Solo Trip 2016 : NY Celebration, Kampung Batik Laweyan, etc

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Hey guys!

So i know i said that i was going to write the rest of the Solo trip leftover in the same post as the hotel's review but then i found enough photos to make into its own blog post. Here it is *LOL*.

We traveled from Yogyakarta to Solo (or Surakarta) on December 31st using our rented cars and we celebrated the new year's eve at the hotel where we're staying (Best Western Premiere) because they had a gala dinner which fee was already included in the jacked up hotel rate (except for Little O-which we had to pay extra for).
Us minus Eek who wasn't feeling well and skipped the celebration as soon as he could *LOL*
The photos taken during the celebration were all a bit dodgy coz hunny seems to wrongly sets his own camera zzzz.
Theme was Casino Local, parody of Casino Royale obviously
It's not often that i get to make my hunny pose in photo booths willingly. I guess every male like to fantasies that they're Bond... James Bond. No?
We wanted to snap a family picture in the photo booth, but there were some models (?) posing around  nonstop there *LOL*, it went on and on that we lost our patience and took the pic of in another spot. What's hilarious is when we asked the photog to help us took our pic, they totally thought with the models *LOLOLOLOL*, why would we want to do that *shudder*. Since we didn't want to humiliate them, we made the two akongs pose with them instead hahahahaha.
Plus L's two kids. My kid has high standard and he refused to take a pic with them *LOLOLOL* #snotty #snobbishlittleboy
L and i camwhoring in every spot
Yep, my arms are huge. My Instagram photos are mostly edited (just reducing the size of my arms, or cheeks. Nothing major. Don't go all bullshitty on me now) nowadays, but i am way too lazy to edit my blog post photos
Local comedy group was manning the whole gala dinner, which went on and on *LOL*. Seriously, no gala dinner should go from 7 PM (i think it was 7) to 12!
Pretty sure L's posing here *LOL*
Of course, the grandparents and kids retire soon to their rooms-while the three of us wandered around and found the mostly abandoned open bar downstairs.
With our super diluted free beers. Hunny is obvi the one holding the camera and snapping it, dunno why he's the one with his eyes closed!
Nearing midnight, partygoers moved from the ballroom 
And the DJ finally got herself a crowd *LOL*
New year celebration = fireworks
After the clock struck 12 and the party dies down, we went back in and when we caught a glimpse of the street outside our hotel.... we couldn't be happier that we stayed in the hotel!
The next day we went for Batik hunting and went to Kampung Batik Laweyan.
The pictures here were taken using my phone so yep, they're edited to make me look taller n skinnier #sueme
Found this photogenic door so we just had to pose there
Perfect spot for OOTD hahahah. Yep, i clearly didn't change. Didn't bring extra clothes haha
Mini batik maker (the little boy, not the tool)
They also sells cute stuffed animals made in batik cloth
Found refreshment in vintage bottles
Who drinks temulawak (Javanese ginger) for fun is beyond me
Such a hot day deserves a popsicle. Picked one that matches my clothes *LOL*

Our hotel's right next to a few malls, so we spent sometime there like a true blue Indonesian.  Little O got this giant cotton candy
I'm not a fan of cotton candies coz i'm not into sweets, but they sure are photogenic. I mean the rainbow and uniquely shaped ones, not this generic one
Well, that's it. We went to Pura Mangkunegara on the last day then head back home! Japan post coming soon, i hope someone's (anyone!) excited! LOL.
Cousins who travel together, stay together

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  1. wuii dinner selama 5 jam cape gak tuh duduk terus ya? hahaha

    1. Cape Man, makanya rata2 pada kabur setelah 1-2 jam hahaha