Foodgasm 07 : Azucar Bake Shop (SPONSORED)

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Hey guys :D!

How ya doin'? Enjoying weekend so far? I've been having a very long and tiring day, but it's so much fun so i'm definitely not complaining! Attending another beauty event since morning (will blog about it soon), continued with a visit to Food Kartel (also going to blog about it soon #promises #hopeit'snotanemptyone *LOL*) with Nessya and Sabsab who also helped me snap most pics for this blog post, thank you girls!

Anyway, this is a kinda special Foodgasm series because instead of showing you another cafe/restaurant, i'm actually going to review some cookies :
From Azucar Bake Shop!
Awhile ago, a blogger friend (Sanny, thank you San!) contacted me and asked me to help share about Azucar Bake Shop in my social medias, even though i am not a food blogger (therefore please do not expect a sophisticated and in depth explanation about the texture, taste or whatever, i can only tell you whether i find them to be nice or not!) but food is definitely part of a lifestyle, and that i can do haha-so i said sure, why not!

Basically Azucar is a neighborhood bakeshop in Denpasar, Bali, they supply cakes for cafe and industries but recently also growing their clientele by adding on an online shop (you can read more about their story here) so all of you who reside in Indonesia can now order their cookies online!

In case you're wondering about their packaging and might be worried about the cookies arriving in one piece, don't! I received mine in the mail too (obviously) and they're all in perfect condition! Here's how their packaging looks like when it just arrived :
Bubble wrap is always a good idea :D!
It's a very simple cardboard box with black and white accents, very minimalistic but also chic!
Excuse the limp hair and tired face, we just braved the melting-ly hot Food Kartel a few minutes earlier *LOL*
6 different variants of cookies
Which one should i try first?
Sweet Salty Caramel Milk Tea Biscuit
As soon as i munched on the small square of cookie and popped one inside hunny's mouth, i immediately said "hey, it's good!" hehe. It's not too sweet, i'd say it'd leaning to salty more (with just a hint of sweetness) and i can definitely taste the milk tea. I'm not a fan of tea (or milk tea), but it's really nice in biscuit form ^^!
Full bodied Fragrant Roasted Black Sesame Sable
I love sesame so i knew this was going to agree with my palate! It's salty (again, with a hint of sweetness), nutty, and reminds me of a local snack that i cannot remember the name. Not the biggest fan of the super crumbly texture though, just because i can be a clean freak sometimes. I just hate to get cookie crumbles everywhere!
Coarsed 7 Spices Smokey Sichimi Cookies
This tiny square definitely packs a punch! I popped it in expecting nothing (coz i definitely can take my spices!), but it actually surprised me with its spiciness (in a good way!). So flavorful! It's kinda salty and i'm not usually into salty things (nor sweet things *LOL*, i'm a complicated person what can i say!) but i couldn't stop eating this! Hunny loved it too (which-again-surprised me, because he usually hates things that burn his tongue, and this cookie can definitely do that!) so no surprise that we kinda finished the whole pack in one go >.<! One of my fave!
Nutty Chunky Chocolate Almond... Sable? Saele? I couldn't read it >.< can anyone help???
It's definitely not your usual chocolate cookies! Azucar finds the perfect balance between light sweetness and saltiness with all of their creations for sure! It's very chocolatey, almond-y and salty too! The kind that you can keep on eating without stopping....
Crisp Grassy Kyoto Matcha Cookies
Okay, so i was almost afraid to taste this. I HATE green tea with passion (i can't even stand the taste), and grassy? Did they mean there'd be a slight grass taste???
But the color's the most photogenic and i decided i had to taste at least one for the sake of this blog post...
Well, it's not my favorite (okay, it's my least favorite) but i think it's totally due to the fact that i hate match haha. You can definitely taste the matcha (and yes, there is a slight grassy taste! But not in a bad way at all) but it's not over powering or sickening. If you're a fan of green tea, then you'd love this. I'm just not hahaha. Hunny said this is also his least favorite because he found the texture to be too grainy.
Slightly Spicy Otona Pepper Cheese
This one's both hunny's and my favorite! It's cheesy (but with a tinge of sweetness that's just right) with the distinct taste of pepper (did i ever tell you i'm slightly obsessed with pepper?), so yummy and addictive! And of course, we finished the packet in one go as well... #gluttonycouple hahaha.

Everything's so good! Even the one which taste i would usually find appalling is still passable for me hahaha. Thank you Azucar for the yummy treats!

Now, if you're an Indonesian resident and this post makes you really want to give Azucar's cookies a try, i have good news for ya! Azucar Bake Shop has kindly offered me three small boxes of their cookies to give away, so of course i decided to host a little giveaway! It's super duper simple, all you gotta do is follow my Instagram @mgirl83 and @Azucarbakeshop, then comment that you'd done so in my picture. That's all! The giveaway's only open for two days and i'm going to announce the winner on Monday, April 13th!

Or if you don't want to try your luck but prefer to place an order right away, you can check their price list on their website, but from what i read on their IG, they have two box sizes : IDR 180.000 for big box and IDR 100.000 for small box!
Phone/WA : 0821 4400 9396
Line : Azucarbakeshop
E-mail :
Facebook : Azucar Bake Shop
Twitter : @azucarbakeshop

Toodle do!


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  1. Mindy~ The otona pepper taste like our pepper (as in cabe) or pepper as in chili peppers (paprika)? Wanted to know before I place my order. ^_^

    1. Ohhh Phanie, i'm like... super bad when it comes to explaining tastes >.<, i just checked with my husband and he said "Definitely not cabe, pepper's more like it!", hope that helps!

    2. Pepper means black pepper :D
      we use black pepper from Kyoto, Japan.

  2. Hallo cii ! Thank you yaa untuk reviewnyaa..
    Wahhh~ sorry banget telat muncull untuk say thanks..
    Pretty pic & great testimonials ! <3 it so much .
    Thanks a lot yaa cii <3