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Hello hello... 

It's the first weekend after the long holiday for Indonesian-actually some of us are still on holiday until tomorrow (normal life will completely resume this Monday i think)-how's everybody holding up? Are you one those who are already sucked in the whole Pokemon-Go thingy? I am not, but if you are, don't forget to keep your guards up and be careful, too many silly (but devastating) accidents stemming up from this game it's getting ridiculous!

Anyway! Today's review is a bit different, not exactly beauty product but a tool to enhance it hahaha. I don't often do gadget reviews (coz i am so technology-challenged and all) but this one is really up my alley as a beauty blogger-and i got requests to review this (i planned to review this... from last month >.<, only got the time now :p) so here it is :
isf Charm Eyes Selfie Ring Light
Yep. Selfie ring light. Narcissism support has level up their game. 

So, as a beauty blogger (who sometimes has to make brief videos too) one of the tools that i've been thinking of having to help me take nice pics would definitely be ring light. Thing is... i am so cheap that regular ring light is still out of question for me (i am not that obsessed about making this blog "BIG" or whatever, i'm just going with the flow... I guess that's because i'm old. And not ambitious) *LOL*, i contemplated doing a DIY on one... Okay, more like forcing my hunny to order his worker to make one for me. I should've known better than that, hunny is the King of procrastination and when he said he'll "do it", it'll be at least a few years before he'd actually do it. If ever *LOLOLOL*. 

I was determined enough about the whole ring light (coz it's getting so hard to take decent pictures at night, and i'm a nocturnal person so when the natural light is still gorgeous-i have no will or energy to take pics -___-) that i kept on bugging him about it... Until one day he's like "I ordered a ring light for you already" LOL. I guess my nagging works?

What i didn't know was that he ordered a selfie ring light (it's a mini one you attach to your smart phone), well i should've known coz it costed him like IDR 500K (this is before the whole selfie ring light became a trend and you can find sellers easily on Instagram) hahaha. Anyway, i think it's another testament of his support for my blogging passion after my new MacBook Air :D.

Oh, i'm yapping again, okay okay getting on with the review.

He ordered this isf Charm Eyes (i totally thought Charm Eyes was the brand, but after seeing the photos online... I just realized that the brand is actually ISF hahahaha, not a brand i am familiar with) from an online seller, and yes-IDR 500K is on the expensive side  now that i see it popping everywhere and the common price is IDR 450 i think i won't name the online shop coz i don't want people protesting about the price -___- (since i already know the shop's selling at a high price and am still recommend it. You'd be surprised at the things people protest about nowadays. Since i am not sponsored, i cannot be bothered to deal with that!) You can easily find shops selling them on IG anyway, just use #selfieringlight !
ISF Charm Eyes Selfie Ring Light comes in a white square box (i still keep mine in the box btw! Seems safer this way hahaha)
Its def made in China haha
Err. Can't read Chinese characters. Not sure if the Hong Kong address is their manufacturer or the company (pretty sure it's the latter)
When you take off the cover, you'd be greeted with the black velvet pouch covering your selfie ring light
Tadahhh... here it is! Btw, hunny ordered a baby pink one for me (ISF Charm Eyes Selfie Ring Light comes in the cutest colorways! All those pastel goodness!) but the seller mixed up shipment and i got the mint colored one :(... The seller actually told us to send it back and they'd replace it with a pink one but it's so much hassle and it's already expensive enough not to add more expense on the two-way shipping (it's not even our fault...). I love mint too (i love all pastel colors, but i love pink the most-obviously) so we decided not to bother. I can't say that i was not disappointed tho...
Like you already see before, it comes with a black drawstring velvet pouch to store your selfie ring light in case you want to bring it out
Honestly after seeing this photo only i suspected the name of the brand to be isf :p. No idea what's written in the card, prolly just some promotional thingy
Comes with a charging cable (yep, of course it's recharge-able. Gone are the days when portable things need nuisance AA batteries :p)
The ring light itself is made of good quality, quite light weighed plastic material
Since it's a portable/selfie/mini ring light, the size is not very big. It can be brought everywhere you go... if you want to, provided your bag is not the mini kind. It is 12.5 cm in width and 14.5 cm in height
isf logo at the back
You slip in the ring light from the side and it fits both hunny's Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and my Iphone 6+ (you need to struggle a bit if, like us, you use both extra casing and tempered glass on your phones) and the ring is standing on top of your phone. There's another, cheaper (and i'm guessing smaller) type of selfie ring light (it's retailing at IDR 250K only) which you have to actually clip on your phone and half of the ring is sitting directly on the upper part of your screen. No idea if this type (if i remember correctly Nikkie tutorial uses this one) gives a different result than mine
There's a small button on the back that you have to press a few seconds to turn the ring light on (same method for turning it off). It has three different setting- this islevel one with the least amount of lights turning on
Level 2
And level 3-which is the brightest. I personally prefer to use level 3 
Left :  No isf Ring Light, quite blur and you can see how dark my face looks due to shadows falling off on it
Right : with isf Ring Light level 3, everything looks brighter, sharper and cripser!
Both photos using Samsung Galaxy Note 5 front camera
The result of the 3 different settings
I personally think this selfie ring light totally up my selfie game *LOL*
It is perfect for close up photos-which is heaven sent for beauty bloggers to take their makeup photos!
It also works for product photography! You can see how much of a difference a selfie ring light makes on the right photo! If you want to see how the selfie ring light helps me with products photography, check out this post coz i took all of the pictures using phone camera and this ring light
In conclusion? I absolutely love my selfie ring light :D! I am not crazy enough to lug it around tho, i only use it in the convenience of my own room hahaha. But i would consider bringing it on my travels so we can take nice pics even when it's already dark! 

I would absolutely recommend this selfie ring light for all selfie addicts out there hahaha. Especially those who needs to take nice pics for their professions (like bloggers or Instagrammers). Yep, it's not exactly cheap (but it's a lot cheaper than proper ring light which you can't bring around hahaha) but i personally think the money's well spent in this!
isf Selfie Ring Light comes in four delectable pastel colors, so cute!
I honestly think this selfie ring light is a bit of a hassle to bring out (because you have to put it on and off,  you can't just let it sit on your phone and chuck it on your bag!) therefore i am now also eyeing those light -up phone cases :p.

What do you think of a selfie ring light? Is this something you'd be interested in getting for yourself? If any of you use the smaller, clip on selfie ring light please let me know how it fares, i'm quite curious but i am not about to buy another one!


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  1. Bagus ya hasilnya pake ring light ini. Warna lampunya nggak biru. Jadi mupeng.

    1. Iya lumayan lah Be, kalo belom mau beli yg proper gt hehe

  2. Hiii nice review, btw kamu beli dimana ya ? Jadi pengen beli hehe..

    1. Beli online, di Instagram banyak yg jual kok...

  3. ci min.. ini emang bikin mupeng banged.. tp mahal yaakk.. msh bingung antara pengen yg kaya gini or yg dijepit itu ya?

    1. Iyah, lumayannn nih Hisafu... Tp mnrtku worth it kok. Yg di jepit itu aq ngga tau jdnya bagus juga ngga sih

  4. Untuk foto product jadinya kece ya ce

  5. thanks for the review, very useful :)

  6. wih keren banget hasilnya, pertama kali liat nikkietutorials pake ini di videonya, next wishlist :)

    1. Nikkie kayaknya pake yg model jepit, itu malah lebih murah sih ^^