100K Makeup Challenge Part 1 : Daily Look

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Hello hellooo!  How's everybody doin'?

So! I received very good response on my first One Brand Tutorial (i'm planning to do another one, hopefully soon!), that got me thinking-maybe i do need to post more varieties for my beauty posts (instead of just review, review and review). Another type of beauty post that i've been wanting to do is the budget restricted challenge. If i'm not mistaken, the most popular ones are the IDR 200k/150k-which i personally think is pretty easy #smug because of how affordable our drugstore and local brands are so i decided to go more extreme : 100k Makeup Challenge! (For my international readers, IDR 100K is around USD 8)
Obviously i did it #evensmugger and here's the result. Yep, it's very simple and ordinary, this is a budget restricted challenge not a specific themed look tutorial so save your protests
And as the title suggested, i will be doing MORE 100K MUC, this is just the preliminary, the easiest of the bunch : daily look. Here are the products used for this look :
Products used for my 100K MUC : Daily Look
1. Purbasari Foundation (shade 01 Natural) IDR 8.550
2. O.Mary Compact Powder IDR 12.000
3. Mukka Eyeshadow Palette (Teenage 03) IDR 25.000
4. Unbranded eyeliner IDR 4.000
5. Maybelline Baby Lips Love Color Lip Balm (shade Berry Crush) IDR 31.000

Total damage : 80.550. OMG am i good or what WTF, i spent a lot less than the budget and i didn't even realize it until i am typing this LOLOLOL. I am the Bargain Queen alright :p.

Okay while we already know awsome i am in finding good priced products, why don't we do a little step by step (yes, another tutorial for dummies thingy hahaha) and i will tell you snippets about the products+where i get them. You know for if you're interested
Well hello my pale zombie bare face :p
The first product is of course, the foundation. I very rarely buy base makeups (i get tonnes from endorsements/events) but i know that base makeups can be pretty pricey-not the case with some local brands apparently! I checked out a few brands and was shocked at how cheap they are! I'm not even talking affordable, i'm talking dirt cheap-just-slightly-more-expensive than-parking. Parking at Surabaya some more, not even Jakarta *LOL*. I love Purbasari lipsticks so i decided to go and picked Purbasari Foundation. It was IDR 9.500 but with 10% off (permanent discount okay) and i got it from Palapa supermarket
The light hits my face wrong and it makes my skin seems darker than it actually is. Purbasari Foundation in shade 01 Natural is surprisingly a pretty good match for my fair skin. It looks dark but when blended, it's not as dark as i initially thought. The only problem is it's slightly too yellow for me. Which Asian foundie isn't anyway *LOL*. It's pretty awesome for IDR 8.550 okay, anyone interested in a full review?
A must for oily skin : Powder to set the foundie!
IDR 100K restriction hardly leaves me any budget for concealer, so what i did was... Applied a second layer of foundation under my eyes >.< (emergency sits call for emergency actions alright!) then i set it with this O.Mary compact powder. O.Mary is a brand that i've never heard before (have you?), i found it while casually browsing Mataharimall.com, i am forever curious of unknown brands. I checked their BPOM number btw, and it's legit so i decided to buy it. I got the shade 04 because i didn't even know there's another shade, and it ends up being two shades too dark for me FML. Look how tanned my face looks compared to my body, and it's not even the light's fault this time round HAHAHAHA. Well, it's not the best compact powder i've ever tried (it's pretty harsh-looking) but you shouldn't expect the impossible from an IDR 12K powder anyway!
Mostly the budget is saved by this palette! Mukka eyeshadow palette (dunno why they call it eyeshadow palette since there are also two blush ons featured) Teenage 03. I'm not so sure about the official price of this product, i checked the price and it's mostly IDR 30.000, i got it for IDR 25.000 from kutekmurah.com. Btw, i know there were all kinds of controversy for this brand, i even heard some of their products were pulled from the market because they contain unsafe ingredients, but i also heard that Mukka is now an official brand (check out their FB page here) and their products are now registered under BPOM already so... I decided it's safe enough for me haha.
For this look i only used two colors (and the white one as highlighter) for my eyes, the pearly champagne one and the dark, reddish brown one
I used the champagne one all over my lid. The color is very subtle with very pretty glow (not harsh glitter okay, but GLOW) that my camera's unable to pick up. It's a lot prettier in real life and honestly it is my go to color for everyday look nowadays. I just add a wash of this color all over my lid and apply eyeliner, they're enough to open up my eyes and make me look more awake!
Then the reddish dark brown one on my double eyelid. FYI, the pigmentation is actually quite good, i used it very lightly because i want the look to be very clean, bright and safe for day look!
Oh yeah, i skipped doing my eyebrows because the only eyebrow product that i know how to use is eyebrow mascara (plus my bare eyebrows are totally decent on their own #luckyb) and that would definitely bust the budget. I could easily add that famed Viva eyebrow pencil and stayed under the budget safely.
The only total fail product for this look? This unbranded IDR 4K eyeliner i found at Palapa *LOL*. I was going in another direction for this challenge at first (i purchased some products which are not featured here) because i forgot where i stored my Mukka palette (it's not like i forgot that i have it, i just forgot where i hid it :p) and in my calculation, i was already very strapped for budget so i decided to just buy this very dodgy looking eyeliner *LOL*. True enough, it's still decent for pictures but it melts off in the next few secs WTF
At least they worked for the photos. I was worried that it'd have a consistency of writing pencil and i was gonna hurt my eye lids >.<. I didn't go out for long but when i got home, one half of my wings was gone and i got smudges everywhere. It was brutal
From the same Mukka palette, i used the bright pink blush on for a fresh look since the O.Mary compact powder totally muddy up my complexion >.<
You can see how harsh and powdery the O.Mary powder is in this pic. Granted, it works better if used with creamier base (which has more coverage), i also found a way to make it work for me by using it together with Marcks loose powder, the white one!
I also used this white eyeshadow from the same palette to highlight my nose bridge and under my eyes. It's super pretty and i honestly haven't been using another one of my face ever since *LOL*. I didn't contour my nose as usual because the O.Mary powder already made my skin so dark, even if i tried using my usual nose contouring product (i always use a compact powder from Mustika Ratu btw :p) it wouldn't show up hahaha
For such a restricted budget, a two in one product is a life saver. This one's actually a three in one hahaha (lip balm, lip tint and lip gloss rolled into one), i just picked one from my Baby Lips collection (i am nuts about Baby Lips FYI) hahaha. I used the Berry Crush from Maybelline Baby Lips Love Color line. I don't remember the price of this product (i always buy them during promotions), i doubt i paid more than IDR 20K. You can find it easily everywhere (drugstore, supermarket, minimarket) or online. I decided to use the price stated there too.
The final result, tadahh...
I must apologize for the poor lighting, coz even though this is a day look but i actually applied it at night (before we go out, coz i simply don't put on makeup when i am not going out >.<) hence the horrid artificial lighting. The first pic up there was probably the best one (it was taken using Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and selfie ring light while the rest were taken using Marshmallow)
In conclusion, is it possible to spend only IDR 100K for your entire face? Totally. Is it recommended? I don't think so *LOL*. I am all for affordable makeups (i love nothing more than a good drugstore product), but you need to know which product you can spend minimal on and which one you need to add more budget on. I learned from this challenge while you can use cheap foundie OR powder,  you should not use both at the same time *LOL*. I also learned that IDR 4K unbranded eyeliner is a no no, spend a bit more for a decent ones please!

It was a totally fun challenge and i had so much fun doing it, i hope you enjoy it too! I also hope y'all look forward to the second one, i will attempt a night look >.<, yes with the same IDR 100 only!


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  1. Eyeliner nya totally failed ya cee kalo dari aku baca :"D
    Itu yg O'Mary oke buat contour yaa klo kedapetan shade yg lebih gelap..

    ♥ phieselphie site ♥

    1. Iya Syl wkwkwk, bisa d pake utk foto2 doank kalo buat jalan udah babay aja dehhh... Hahaha aq jarang bgt contour2, paling cuma idung doank jd aq pake buat bedak tetep tp d campur sm bedak yg putih bgt hehehe