Solo Trip 2016 : Pura Mangkunegaran

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Hey hey!

I finally moved on from my Yogya posts and continue on with the next city we went to : Solo or Surakarta! I only have two posts from this city (the other one will be a hotel review and a bit of the story of our new year's eve, yes-half a year later!) and it's from our brief visit to Pura Mangkunegaran!

Pura Mangkunegaran is (the name might confuses you a bit, i initially thought Pura means temple-then i realize that it wasn't Bali and it means something totally unrelated) a smaller, lesser known Keraton (palace) in Surakarta. If you mention Keraton, one would immediately thought of Keraton Solo-which we've been to a few times already. Hunny and i are total history buffs and we're lucky enough that our interest rubs off Little O-who totally enjoys museum and historical places too. 

In fact, Little O was actually the one who kept mentioning museums since the trip bored him a bit, we mainly went for culinary and Batik shopping-hardly interesting for an 8 year old boy! We initially wanted to visit some museums which unfortunately were closed because it was new year's holiday. We managed to slip some time to visit Pura Mangkunegaran (which i'm sure i've been to before, maybe when i was little because i recognize the place somehow, but don't really have solid memories of it) in the morning before we had to go back to Surabaya. 
I don't remember how much was the entrance fee but it wasn't expensive. You'd be assigned a guide (having a guide to accompany you is not a choice, especially because the palace is still used by the royal family) who'll take you around and explain all about the place's in details
This is the first area in the palace, you have to take off your footwear and walk around the well-maintained and super clean place. Indonesian (and most Asian. That's why we scoffed at people wearing shoes inside the house in local movies. It's simply ain't happening aaight) always take our shoes off inside our and other people's houses anyway so it felt very natural hahaha
Like Keraton Solo and Yogya, there were gamelan band playing at the background
The squad. L is every bit of a tourist as us so she was enjoying herself and her little kids were having fun too. The only person kept on complaining and forced us to cut our time short? Eek, who do you think. Next time L should just bring a nanny to help her out and leave the annoying spoilsport behind -___-. Or get a fun replacement hubby for travels *shrug*, at least the ones where i am a part of.
I'm your typical Asian mummy who snaps pics of her kid in every single spot available and force anyone who would listen to me to see the photos, in this case Y'ALL are my victim MUAHAHAHHAHAAHA. As usual, Little O is a quite willing model, as long as it's during a trip then he's suddenly friends with the camera -___-. No waterworks like how it always are in family functions and parties zzz
I think this area is called Pendopo Ageng (clearly i wasn't listening to the guide, too busy admiring and snapping pics of the place), it's super spacious and comfy for loitering around *LOL*. According to wiki, the whole area's built without using nails!
Then we entered the inner part. There's this area called Dalem Ageng that used to be the royal wedding chamber-now used as a museum. The open area is called Pringgitan
Here you can see the strong European influence with all the European furnitures and decorations
See those framed photos? Those are of the current royal family. One of the princes were an actor, and the current King was divorced and re-married. A total modern day family haha
The palace is very very cozy and quiet, there were only a handful other visitors other than us (totally different than the always bustling Keraton Yogya), for a moment i forgot that we were in a palace because it felt like we were visiting someone's super HUGE house hahaha. No pretentious and snobbish aura here
Before i started blogging, i used to laugh at L's hobby to take fake candid pics
Fast forward to present time, i definitely give L a run for her money in the staged candid category *LOL*
Is it just me or that kind of antique mirrors are simply terrifying? Maybe i watch too much horror movies, but can you just imagine someone standing behind you when it's getting dark and happen to pass by one of those???
The garden's totally lush and beautiful. Is it very wrong that i immediately thinking of outfit photos in every nook and cranny of this place?
I find this pic hilarious, it looks like Koko O is leading his mini army on :D..
OOTD time *LOL*. I don't often wear something that i just bought immediately, but i was running out of pants so i wore that comfy Batik culottes that i bought in Yogya earlier
OMG Litte O, what's with the expression..
Heading to Beranda Dalem
Even stronger European feeling here, yea?
There are parts of the palace where photography was not allowed, i don't really know why but as a respectful visitor, i did not even think of violating the rules-of course
You will forever find me doing mirror selfies-no matter where i go...
Lots and lots of intricate antique decorations to admire
Hunny is a total people-person, the only one who gives the guide the time of the day hahaha
Eek, who clearly didn't want to be there, and didn't stop complaining from start to finish. I wonder if his mum dropped him head first when he was a baby. Why else is he such a pain in the ass?
Ever so curious boy ^^
And that's it! I personally think this is a very interesting and beautiful place, a total must visit (and the area surrounding it is also very... I don't even know how to explain, it's very tourist friendly, photogenic and lovely la) if you ever go to Solo!

Hope you enjoy the post! Toodles for now!

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