G's Birthday Luncheon

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Hey guys!

It's been a long while since our last joint post, and this post yes-yep, another very backdated one. For once it's not #Undecided's fault but mine, i just got so lazy to prep the photos and also got caught on finishing my other posts first *LOL*. This is a post about G's bday luncheon. G's bday in APRIL. The luncheon we threw her was in May. And it's finally posted a few days before July is over LOLOLOL. Sorry lah!
The only group pic and it's very far from being decent. Damn the waitress *LOL*. Somehow she managed to capture some of us blurry and i know she works there and all-but can she focus a bit more on us instead of the decor???
OMG can I just say how cute Zoe is!!! I'm biased, I know, but uuuuu... *pinch cheek*
Anyway, the bday lunch is at a (back then) pretty new cafe/restaurant called Muttonbird. I went there once with L and i found it to be quite okay so i suggested it for G's bday lunch-then as usual #Undecided (the least creative of us all) went and copy it for HER bday lunch, just weeks after -___-. So yeah, our next celebration post will consist of similar background and photos WTF.
The early birds to arrive in Muttonbird :p. Surprisingly included #Undecided, even more surprisingly? She was the first one there HAHAHAHA. The birthday girl was severely late we were already in the middle of our lunch when she finally showed up so that's why her pic is a total minority in this blog post FHL
 How is that surprising?! I'm always early! *whips hair*
It was lunch time and we were hungry so we ordered first LOL. Here's me, showing my pasta (spaghetti carbonara) and it was so yummy! Btw bb, I demand to be photographed with this particular camera you were using at that time from now on. Totally filters my complexion to near flawless. Anyone that knows me IRL knows this isn't how my skin looks hahaha... A little pale for my liking, but beggar cannot be chooser, right!!!  
BB WTF, you know i always use the same damn camera *LOL*, it's the lighting!
#Pink's salad. Hmmm... looks so so... 
It tasted worse than it looks, very bland and... sad. Eating it made me sad *LOLOLOL*
I notice how lately we keep ordering pizzas for appetizer... It's good that they only make the thin crusted ones... Imagine if these were the thick and heavy ones. Not good for my #fauxdiet. This one's quite yummy...
The said carbonara. Up close. Yes, drool away!
Pink's hunny's aglio olio pasta that turned to be everyone's favorite dish of the day. Instead of using chili flakes, they use actual chili (in moderation) for the extra kick. SO DELISH and totally ruined Pink's #fauxdiet (yes it's a thing, don't give me that look, I know you're doing it too!!)
Another fave appetizer of ours. Fries basket (or something, I just went with the obvious: fries... in a bucket...).
Oh and this drink!!! Remember I told you that hubby is chocolate connoisseur? Well, this one got his stamp of approval! He even said one of the best choco drinks he ever had...
This one's G's drink (was it? Or was it her hubby's?) So pink, so cute, it gives me diabetic just looking at it. It's a good thing i'm not into sweets. I did borrowed it for camwhoring purposes, of course
I actually tried it and it was sooooo sweet fml!
Av's pancake. I think it was not very good either? Geez, it's been too long ofc i don't remember
Oh I remember, alright... It was horrible!! Pancakes are supposed to be moist and has a chewy quality to it. This one, though, imagine eating a stale bread. Ugh.
Beauty and The Hippos (clearly Beauty was hungry too hahahaha wtf my face!)
When parents gotta eat, out comes the gadget *LOL*. Btw i don't remember why Little O was not there hm...
Will you look at this baby! It was the time when her hair was scarce and she loved munching ALL of her fingers. Seriously. This one in particular, notice how she's excitedly looking at something?
Up close. Awww to her fat rolls. And those bunny shoes don't fit anymore now!
Bunny shoes that i always like so much, we didn't even remember that I bought her dat! LOL no wonder i love it!
You're one weird cookie, bb LOL! 
This is what she was looking at!!! Her nanny hahahaha wtf... Bunny, mama's holding you but you cannot wait to go be with nanny ah! Mama was the one carrying you everywhere for 10 long months and was severely bloated and now this!! Where's the love, bunny? Hahahaha #dramatic #myexpressionsaysitall
Shoved bunny back to nanny and continued being social. I'm awesome like that yo!
At last, a pic of the bday girl! Hahaha serves her right for being late LOL. Look at Luca being all excited at pasta...
This pic explains the madness that's always present when we're together
Never a dull moment, bb... Never a dull moment *smh*
Remember how i say we'd always have a silly thing going on during whenever we hang (out, not ourselves), well this time round the theme is "feed the bday girl"
You know, pancakes, lettuce
#Undecided's boobies milk. LOLOLOLOL. (I think it's actually formula, but you know what i mean)
I bet my nanny was thinking "wtf is those two doing" LOL
Look at how cute Little Luca's sitting! He can fit right in any Japanese family with ease now hahaha
We took this pic using both phone and camera, the one on the phone turned out fugly and A threw a hissy fit when i wanted to upload it (yes, she is scary like dat), the ones in Marshmallow turned out fine but i did check with her again in case she'd try to rip my scalp off the next time i see her T.T
Our cute shoes
Undecided always see our hangout time as a free family photo sesh *LOL*
OK la, one of the bday girl with her hubby and the borrowed baby
One awesome thing about Muttonbird? They have a rooftop area (opens at 4, PM of course WTF), the others already went home or refused to move (ahem, G's hubby) so the four of us were the only ones kiasu enough to go up to take pics. The front area has glass floors, i have problems with heights so i was in pain every secs i spent standing there. Actually we had a little OOTD photo shoot but my constipated face, lack of space and the sun's brightness (it doesn't go well with my complexion. As in you can hardly see my face in the photos WTF. Av and G photos turned out fine) made the photos un-uploadable. Yes, it's a word. Whatevs
Hunny waiting for the crazy girls to be done. There's also an interesting looking seat here, but it was occupied so... No pics :(
Okay, one last pic with the bday girl. Btw, i was wearing a sky blue eyeshadow and pinky cheeks that day, IRL those colors actually made me look paler-i took a short video swatching my lippie as usual for my IG, then i got a hate comment. I do realize that the lighting in the video made me look slightly (or very much) into the crazy lady territory, but i just want to clarify that i do not go out looking like a clown. Sometimes what you see is just an unfinished look or maybe it's the lighting, either way i don't even care if i want to go out looking like a clown-what i don't understand it people who leaves mean comments on a positive (hey, lip swatches videos are positive alright, at least i wasn't filming myself crying and screeching like a banshee because some fugly dude dumped my ass *grin*) video which belongs to a stranger.
And with that last photo and rants, i'm ending this post. Abruptly.

What she said!

#Pink and #Undecided 

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