquid when they arrived. I had to wash it off and make it look even more sad to be able to touch it. I was really worried that it would crumble or tear, so i voiced my concern to VT, i was quite disappointed by their answer :(... They told me that they cannot replace the voucher since it was their last stock, without offering any compensation whatsoever (like offering other stuffs that they do have stocks for!). Fortunately the voucher was still redeemable (HUGE sigh of relief) and i did exchange it with a green colored FresKon Mozaic contact lenses already. Still, it was not a very nice feeling when they told me that they cannot help me when i was really worried if i might not be able to get the contact lenses (which is the only reason why i subsribed to this box in the first place)!

Alas, i was thinking to myself, if they really wanted to redeem themselves, they should at least gave me a new full box instead of asking me if there's anything that i could salvage from that wrecked box. Why should i bother? I shouldn't have to :(... I paid the full amount for this box and it's not my fault if they arrived in a less than perfect condition. I don't mean to sound like a B, but really... You'd know how i feel if you're in my position. I'm just asking for a perfectly fine box with everything intact inside them, instead i had to spend hours trying to salvage whatever survived inside that box. Not a very nice feeling at all (i know i'm repeating myself, but that's the nicest way i can put it alright, so please put up with it!).

Before this turn into an endless complain (LOL), let me just clarify first that i've never been anything but satisfied (prior to this) with VT before, that's why i kept on subscribing to their boxes right... I would not write anything to make them look bad or anything, that is never my intention (this is worrisome for me because i realize beauty communities sometimes frown upon "bad reviews" or product complaints in blogs, but isn't a beauty blog suppose to be totally honest and open? I dunno, maybe this will cost me not being labeled as a "nice blogger" but at least i am being very honest)-everything i stated here is purely my personal feeling and nothing less than a fact.

Let's move on then!
This is the replacement box that arrived on Monday, very carefully wrapped and sealed so that's very nice that they're being careful now
The Tresemme set
After combining the "salvaged" items from the half-down ship  box
Tresemme Keratin Smooth Nourishing Keratin Shampoo (full sized)
Tresemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine Spray (full sized)
Tresemme Keratin Smooth Nourishing Keratin Conditioner (full sized)
Sulwhasoo Essential Firming Cream and First Care Activating Serum (one sachet each). I chose this because well... it's Sulwhasoo and because the other options left were even less appealing, tiny sized body lotion or something. Both the tiny sized lotion and these sachets would be finished upon one application so i chose the brand that i was more interested in
Makarizo MK 3 Color Revive Hot Ice (2 ampoules), i had no idea what these were when i chose them but now they've been making a lot of appearance in various beauty blogs as a part of their campaign
Extra items : Accessories from Swanky Society
I didn't choose these as they are i guess were bonus products everybody who subscribed to their boxes would get. And as a bonus, i guess i shouldn't protest too much. But how? The elegant pouch that came with them was soaked with liquid when they arrived, so i went and washed it...aaaaand it crumbled immediately.
I dunno... is it unreasonable for me to expect them to replace this??? Or at least give me something else, some little items to show that they cared and they were sorry about this. Again, i can't help but compare the service to those of other countries' (i love reading blogs from other countries and always been jealous of their beauty boxes! I really wish there'll come a day when a beauty box of their calibre finally available in Indonesia. I wouldn't mind paying twice of the available ones now if they featured really nice products! And absolutely no sachet samples haha) who would replace a whole box if there's any problem with their boxes, or with return policy. Needless to say, i am bitterly dissappointed.
The accessories they featured were pretty nice even though it wasn't really my taste. The ring's pretty cool
And edgy tasseled earrings. I would wear them both anyway :p
This seriously made me re-think if i ever want to subscribe to VT again. I would, if they offer really nice products that i can't resist, but for now... Maybe not. My love affair with beauty boxes seems to take a turn for the worse this month *LOL*, it's one dud after another. What about you? Do you still subsribe to any beauty boxes or you're done with them?
#Pink, who's for once feeling very undecided haha :p.

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  1. hrg aslinya customized box ini brp ce? :O
    well, not really satisfied ya.. :s

    1. Harganya 180rb shel , aq ga tau harga produk nya worth berapa soalnya ga ada keterangannya.. iya ke ewa sama tanggepannya wkt d complain aja hehe

  2. Harga produknya sudah melebihi harga box loh.. srius deh.. tapi at least they willing to send you the new one..
    Kamu mau jual ga tresemme heat tamer spray protector nya? If you do pls email me at tannieny@gmail.com

    1. Really? Tresemme lumayan murah loh di supermarket :), kalo menurutku pribadi sih engga sampe ngelewatin harga box nya :).
      Sorry sis, ini kan customized box, jd aq emg milih sendiri isinya krn aq mau cobain, jd not for sale ya :)

  3. Mauu nanya nih itu belinya dimana ya ?

  4. Masih bisa di pesan ga ya ? Ga ngerti cr pesenny . Bisa di bantu ga bwt pemesananny ?

    1. Waduh sorry sis ga bisa bantu, mungkin bisa hubungin pihat Vanity Trove nya sendiri kalo masih bingung :)

  5. Cara hubunginnya gmn yya ? Cp ny kemana ? Maaf yya bnyk tny

    1. Hmmm... sepertinya di website nya ada contacts nya koq, coba di cek aja di website nya ya :)