Yogya Trip 2015 Part 4 : The Little Bits

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Hey guys!

Finally back with my travel post :D. This is the last of Yogya posts (but i still have a hotel review coming up) and it's going to be a very short one-i just have some photos that didn't quite fit into the previous posts (and some photos that i forgot to feat in corresponding posts) which would be a total shame to just delete so i'm creating a blog post just for them! It's a good timing too no, considering Indonesian are in total holiday mood now that it's just a day away from Eid al-Fitr!
Starting with the first pic we took after we arrived in Yogya, right at the train station's parking lot hahaha. We had to wait for quite a bit for out rental car to arrive since apparently they have several (or maybe just two) drop off areas in Yogya's train station and it's quite a detour if you got to the wrong one. Make sure you check with your driver if you plan to rent a car in Yogya have him meet with you at the station!
Then there's this pic of the purple-haired duo at House of Raminten's receptionist area. You can read more about the place here
Making good use of L's selfie stick while waiting for our tables hahaha. Big family vacation's always chaotic but memorable and fun!
Btw, i don't know if you noticed anything suspicious on my head in the day's photos but i was actually wearing my crazy mushroom hair clip! LOL. I should wear two on each side so i can pretend to be an alien/snail. Yep. I am nuts and i don't care. LOL
Another place that's worth mentioning is probably Nenener's-which is a milk cafe (nenen literally means... errr... Boobies), they have quite a few branches and i don't really know which one we visited (if you're interested, you can always google Nenener's and they'd direct you to some) coz we blindly followed L (like i said, L always know happening places. Although how milk become so hip and happening i don't really know). Btw i'm not so sure if the place's name's Kalimilk or Nenener's, i'm confused. I think it's Kalimilk and nenener's is what they call people who comes to drink milk???
L just got her hair washed and blow dried at a salon in a mall we went to before this. I might be the girlier one (by a mile) between the two of us, but she's actually the hairsalon-visiting kind of girl and i'm the total opposite. I don't go to hair salons except when i really have to (you know, for hair cuts... and retouching my roots)
Sorry, i just had to... How cray was my outfit that day btw, i channeled a space cowgirl i guess. Or maybe a nymph cowgirl? Coz i have a mushroom sprouting out of me head. My fringed top is H&M's Coachella's btw. Love Coachella collection even though i'm way too old to wear them/go there
Yepp, L whipped out her selfie stick everywhere we went
So the star menu of Kalimilk (ok now i'm pretty sure that the cafe's name is Kalimilk considering that's what splayed on their huge mugs!) is (obvi) fresh milk, what makes them so special is the fact that they have so many different flavors. Can't remember what i had, prolly caramel something-or was it bubble gum, but i do remember it being yummy!
Cheers! And my head is not bigger than hunny's, it's just angle -___-
And this is the pretty yum steak we had later that night (i know it doesn't look very appealing in the photo hahahaha. The place was very dimly lit *you know, for romantic atmosphere and all*and not very ideal for photo taking at all. Of course now i have that selfie ring light this would no longer be an issue. If i can be bothered to bring it in my travel that is... Btw, L actually wanted to bring us to a steak house owned by an Indonesian celebrity (if if remember correctly it was Sheila on 7's member) but couldn't find it so then we went to a steakhouse she randomly found from the internet hahaha. Thankfully it was pretty good-but i do not remember the name of the restaurant!
And that's it! LOL. We definitely didn't do much in Yogya eh *LOL*, but it was a fun time with my extended family! I also don't have a lot to blog about Solo, just going to review the hotel and write about Pura Mangkunegaran then i can start Japan posts! I hope you're looking forward to it! 


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  1. Itu namanya Kalimilk ce wkwkwk yaaayyyyy bentar lagi Japan post nyaa >w<

    1. Oh ya Kalimilk ya Li hiahahaha... Hooh segera, aq cm masih males ngeresize foto2e huhuhu wakehhh

    2. Kalo ga perlu di crop-crop, cuma resize doang, pake aplikasi aja ce. Kalo di macbook aplikasinya Fotor Photo Editor. Dia bisa langsung nge-resize semua foto yang ada di 1 folder :D, free lagi ce wkwkwkwk

    3. Lily... Km tau to aq gaptek... Coba nanti tny ko Candra wkwkwkw. Soale Macbook ku memory e kecil, foto2 e semua d simpen d PC >.<

    4. Gampang kok itu ce aplikasine, sederhana kayak aplikasi foto di hape gitu, isa ngedit foto di external hard-drive/flash disk, ga usah ada di simpen di macbooknya fotone. Time saver banget kalo buat resize foto bejibun >w< *udah kayak sales software nya*

  2. haha mushroom hair clip nya kocak banget. iya tuh kalo pake 2 bisa jadi kayak antena ya :P