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June movies review's here :D finally (keep on saying this every month hahaha). It's the month of the sequels *LOL*, quite a lot of interesting movies were out probably due to the fact that it was the holiday month for school kids and we managed to watch SEVEN of them! I like most of them, nothing that i find to be too horrible hahaha-let's get on with it!

The first movie is the kind that, if you know me at all then you'd already know, doesn't really interest me all that much *LOL*. I'm never one for movies which are based from video games... My boys on the other hand were quite excited about it. Turns out it's not so bad, it's pretty entertaining and all-not a must watch, but it's not something i regret watching either.

Do you know that Orcs are from another dimension (obvi, if you play the games you'd know. I'm talking to the rest of us okay)? They manage to cross to human (Azeroth, i'm pretty sure they're human LOL) realm thanks to their witch doctor Gul'dan (gave me a heart attack when i realized the uber handsome Daniel Wu played him. Well, his voice that is) mumbo jumbo and now Azeroth is in the brink of a huge war because yeah, the orcs aren't exactly planning for a picnic, they are looking for a new place to live since their world is dying and whoever was already there must be eliminated. It is up to the great King with his warrior and (very questionble) wizard to lead the army to fight them off.

Seriously, this kind of movie with lots of different creatures confuses me, i had to keep on checking with hunny. It's not like i'm slow or whatever, but my brain is not built for this type of information *LOLOLOL*. Still, i enjoyed it-it's not bad at all. If you're open for a fantasy world war movie (but unfortunately not with beautiful magical creatures but with fugly orcs instead), this one's pretty solid. I am quite surprised that it got 7.4  on IMDb tho (i'm sure most IMDb reviewers are male now hahaha) i'd rate it like... 6.5 (coz anything 7 should be like, unreal hahaha), i guess a lot of people like it? 

2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : Out of the Shadows
Okay, i'm not going to beat round the bush, this is my least fave movie of the month. I just checked and it got 6.3 on IMDb (yes, i am hung up on IMDb ratings, whatevs) and that's totally shocked me. I'd rate it 4.5 maybe? LOL. I guess i'm just not into ninja turtles what can i say. My hunny and Little O seemed to enjoy it a lot more than i did, hunny said it's better than the first movie (which got 5.7 in IMDb so i think most of them agree with him)-as for me... It's not the worst movie that i've watched but i'd be happy enough to skip it *LOL*.

So picking up from the first movie, the turtles continue living in the shadow while Vernon took all the credit for taking Shredder down. April O'Neil finds out that a scientist called Baxter is working for Shredder and plan to teleport him out during transport (and while transporting, Shredder meets Krang who told him to assemble a teleportation devise he sent to Earth long time ago and then they can rule the earth together) which the turtles try to stop him but fails, the driver of the transport also has his own agenda and a point to proof so he joins O'Neil and the turtles to take the villains down. Then there's also the mutagen that turns two goons into powerful, half animal (well, still) goons-this got the turtles thinking that it can turn THEM into humans so they won't have to hide in the shadow anymore. 

Too many things in the storyline, it tires me just trying to write down the plot *LOL*. You know i'm not much of a comic turns movie either, i do appreciate most super hero movies now thanks to Avengers, but something like TMNT-i personally think it's better off in full animation format. I dunno, too much CGI creatures mixed with humans always turns me off *LOL* (okay not always. Maybe the super hero type), it feels neither this way nor that. It's not made humane enough to be appreciated like Avengers, the storyline way too kiddie-fantasy and silly. Or maybe i am simply not their audience demographic? The movie flopped so guess a lot of people shares my opinion *LOL*. Maybe it's something that boys (especially under 12) appreciate but most girls don't get. I don't know. It's just not a movie that i would recommend hahaha.

3. The Conjuring 2

Now THIS is my cup of tea *LOL*. I LOVE the first Conjuring movie and it's still my all time fave horror movie. I watched it again in my MacBook after watching the sequel and even though i had all my lamps turned on and my hunny's sitting right beside me watching other things in his tablet, it still scares the shit out of me. I was really excited about the sequel but my excitement diminished a bit after learning that the movie would be based on Enfield poltergeist, having read this post in Spooky Corner makes me feel like the case is a total hoax *LOL*. Still, James Wan is pretty awesome and he managed to turn the almost comical story into a pretty good horror movie. It's nowhere near as good as the first one, but i enjoyed it. Lots of jump scares throughout the movie, i had no time to be bored.

In 1977, demonologist Ed (played by the HOT Patrick Wilson) and his psychic wife Lorraine Warren travel to London England to help Hodgson family whose young daughter started showing signs of posessions. At first they thought they were dealing with a mean older man spirit who's simply malicious because he feels like they're living in his place, but soon they learn that there's a bigger, more sinister and more powerful being behind it all.

Well, we all know how "based on true story" can be as loose as using the background (as in the place) and develop a completely different story *LOL* and this is totally the case with this movie. I cannot recall any Bill in the actual case, and Valak was definitely never mentioned *LOL* but it works. Of course then (mostly Indonesian) netizen must come out with all kinds of memes making fun of Valak that the version in the movie became no longer scary and simply silly WTF. I personally find the beginning to the middle of the movie pretty effective, it's when Valak started showing up too much that it turned comical :p. Still a pretty solid horror movie, still better than most horror movies i watched in a while-but far below the first movie in everything.

I would also enjoy the movie better if only i didn't sit beside a crazy B who kept on babbling LOUDLY from start to finish (NOOO BILLY, WHYYY BILLY, NOT BILLLY PLEASEEE NOT BILLY, BILLY IS SO CUTEEE, NOO BILLY WHY ARE YOU SO NAUGHTY, GO BACK TO BED BILLY. AH I DON'T KNOW LAH, I DON'T CARE ANYMORE. I DON'T CARE. I DON'T CARE) . Seriously, if you know you're a scaredy cat who's LOUD when you're scared, don't watch horror movies in the cinema. You're ruining the experience for everybody else. I seriously had a very strong urge to strangle her with her own hijab, and i'm not even kidding.

4. Now You See Me
Okay so a lot of people (including me) has been waiting for this sequel excitedly, and a lot of my friends complained that it's not as good as the first one. Well, i think it's still very good (maybe not as good as the first one, most sequels aren't... right?), smart, twisty and full of surprises. 

This movie is set a year after the first movie, The Four Horsemen (except the girl from the first movie who got replaced by another girl *LOL*, wonder why Isla Fisher didn't join the sequel) went into hiding to avoid FBI while  Dylan continues hiding in plain sight as an FBI agent. When they finally resurface, they turn out to be ambushed by Walter Mabry (Harry Potter has never been so irritating) who forces them to steal a powerful chip that can control all computers in the world. The now exposed Dylan must now accept the help of Thaddeus Bradley (who he hold responsible for his father's death when he was a kid) in order to save his horsemen.

Well, it's true that "getting fooled has never been so fun"! LOL. I enjoyed the movie fully, it's never predictable and always hilarious. It's a fun, entertaining movie, and i would definitely recommend this movie for anyone who are tired of the same Hollywood formula, i mean it's popcorn-but still different. Critics don't seem to like this movie tho, but i rarely enjoy critically-approved movies anyway. I guess i have bad taste *LOL*. And i dunno why it's always exhilarating to see Asian stars in big-budget Hollywood movies (Jay Chow, everyone), maybe coz it's still a novelty haha.

5. Finding Dory
Finding Dory.... It's hands down my fave movie of the month! I'm not exactly from the generation which was a kid when Finding Nemo came out (i was 20 *LOL*), but totally love Finding Nemo and totally look forward to the long-awaited sequel... If you can call it that.

We all know and love the wide eyed blue tang fish with short term memory loss from Finding Nemo, but we didn't know much more about her except the fact that she's always looking for her parents, with whom she was separated from when she was a child. Fast forward to present day, Dory started to remember things and decided to go on an epic adventure to find them, not alone of course but with the help from her friends Nemo and his dad Marlin. She finds out that she came from the Marine Life Institute but must go to great lengths (and many craziness) to finally reunite with her parents.

The movie started slower in the beginning, but once it's in full throttle-it's awesome! It's everything you'd expect from it, it's heart warming, touching, and hilarious. It's a great, wholesome family movie teaching kids and adults alike the value of family and friendship (friends afterall, are the family that you choose). I laugh and cried like a baby throughout the movie and i cannot recommend this movie enough. A total must watch! 

We saw the trailer of this movie plenty of times when we watched other movies, it looks hilarious so we were looking forward to watch it. IT IS funny, but in a slightly silly, slapsticks way. It got funny parts and also cringe-worthy cheesy silly parts too. 

Calvin Joyner was voted most likely to succeed in high school, he is also a very nice, kind person that everybody loves. 20 years later he is a burnt up, bored, dissatisfied accountant who doesn't even want to attend the high school reunion because he feels like he's a failure. A guy named Bob Stone contacts him and turns out to be Robbie Weirdicht, a guy who were bullied at school and Calvin was the only who helped him. Bob is now a completely different person, and when Calvin agreed to help him solve some finance stuffs all hell breaks loose. CIA agents say that Bob Stone is a rouge agent and they want Calvin to help them get him-while Bob insists that he is not a rouge and that he is trying to locate a villain called Black Badger (whom he believe killed his partner) before he sells an important information that can be disastrous if falls on the wrong hand. 

Well, it's The Rock as a slightly nutty CIA agent, it's bound to be hilarious. I dunno, i can't help but like The Rock, he just has such a kind face despite his scarily bulging muscles *LOL*, and i do think most of his movies are entertaining especially the funny ones. It's pretty good, i wouldn't say it's a must watch-but it's alright. Worth checking out for some mindless fun.

7. Independence Day : Resurgence

Okay, i didn't actually watch the original movie. Is that weird? I didn't actually watch a lot of movies in the cinema when i was 13 (when it came out), especially not the action-alien type. I also never got any urge to watch it whenever it's playing on TV-alien is definitely not my cup of tea. So i also wasn't very excited about the sequel, it's the kind of movie that i probably would never watch if i am not married to such a movie buff.

The movie is set like in real life (i mean the timing), 20 years after the first alien attack that nearly destroyed mankind-and they are back, bigger and meaner. This time the alien mothership is more than twice the size of the last one and once again the world's armies must band together to save the world and mankind.

Errrr... Personally? I think it's not bad. It's no different than other alien attack movies we've been more than bombarded with in the past few years tho. Definitely nothing special and doesn't leave any lingering feeling, but i was never bored during the movie either. I wonder if the first one is a lot better because it's definitely a big part of pop culture. Was it really that good or was it good for THE TIME? I'm sure in 1996 we didn't have as many big scale  alien invasion movies with great CGIs as we do now. Would the original Independence Day be as big if it's screened in 2016? Hm... 

Anyhow, i think it's an okay blockbuster movie. Good to occupy sometime, not a must watch. I won't miss a sleep if don't watch it. Speaking of missing sleep, i've been having horrible insomnia due to itching, loudly snoring husband and non-stop whirling brain. So bad that i can't fall asleep before 3-4 AM HELP!!! Even herbal sleeping pills don't seem to help T.T... I'm gonna go and try to sleep earlier today *please God*. In the mean time, which movies in this list that you've watched? How do you like'em?

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  1. Gw kok gak suka conjuring ya...
    Pengen nonton lights out nih...

    1. Wah gue malah suka yg tipe2 Conjuring gt hahaha... Lights Out pengennn

  2. Oh yeah! The Conjuring is my fav movie too! Tapi aku merasa conjuring pertama tegangnya lebih dapet. Mungkin terlalu banyak meme valak jadi liatnya udah ga serem lagi. Penasaran The Nun nanti :D

    By the way, dory ternyata bisa inget keluarganya ya? Download ahh :3

    1. Iya, mnrtku jg jauh lbh serem yg pertama kok, kalo yg ke2 ini dpnnya kaget2 lumayan sih...

  3. Ah, aku belum nonton Now You See Me :'''( Sedih banget. Bulan ini apa yang ditunggu mbak?

    1. Kmrn nungguin Ghostbusters sih tp udah nonton, skrg lg nungguin Lights Out sama Life of Pets ^^

  4. Aku udah nonton Finding Dory udah gitu aku nangis *lupa pas bagian mana* ya gimana ya aku baper banget nontonnya :''''

  5. Yaaas itu annoying banget kalo yang nonton di sebelah berisik. Pas aku nonton avenger, mbak di sebelah narasiin cerita avengernya wtf, kayak didongengin ulang. it's like "bitch, I'm watching the same fucking movie as you, don't need the re-telling few seconds after it happens thankyou". Si Isla Fisher ga ikut yang ini gara" pregnant kalo ga salah, aku sukaa banget sama dia pas di first movie padahal T_T Si Dory unyuuu banget ya ce waktu kecil >w<

    1. ADUH aq jg pernah tuhhh... Film2 superhero gt juga, ada ABG nerd2 gt ngoche jelasin filmnya k tmnnya, suaranya KERAS BGT pgn ta jejeli spatu mulute WTF. Iya kmrn aq google tyt dia pas hamil ya, prasaan hamil melulu to org *LOL*. Iya Dory so cute wkwkwk, suaranya jg imut bgt pas kecil