Tutorial : Wearable Look with Pantone Color of the Year 2016

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Hey y'all!

So i know that anything to do with "color of the year " should probably get posted at THE START of the year, but i figured since 2016's Pantone colors of the year are in the pastel category it's more suitable for summer! Okay, that's a lie, i'm half pastel princess (and half princess of darkness) and i wear pastel colors all year long, that just seems like a legit excuse for postponing writing it for so long. FYI, the photos were taken back in March >.<. 

ANYWAY. At least it's still 2016 *LOL* although it is already the beginning of the later half of the year so it's still suitable :p.

Like i already mentioned many times, i was super excited for their selection this year of Rose Quartz and Serenity. Unlike lots of people (especially from Western countries), personally i find these two colors to be totally wearable. You would too if you're Lolita/Barbie style lover *LOL* and i wear this look a lot before 2016. If done right, they can totally be worn for everyday look too, the key is to be light handed with the application :p. We want pastel princess, not pastel clown...
My simple 2016 Pantone colors of the year inspired look. As you can see, i wear'em on my nails too
I know this look is not for everybody, as not every body dares to wear blue eye shadows (some people even go to another level and insult people that do, i got a mean hate comment on one of my IG videos where i wore blue eyeshadows and pink cheeks *LOL*), but for those who dares... Why the hell not? I love colorful makeup and i will not stop wearing them just because some people hates it. 

If you want to implement those colors on your looks but don't know where to start, i hope this super simple (i call all of my tutorials "tutorials for dummies" since they're all always super simple and easy to follow) tutorial can inspire you. Keep in mind i am not a professional and i am strongly influenced by Japanese style, just in case some die hard Kim Kardashian wannabes got the urge to make fun of my technique...

This look focus on the eyes so i'm not gonna go into details on everything else (okay, i also do not remember the products i used anymore coz it's been so long...), i started on my face as usual with BB Cream, concealer and compact powders then i used those 88 palettes every bloggers seems to have haha.
I used three different shades of blue
And a pink
I start with applying eye primer (i used e.l.f) especially because these 88 eyeshadow palette that i have is not very pigmented at all-which is not necessarily a bad thing especially for people who just started learning to wear eyeshadows. I used a pale, slightly minty blue all over my eyelids
Then i apply darker colored light blue on the inner and outer part of my lids
Next it's turn for the pink! I apply the pink shadow in the middle-in between the baby blue
It's a basic rule that pastel (or pale) colors make your eyes appear smaller-as i have very Asian small eyes, that is not something that i am keen on-to minimize it i applied a bit of purple eyeshadow on the outer part of my double eyelid to emphasize and deepen the double eyelid then blend blend and blend to make sure no harsh lines are visible
Then i finished the eye look with my usual brown puppy-liner, black eyeliner (i used black eyeshadow) on my water line from the outer corner and stopping in the middle then continued with a pearly white one (because i love those alien looking silvery big eyes >.<!). Don't forgot to do your brows too! Btw, i was still using my rainbow colored More contact lenses that were totally perfect with the pastel rainbow eye look!
Complete the look with pinky cheeks and Barbie pink lippie (i also used a pearly white shadow to highlight my nose bridge)! I know Rose Quartz is a very pale powder pink (almost white) and i think it's totally unwearable for lips! A darker pale pink can be used for a very icy look, but i went for a Barbie pink lips for a cheerier, brighter look (i'm using Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in shade Lovesick) and tadahhhh we're done! I was too lazy to wear mascara *LOL*
Under natural sunlight
A better look on my 2016 Pantone colors of the year inspired nails by Kiki Coroline!
Btw, i actually re-create this look because i already wore the (almost) exact same look (with mascara) for Valentine's Day :
I wore a softer lip color on Valentine's Day and i only wore 2 colors on my eyes, pearly baby pink and pearly baby blue eyeshadows
Unfortunately i cannot remember what kind of lippie i wore that day...
And i put more effort (coz it's Valentine's Day!) by putting some mascara on hahaha
Of course, i'm the kind who would go all out and wear 2016 Pantone color of the year (just color, coz i only wore pinks hahaha. I would definitely wear baby pink and baby blue together of course, they're like match made in cotton candy heaven!) inspired outfit too!
Head to toe in pink #noproblem
I don't think this looks is too much, and i really like it so it's a kind of look that i would keep on wearing (maybe with different color combination), on days when i'm not too lazy that is (on normal days i cannot be bothered to wear more than one shimmery, neutral eyeshadow color-if any!).

What about you, did you do any 2016 Pantone colors of the year look too? Is this a look that you'd give a try?


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  1. Hoooahh <3 I like your make up ;3 its should be color of the year but glow and highlight take control ce :' but still love your eyes and nails :'

    1. Hahaha can't help it Ti, my skin's naturally glowy #kibas >.<, thank you!